Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Professor Essy

"Esmerelda Scrooge decides to leave the day to day operations of her business to other management, and take a more simple job to bring her closer to her everyday workers.

"She takes up teaching at a local college as her new profession, and to her suprise she discovers that 'little' Timothy Crachet is in her first class.

"Perhaps more personal attention to his studies is necessary, she thinks (and Tim doesn't seem to mind staying after class :-) )".

I'm not that happy with this image because of the lighting, I may re-render it in the future with lights not as bright (they either came out very dark or too bright several times).

I decided to do this image for several reasons:

Someone had requested to see 'Esmerelda Scrooge' again; my 'Circle of Interests" was swinging back towards MILFs ; and I could never get that damned "BBW Abduction" scene to render again :-(

I might refer to Esmerelda as a MILF (which in my mind equates with an older attractive woman, not necessarily a woman who has had a child), but in truth the age category she represents is only 5-10 years older than myself (although I have had people said that I look up to 10 years younger than I actually am ).

I may do other images in soon, since my WoW account is nearly up (and I haven't really played it much in the past 2 months)


gc-comixxx said...

Hiho chupa,

did you read my comment on your rant-blog? Like this picture and hope that you make a "free lesson in detention" - set ^_°


Chup@Cabra said...

Ah, thanks for answering that question I sent you at your blog.

Sorry for not responding until now; I don't recieve reply updates from my 'Rant' blog because I never thought anyone read it (and I hope I haven't darkened your opinion of me with my over-the-top "I Hate My Job" rants ^_^

Anyway, I will get back to doing more of this 'series' soon (but first I want to get back to Rogue and Nocturne next :-) ).

jungleelf said...

Esmeralda is very good looking older woman. your skill is seen improve can't wait to see more.