Sunday, January 25, 2009

Roguish Intentions

"Rogue decides to get better acquainted with the mysterious being who claims to come from an alternate universe where she is the daughter of Nightcrawler.

"Taking out her carefully hidden away Power Nullification collar acquired from Genosha, she ask Nocturne if she would like to demonstrate how flexible she truly is :)"

Decided to re-visit my version of Rogue from X-Men Evolution (somehow I lost the previous version I saved, but I know her 'parts' by heart now , so she was easy to rebuild).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Angels of Darkness

Presenting the Great Darkness, and two of his newly ordained serveants, Faithless and Hopelessness ^_^

Just playing around with one of those classic male fantasies, the "Sexy Nun" (part of the Nurse, Teacher, Librarian, etc. :-).

Also using a morph to make one character look like 'Darkness' the old movie "Legend" (Tom Cruise pre-Scientology days ^_^).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hepzibah 1

My take on Mam'selle Hepzibah of the Starjammers (from the pages of the X-Men):

I understand that lately they have changed her appearance from the 'classic' humanoid skunk that Dave Cockrum came up with to more of an 'elf with a tail'.

I decided to give my version the classic look, since that's the version I first remember (I miss Cockrum and his talent for 'bikini' costumes ^_^ ).

At another blog I found an interesting rant about her appearance as well (a 'clean' blog, by the way ^_^):

Hepzibah 2

The inevitable nude pose ^_^

Hepzibah 3

Well, either she's giving you a better view of her 'assests' in this pose or...

Well, she does have outward similarities to a skunk (was it something I said? ^_^ ).

Starjammers 1

Hepzibah spends some carnal time with her lover, the pirate Corsair.

It looks like fellow crewmate C'Hod somehow thought that she intended to spend said time with him :-)

Starjammers 2

A view from over the shoulder of Corsair, to see Hepzibah's "goodies" ^_^

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Savita's Dream 1

Savita awakens in the middle of the night to be suprised by a stranger who has silently entered her room, completely nude!

He makes a gesture to her, and somehow she understands his meaning without any words, and, despite herself, she invites him into her bed.

I made this little series for a site called Savita Bhabhi, " The sexual adventures of a Hot Indian Bhabhi" ^_^

Its not that I have a particular thing for "Hot Indian Bhabhis", but the site is interesting (porn from a Indian perspective ^_^), and the art lately is quite good.

Savita's Dream 2

Savita's Dream 3

Savita's Dream 4

Savita's Dream 5

Savita's Dream 6

Savita's Dream 7

Savita enjoys a embrace from her unknown nocturnal lover, not noticing in her afterglow that his features have taken on a more monstrous visage, as his sharp fangs descend towards the pulsing vein in her neck.

I tried to keep the 'moonlight' lighting through the entire series, but it may have turned out to be a bit too dark.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

B-B-W 1

I did this for someone over at another forum, who has lamented the lack of this particular combination in "interracial" erotica (white male, black female)

The reason for the name "B-B-W" is Black-Black-White, instead of the 'classic' meaning :-)

B-B-W 2

The ladies debate over who gets the first 'ride' :-)

B-B-W 3

B-B-W 3B

A view from "W"'s point of view ^_^

B-B-W 4

B-B-W 4B

Thats all for this series, for now anyway :-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Into Battle 1

"A 'Dark Elven' sorceress, one of the 'redeemed' former-drow, charges into battle on the back of her centaruish partner, protecting his back from threats as he strikes forward."

Again, still in a Dungeons and Dragons mood, although this image was kind of inspired by something I saw by the artist Kevin Taylor called "Dream" (see image "Sylvan Partners").

Into Battle 2

A view from the rear.

Sylvan Partners

This image is my attempt to re-create a scene from one of Kevin Taylor's short comic stories called "Dream":

Needless to say Kevin Taylor goes much farther than this relatively innocent image shows, although I believe this is about as far as I will go, however ^_^

Edit: Eww, just noticed the elf's neck is kinda twisted weird (tried to self pose it instead of using a "one-click" pose).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Eilistraee 1

Here is my rendition of Eilistraee, a goddess of the Drow (Dark Elf) race in the Dungeons and Dragons game:

I did stray a little bit from 'canon' by giving her a body/face tattoo; I felt just the plain drow skin texture was kind of dull to me. The second image if from an above angle, although it kind of looks like she is rising out of the moon.

And now for my short rant about Drow ^_^:
Note: Big SPOILER WARNING for those who haven't read the "Lady Penitant" series yet (sorry for not saying this in the first draft):

I've read up on what fans think about the after effects of the "Lady Penitant" series, and from what I see it seems that many fans are not happy with the death of Eilistraee.

While I don't like it as well, I have always been of the opinion that your home game never needs to follow the 'canon' world. I"ve never played in any of the standard settings (except Dark Sun and Dragonlance), any other time I have played D&D has been in a DM's home grown campaign world.

If I ever run a campaign again, Eilistraee will still be alive.

One other thing some fans disliked was that, due to Eilistraee's sacrifice, some of the drow were 'redeemed' and became 'Dark Elves', losing their jet black skin and taking on a dark brown skin instead.

Some saw this as "you can only become good if your skin lightens'.

I however, don't necessarily see it like that, and kind of applaud the fact that an 'official' brown skinned race is part of D&D.

Lets face facts, most of the humans of any fantasy world are usually caucasian (unless set in a continent specifically ment to have another race, like Kara-Tur [asian] or Nyambe [fantasy africa]). As I have always said, "There's no love for the Brother on Middle Earth"

One final thing: If I run a campaign again, I plan on using a 3rd party supplement called "Plot and Poison":

It expands on the drow pantheon by Lolth (or the 'Spider Queen') raising 8 mortals to become her 'Claws', each in control of a particular school of magic. They are all vying with each other to get worshippers, and become Lolth's 'First Claw', her most favored.

I could see a campaign wherein Lolth 'dissapears', like in the first book series, and a civil war starts among the drow as the claws fight for dominance. I could even see Eilistraee making her presence known more strongly then, in hopes of finally winning the drow over to the light.

If I were a bastard, I would go so far as to say that Eilistraee falls to the same fate that the original good aligned "Spider Queen" did (according to Plot and Poison): giving so much of herself, and then having that power return magnified to her through more worshippers in an endless cycle that drives her insane. Maybe then Lolth would return as the 'new' Eilistraee (although who knows if she has truly turned over a new leaf?).

One other thing about Plot and Poison: it has at least one interesting class, called the Dominant (name self explanatory :-), and a companion prestiege class called the Submissive (think "Meat Shield'/Gofer). Shows I wasn't the first to introduce a bit of 'naughtiness' to the game, huh? ^_^

Okay, that rant went on much longer than I thought it would :-)

Eilistraee 2

The view from another angle (although it looks like she is rising out of the moon in this one ^_^).

Eilistraee 3

Another version of the first image using a different light set (took forever to determing the 'shadow map' for this image).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dragonborn 1

My take on a Dragonborn from Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition.

Actually, I admit it doesn't look very much like the race is described; for one they have very draconic faces.

I tried to just put a dragon heat on top of a human body, but all that got was a very 'yuck' reaction from me ^_^

So instead I tried to 'dragon-up' the human face as much as possible (spikes on the chin, several horn props, and the skin texture, of course).

I probably made the head a bit too busy, though.

Dragonborn 2

A view from the rear to see the tail.

Dragonborn 3

A final slightly sexy pose (or scary, depending on hou you look at it ^_^).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beach Time 1

Raven and Starfire enjoy one of the rare quiet moment between crisis at a small island they found.

Although they thought it was deserted, they discover a strangely hued occupant ^_^

Decided to do a quick Raven/Starfire image, again after seeind one by another artist I like of a bikini clad Raven on the beach.

Starfire is actually wearing a bikini bottom, its just one of those 'barely there' types (see the following images).

Beach Time 2

A view of the previous image from the rear, to show off Raven's tattoo and the fact that Starfire is actually wearing 'knickers' ^_^

Beach Time 3

Raven asks Starfire to spread some suntan lotion on her back (although Star seems to think it was her backside ^_^).

Of course it doesn't make any sense why someone with so pale skin would want to tan (it would probably never take in Raven's case anyway :-)

Damn, just realized that the left hand is merging with the 'beach'. Oh well, its supposed to be sand, so that could happen ^_^

Beach Time 4

Star and Raven enjoy the noon sun on their skin, although Raven seems a bit impressed at Star's attributes ^_^

And still no one pays any attention to the little green creature besides them :-)

Monday, January 5, 2009

X-Men United 1

While She-Crawler watches on (eagerly awaiting "her turn"), Kitty Pryde gives Colossus a 'Phase Job' (with her power, no barrier can keep her from her prize ^_^).

X-Men United 2

Another angle on the previous image.

X-Men United 3

An image with She-Crawler and Colossus solo.

Bent Backwards 1

She-Crawler puts her flexibility to use, showing Colossus a little trick she learned in the Munich circus ^_^

Bent Backwards 2

Another view of the previous image, except this time I gave the skin of Colossus a 'true' chrome reflection.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

She-Crawler #1

Well, here it is, my first official post of 2009! ^_^

This is my female version of Nightcrawler, although I recently learned there is an "official' version called Nocturne.

The outfit she is wearing was originally ment for a male model. I have a program that can convert clothing between models, but unfortunately it doesn't do so perfectly; in certain poses the outfit 'breaks apart' (particularly around the boobs :-( ).

Oh well, she won't be wearing it long ^_^, I think I\'ll pair her up with Colossus, Kitty, and/or Blink later.

She-Crawler #2