Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snake Charming 1

When I'm short on ideas, its always fun to default to a hot drow chick ^_^

Actually, the fun part of this image was putting the tattoos on the skin texture. They were only in black, so I had to 'negative' the skin texture, put the tattoos on, then 'negative' the combined texture to get white tats on dark skin.

Snake Charming 2

Snake Charming 3

Star Wyrm

Another quick image from me (really just an excuse to use the new 'space suit' ^_^ ).

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Arachnia in Peril

Black Arachnia, along with her fellow Maximals, finds herself trapped by the planet destroying transformer Omicron. She tries to fight off its attempts to 'assimilate' her into his being.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Arachnia Take 1 #1

I decided to kludge together some of my 'robot/cyborg' parts to create my version of the she-Transformer Black Arachnia from the show Transformers: Beast Wars ( ).

good enough that I might not try for a "take 2".

Black Arachnia Take 1 #2

A view from behind to see the detail on the back...

Black Arachnia Take 1 #3

and a final nude version (can a Transformer be nude? ^_^)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

At the first thanksgiving, the Pilgrims and the Natives give thanks for the booty... ummm, I mean bounty... they are recieving ^_^

Turkey Hunt

The Pilgrim goes out to hunt for the evening's dinner, and comes across a prey he wasn't quite expecting to find ^_^

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feeding the Young

"A drider queen feeds on the flesh and blood of one of its cocooned victims to feed the million young within its belly, some of which are already crawling upon her body.

"Below, another victim looks on helplessly, knowing that she is soon to be next on the menu"

I guess after all the "cutsey' images lately I had to go back and do something a little scary, huh? :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mermaid's Kiss

Deep beneath the ocean, among the ruins of a sunken city, a mythical mermaid comes across the near lifeless body of some poor soul washed, or thrown, overboard from some surface ship.

She grants the human the boon of her kind, a kiss that allows her to breath water just as the merfolk do.

Suprised shadows rendered on this one, although don't ask me to explain why there is such a bright spotlight on the bottom of the ocean ^_^

Mermaid's Kiss Close Up

A close up of the face of the mermaid and the female; I had to 'brush out' the nostrils on the face of the mermaid. Even though she has no nose, the face texture still has dark spots where the nostrils are supposed to be ^_^

Tinkerbell's Shower

Next to a still poll on Never Never Island Tinkerbell takes a refreshing shower in a cascade of water from a fairy bell flower.

As I've said before, my Tinkerbell images are inspired by the artist Julius Zimmerman, who sometimes does his own busty version of her :-)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Lights

Since I'm in an Elf/Pixie/Fairie mode, here is a quick Tinkerbell image, based on an image I saw by Juliuuz Zimmerman.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bad Santa and Little Helper

Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the house...

Something was stirring, and it wasn't a mouse!

That's when Bad Santa and Little Helper come in, taking care of all the Naughty things that go bump in the night

I scaled up Little Helper from the previouis image, which suggested more of a Tinkerbell size.

Christmas Treats

One of Santa's Little Helpers presents a plate of his favorite treats to him before the Big Night

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mirror Mirror Deanna Troi

In a darker universe, the Chief Psychological Warfare Officer of the ISS Enterprise decides to... try out... the captain's chair while he is on an away mission, dreaming of the day when she will be able to manipulate the fool into abandoning his position for her more capable leadership.

Playing around with another 'celebrity' face morph, this one ment to look like Marina Sirtis/Deanna Troi.

I've found that most of the celebrity face morphs I have don't really look that much like the person, though (iwth the exceptions of "7 of 9" and "Buffy", that is).

Troi and Worf 1

Troi has a rendezvous in her chambers with a young lieutenant of the Klingon empire, a Mr. Worf, who shows great promise, espically under her gentle proddings.

Troi and Worf 2

Troi and Worf 3

Probably be no more in this 'series' (although I may move on to other members of the Mirror Enterprise crew later ^_^).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Curse of Expanmodeus

"Buffy and Dawn Summers were on the trail of a demon Succubus Queen known as Expanmodeus, who would grant women the boon of perfect physical beauty in return for their worship."

"Buffy presses the attack, but the demon proves that her 'blessing' can also be a curse, as their breasts suddenly grow to gargantuan size, dragging them down to the ground."

Okay, really cheesy name for demon, but I thought it was kind of funny ^_^

CoE Buffy

A close-up of Buffy Summers, who doesn't seem quite that upset at her new attributes :-)

I managed to find a freebie 'buffy' face morph that I admit does look very much like her.

I justify this because, if you buffy fans out there will take close note, Buffy was kind of a slut ^_^ (Angel, that Initiative guy, Spike [most suprisingly]).

CoE: Dawn

A close-up of Dawn, who seems a bit distressed at her new dimensions ^_^


A final image of the body enhancing succubus queen ^_^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pokemon's Jessie Take One

My first take on Jessy from Pokemon.

I was never a huge Pokemon fan, but I always thought that Jessie's outfit was a bit racey for a kid's show (mini-skirt, midriff baring top, and quite sizeable boobs for a toon ^_^ ).

Although I am pleased with this one, I may still try for a more 'anime' take on her later.

Stone Rose 1

Awhile back I had a fascination with drow females, now it seems as if my attention has turned to dwarven females ^_^

In this image, a dwarven maid, while awaiting her lover in a quite corner of her Underdark home, marvels at the strength of a rose vine that has managed to fight its way up between the cracks in the hard stone.

Stone Rose 2

It seems as if in my fantasy universe dwarves and drow get along better than in other universes, huh? ^_^

Stone Rose 3

The dwarf maid and the drow expatriot get down to business ^_^

Stone Rose 4

I'll probably go back later and try to add a 'money shot' to this scene with photoshop.

Stone Rose 5

I've got to find some new poses; I think I used this same pose in my last 'dwarven sex' series :-)

As usual, I promis myself I'll go back and add more of a 'money shot' with photoshop, as soon as I re-learn how to do so, that is ^_^

Stone Rose 6

A view from behind to show off the full tattoo (it was actually a simple process to add them, using a freebie tattoo set I found online).

Post-render mistake: The hair is merging with her back, it doesn't have a morph to pull it back, unfortunately.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its Called Maize

Oops, forgot the first part of this 'series' :-)

A Friendly Native pays the pilgrim family a visit, bearing fruits of the harvest, including a wonderful new vegitable they call 'Maize', and invites the Pilgrim Maid to sample its delights :-)

Corncupoia of Delights 1

The Pilgrim and Indian Maids proceed into the cabin to... discuss... the many benifits of this fruit called Maize ^_^

As usual I notice a post-render mistake: I should have pulled the Pilgrim's left hand back a little, the fingers are merging a bit with the leg [and I had already saved over the scene with another] ).

Corncupoia of Delights 2

No smart-ass comment for this one (getting hard to think of stuff ^_^).

I left the bonnet off the Pilgrim Maid because it obscurred her face in this pose, and it allowed me a chance to use a 'period' hair prop I rarely use.

Corncupoia of Delights 3

The Pilgrim Maid wonders why whe never know of this wonderful plant back in Jolly Old England ^_^

Corncupoia of Delights 5

The Indian Maid demonstrates the unique textures of the many varieties of Maize :-)

One of the few times where I decided to focus on the 'action' and not show the faces in the image.

Corncupoia of Delights 5

And a final rear view showing the Pilgrim Maid marveling at the versitility of Maize ^_^

I'll probably do a couple more images like this come the end of the month (right after thanksgiving, if I can move after eating so much ^_^).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

The Colonial Maiden offers her loving husband a bit of dessert after Thanksgiving Dinner :-)

Well, as usual, it seems unintended but all of my Thanksgiving images are going to have a 'food' theme (at least in name, and probably in content as well [thinking of all kinds of uses for Corn on the Cob ^_^ )

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

To all those out there who have worn the uniform, past and present, this is for you! ^_^

Butter Churn

A colonial maiden, all alone in her log cabin, decides to kill two birds with one stone while churning the milk into butter ^_^

Getting a slight drop on Thanksgiving Day with this image; although it seems a little bit empty (should be more furniture in the room).

Also, the churn is huge, real butter churns were much smaller (but I wanted her to be sitting on it with the handle in that position ^_^).

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chup@Cabra's Birthday

Well, Sunday, November 9th is my birthday, where I will be "mumble-mumble" years old :-)

So here my little namesake is surrounded by two (or 7 ^_^) of my favorite things. ^_^

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008


A nordic Valkyrie pays her respects at the grave of a fallen hero before takins his spirit into the halls of Valhalla.

Funny, all of my knowledge of the Norse Pantheon is entirely due to Marvel Comics and the book "Thor" ^_^

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zatanna's Election Day

Zatanna makes a slight change in her outfit to urge everyone to vote this election day :-)

Time to get a new hat!

Zatanna finally understands how Bullwinkle felt when he accidentally pulled a lion out of his magic top hat! ^_^

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Lament Configuration 1

Well, here is the last of my "Halloween" themed images, based on the "Hellraiser" movies, where the person who solved the puzzle box (usually an evil person) would opened the gateway to Hell; the box was otherwise called the "Lament Configuration".

I'll probably be doing more "Halloween" themed images in the future (want to do more with Scarecrow and Ragdoll, and I have a female 'Clockwork Orange' outfit I didn't use yet ^_^ ), but not as many in quick succession as for October.

I think next, though, I'll do a few "1950's Sci-Fi" images, after seeing "The Forbidden Planet" yesterday ^_^

The Lament Configuration 2

A close-up of the skinless She-Cenobite.
I admit, with the 'fish hook' eyelashes, the wide-open stare, and the red bloodshot eyes, even I find this creepy (and I'm rarely creeped out by my own images ^_^).