Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jessica and the Pumpkin Patch

Keeping with the "One Halloween image a day" promise, I present Mrs. Rabbit amid the large, round, plump pumpkins out in the field :-)

Took a little work in photoshop to add the pumpkins over the breasts; if I had my druthers, I would have placed the Jack O Lantern paint so the nose was centered on the nipples ^_^

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dragon Shagger

Not a true Halloween themed image, but like Asajj before, one I had to get out of my head.

After seeing a similar image by the artist Extro over at Hentai Foundry, I decided to try my system at a similar picture.

Who knows, maybe this is how the Female Half Dragon from earlier in my gallery came to be, huh? ^_^

Asajj Ventress 1

My first attempt at Asajj Ventriss.

Initially I had her in a skirt outfit more like how she appears in 'Clone Wars', but it is just a bitch to pose, so I went for a bikini instead :-)

Asajj Ventress 2

The inevitable nude version (and remember, in the Chup-verse those darn 'midiclorians' have the unusual side effect of Breast Expansion ^_^).

Asajj Vs Talon

In another of my unlikely Star Wars pairings, Asajj faces of with Darth Talon from the "Star Wars: Legacy" comic.

Wasn't very happy with the posing on this one, though (hopefully any future images will turn out better).

Monday, October 27, 2008

Colder Than a Witche's Tit 1

Always did like this expression, even if I never did understand it ^_^

Colder Than a Witche's Tit 2

The 'full frame' version

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vivi from Braindead 13 #1

Beginning with my first official Halloween-week posts, I present:

Vivi from the game Braindead 13:

I've never played the game myself, but on another forum they are inviting artists to do renditions of her.

Don Bluth (the animator of this game and Dragon's Lair) did have a habit for putting hot babes in his games, though, didn't he? ^_^

Vivi from Braindead 13 #2

Vivi from Braindead 13 #3

There's just never a Vampire Hunter around to give you a good stakeing when you need it, huh? :-)

Vivi from Braindead 13 #4

Sometimes is just more fun to get blood from an... alternate... source ^_^

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Huntara Vs She-Ra 1

Well, ever since seeing this image of Huntara:

I've been trying to hunt down the episode where she appeared. I finally saw it, and here is my rendition of her.

One thing about the episode: she has a voice that could give Dr. Girlfriend a run for her money :-)

Huntara vs She-Ra 2

Huntara vs She-Ra 3

Huntara vs She-Ra 4

Another version of the first pic with breast more appropriate to my tastes ^_^

Friday, October 24, 2008

Elastigirl 1

This is actually my second version of Elastigirl; long ago one of my first very poor renders was of her (using more or less the same 'skin' as this one).

Now I have better boots and a belt, though. I might try another version later using the more 'toony' Aiko model.

Elastigirl 2

Sexy Elastigirl 1

An outfit ment for her husband (or maybe to distract some guards ^_^)

Sexy Elastigirl 2

Again, showing off her best feature ^_^

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Times Two

Decided to do this image after seeing several "Quad Boob" images at another forum.

Kinda suprised I pulled it off (had to make the lower pair smaller, and slightly extend the torso on the main body).

I'll probably be doing more "Quad Boob" images later (but no more than 4; more than that is even too much for me ^_^ ).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bessie the Milk Maid

I decided to do this image after seeing a similar one by the artist Victor Rinaldi ( As of this writing the image can be found in Art Galleries: Other Fans section (although it tends to change at the end of each month).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Savage Bo Peep 1

Continuing with the "Cosplay" theme I seem to have developed for Halloween, here is She-Hulk, who has obviously fouind at least one of her sheep.

By the way, I realize I'm overusing that particular background image; gotta find some more backgrounds to use ^_^

Savage Bo-Peep 2

And now she seems to have lost them again (although at least one seems to have found her! ^_^)

Snow Off-White

"Hey, there, short, wide and sexy. Looking for a good time?" ^_^

My somewhat naughtier variation on Snow White :-)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cruella Deville

I may be one of the few men out there who found Glenn Close's turn as Cruella Deville in the live action version of '101 Dalmations' just a little bit sexy :-)

so here is my somewhat more curvy version of her ^_^

I used the same 'witch' face I used for another Disney evil queen, Malificent earlier (didn't feel a 'normal' face was evil enough ^_^).

Debbie Does Miskatonic 2A

I decided to do this one because someone at another forum mentioned the scene from a Roger Corman movie called 'Galaxy of Terror', particularly the scene where a female starship trooper is attacked by a giant worm (see "Worm Rape" on wikipedia page):

That single scene probably had a lot to do with my interest in 'tentacle hentai' ^_^

Debbie Does Miskatonic 2B

A view from above...

Debbie Does Miskatonic 2C

and an accompanying view from below :-)

Debbie Does Miskatonic 3A

Debbie Does Miskatonic 3B

A worms eye view of the previous image :-)

Debbie Does Miskatonic 4A

Debbie's mind reels with ocnflicting thoughts of horror and desire as she thhinks on the serpentine terror she encounterd in these Dreamlands.

Its duty apparrently done, it flies off into the strange night, and rapidly her belly swells with... something.

She can feel it squirming within, eager to be born into the world of man, until finally with a sharp tearing pain....

She wakes up! Sweat pouring down her face from the nightmare to realize she is safely in her room back in Dallas, Texas.

She arises from the bed to take a calming shower, and remembers that her essay on the works of H.P. Lovecraft is due for Literature class in the morning.

She fails to notice that her feet trail some quickly evaporating gel behind her.

Dun-dun-dunnnnnnnh! ^_^

Debbie Does Miskatonic 4b

A variation of the previous image, where poor Debbie is being sealed in an 'ectoplasmic' amber by some unseen creature above

For those who know poser, I used a simple high resolution square, made it a Dynamic Cloth, let it drape over the model for 30 frames, then finally applies a 'slimy' texture to it (and a semi-cone above her head). I like the way it all turned out.

Debbie Does Miskatonic 4C

Just a slightly different angle on the previous image.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debbie Does Miskatonic

The infamous Debbie may have finally bitten off more than she can chew, with her transfer to a new college in Arkham, Mass. ^_^

Its funny, but I don't feel tempted to do more x-rated images lately (which this one definately suggests), maybe I've finally gotten tired of porn (but I"m guessing not for long, though :-).

Pirate Jessica

I wasn't planning on a 'Cosplay' theme for Halloween, but what the hell :-)

Here is Mrs. Rabbit as a sexy pirate; notice where she is wearing her patch? ^_^

Baroness Combat Gear 1

Over in another forum a Baroness challenge is running, so I ran off a couple of images for it.

This is yet another version of her in full combat gear (I would have made the boobs even larger, but then you couldn't see the Cobra symbol clearly ^_^).

Baroness Combat Gear2

Baroness Fetish Gear 1

Another image of her in her "fun time" wear (perfect for interrogating prisoners, sensual encounters, or both! ^_^ ).

Baroness Fetish Gear 2

Baroness Fetish Gear 3

Friday, October 3, 2008

Velma Croft

Beginning a 'Halloween' theme that'll last all month (and up until I see the "Simpson's Haloween Special" in November ^_^ ), here is Velma in "Cosplay" again, as Lara Croft.

She seems to have a habit for not noticing the meanacing creatures right behind her, huh? (maybe one day I'll get back to what happens afterward ^_^).

The Thundercats Ho!

Another quick image of one of my favorite toon babes, Cheetara

Maybe in the future I'll try to re-create Lion-O (or maybe some of the other Thundercats Babes) and pair them all up

Visas and Atton

Visas visits Atton Rand in his stateroom aboard the Ebon Hawk, and introduces him to some of the temptations of the Dark Side

I'll definately be continuing this 'series' later.

Quinn Fight

Joker sets up a temporary hideout with his new partner in crime, when someone with a similar motif breaks in.

She claims that she is the true Harley Quinn, and that she was sent to this dark dimension by someone named 'Zatanna'.

Feeling that this cheap copy is trying to horn in on her good deal, gothic Harley tries to rip the costume off this imposter, while Joker watches on amusedly

Ah, crap; post render mistake: I didn't compensate for Gothic Harley's thick soled boots, which are below floor level :-/

Decisions, Decisions 1

Joker convinces the quarreling Quinns that to settle their differences in a more 'intimate' manner ^_^