Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visas Marr

Here is my rendition of the character Visas Marr from the game Knights of the Old Republic II (a game I just recently finished):

I may change her outfit a bit in the future. For one I can't modify the texture on the mask she is wearing (to put a trim on the bottom half.

For another that dressis a pain to pose, the bottom half moves seperate from the body, so you have to twist and turn it to make it look right (and in the end I had to dissapear her left leg entirely :-/ ).

Of course I'll do a more sexy version of her , and other ladies of KotOR, later (and she will have that curious effect of the Dark Side in the Chup-verse that causes the boobs to grow ^_^ ).

Dark Knight Harley and Joker

Here is my version of what a Dark Knight version of Harley Quinn might look like

In retrospect, I probably should have added diamonds on the breast covers as well (can you see where else they are at? ^_^).

I'm thinking next about a meeting between 'Classic' Harley and this one, fighting over the attentions of "Mistuh J" :-)

Alas, Poor Bats

One of the few unusual male only (and non-mature) images I do, this time of the 'Dark Knight' version of the Joker portrayed by Heath Ledger (thanks to 'Retro Devil' for the makeup and face morph).

While searching for reference images for his outfit, I came across this image and noticed something unusual:

He's wearing clown shoes! ^_^ (either that, or Heath had some big feet ).

Of course, this will eventually lead to something 'naughty' now that I have Joker down :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Demona's Hunt Begins

I guess you could consider this image a ' prequel' to the image called "Demona's Conquest" [search my blog for those images].

The main thing about this image is that I'm using the model Victoria 4, which means a couple of things:

She will have a more defined musculature (once out of her clothes, which don't support the muscle forms I want ^_^.

In future 'naughty images', her own naughty parts will be more defined now ^_^

Playful Demona

Demona striking a playful, cute (and nude ^_^) pose.

I actually made this for another forum which doesn't allow x-rated images to be posted; the 'true' version of the image follows this one.

Demona's Conquest 3

An X-rated version of the previous image, and a continuation of the 'series' called Demona's Conquest (search the blog for the other two images).

Demona's Conquest 4

I turned off the wings during the posing stage to see everything better, but forgot to turn them on again for rendering :-/

Demona's Conquest 5

A rear angle of the previous image.

Demona's Conquest 6

The 'loving couple' climax their act under the full moon; the fate of Demona's 'boy toy' remains as yet unknown :-)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Janus Stone

While in the strange little town of Sunnydale with her new mentor Hellgirl, L'il Lilith comes across a strange carving in an abandoned house.

Upon touching it a burst of magical energy courses through her, and she finds herself split into personifications of her personality:

On the left, what she would have become if she had fully accepted the teachings of Mother Demonica, and on the right what she can become if fully embraces good.

Cybabe- Command and Control 1

The entity known as "Command and Control" is the founder of the mercenary group known as the "Cast Iron Kitties", although those they run up against substitute Kitties for a word starting with "C" and ending with "T" ^_^

Her form is actually an incomplete 'Biosynthetic Organism'. When completed it was ment to be a ' pleasure droid', but somehow it gained sentience before its completion and managed to escape its creators.

Upon seeing the suffering of many humans around it due to man committing violence against man, it came to the conclusion that the only thing to do was "fight fire with fire", and formed a small mercenary band.

Its rumored that she has several bodies aboard the small craft that the Kitties call home, because sometimes her look changes from this bare plastic look to a more shiny metallic coat.

Cybabe Command and Control 2

This is Command and Control in one of her 'metallic skin' modes, within her 'Combat Chamber'.

I tried to put a 'metallic sheen' over the skin of the model, but I still don't know how to make the 'shine' dissapear over the otherwise invisible parts, so it kinda just looks like transparent plastic over the entire body.

Cybabe Command and Control 3

Command and Control coordinates the activities of her group from her 'Combat Chamber', which feeds her data on the conditions around her 'away team'.

Cybabe Berserker

The future in which the Cybabes reside in is often a violent place, with various groups waaging war on each other for superiority.

When nothing but heavy firepower is needed, the Cast Iron Kitties call upon their Berserker; she was once a soldier in an army who was killed in combat.

Unknown benefactors retrieved her body before brain death and replaced most of it with heavy duty cybernetics, to turn her into a Cybernetis Shock Trooper.

Command and Control managed to 'liberate' her from her owners, and rewire her brain implants to grant her individuality again.

Cybabe Assassin 1

Sometimes the job that the Cast Iron Kitties take on requires a bit more stealth, and that also involves 'Wetwork''.

For that the group calls upon its Assassin. Her only overt cybernetic enhancements are her arms and eye; yet she has others that enhance her speed and other senses.

Cybabe Assassin 2

The assassin is sometimes a bit overzealous in her approach to her missions, and here brutally takes out a guard that stands between her and her goal.

Cybabe Assassin 3

Ladies of Borg 1

Here are a few more in the Mirror Borg 'series' (featuring the return of the borgified T'Pol). Don't know if its noticable, but I had to turn off shadows to get them to render.

At another forum someone came up with a different version of the "We are the Borg" thing that these good (but still kinda scary ^_^) borg use:




Maybe sometime later I'll get back to them 'interfacing' with the borg cube's mecha-tentacles ^_^

Ladies of Borg 2

Ladies of Borg 3

7 of 9 shows off to T'Pol her new borg attachment ^_^

He-Man and Teela 1

Here is my version of He-Man, paired up with Teela.

The hard part was hunting up a 'harness', and then placing He-Man's chest symbol in it. The rest was just a generic 'barbarian' costume and body morph.

He-Man and Teela 2

He-Man shows Teela he does have the power... In his pants! ^_^

(okay, you try coming up with clever comments for umpteen images like this :-) ).

He-Man and Teela 3

Teela brings He-Man's 'sword' to life ^_^

He-Man and Teela 4

Previous image from another angle.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mirror 7 of 9 #1

My rendition of 7 Of 9 in the "Mirror,Mirror" universe.

I don't know if there is any 'canon' information on the Borg in the "Mirror,Mirror" alternate universe of Trek.

You would usually think 'opposite', so the Borg would be a benevolent species; offering their blend of technology and organics to races who willingly accept.

However, it is canon that the Klingons are still violent conquerers (just without as strong a code of honor), so the Borg in the Mirror Universe might still be just the same, only look different.

Mirror 7 of 9 #2

A somewhat sexier post; and she has a slight smile on her face.

Maybe the Borg in the Mirror Universe are a bit more emotional, huh? :-)

Mirror 7 of 9 #3

I thought this version of the first image was too dark, and the fog too deep, but what the hell; its my blog so I'll post it anyway ^_^

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Downtime II #1

Revisiting a image I made earlier of the same name (simpley 'Downtime'), of a female Orc and a Dranaei from the game 'World of Warcraft'.

This time I slimmed down the female orc, and used a modified skin for her (one that was originally the same color as the dranaei, but I modified it to green with red tattoos). I also added some small lower tusks by resizing some forehead horns and attaching them to the lower jaw.

I never did play WoW that much, but I have noticed on the net a suprising amount of porn surrounding the various races from the game.

Matter of fact, I found a couple of interesting sites:
"World of Porncraft":

And another site which has, among other things, "Playorc Magazine" ^_^:

Downtime II #2

After fending off whatever being was threatening the shrine, the two begin to pay their respects to the spirits guarding it in their own... special... way ^_^

Downtime II #3

Downtime II #4

The She-Orc regains the initiative in the encounter f:-)

Morticia Addams 1

Getting a small jump on Halloween with this image of a more busty Morticia Addams ^_^

Morticia Addams 2

Morticia bends over to inspect something on the ground, and unfortunately her dress suffers a 'wardrobe malfunction' :-)

Morticia Addams 3

Morticia opens the front to match the unintentional rear opening ^_^

Boobs came out strange here because of the 'super hourglass' morph used to make her fit into the dress.

Morticia Addams 4

The final totally nude image of the matron of House Addams ^_^

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sleepy Time Jenny 1

I'm probably going to be in a 'She-Hulk' mood for a few days, so here is the first step in that obsession ^_^

Sleepy Time Jenny 2

Took me awhile to find a proper 'Bedtime Stories' cover for the book :-)

Sleepy Time Jenny 3

Her teddy bear seems to be all too happy to give her proper support ^_^

Sleepy Time Jenny 4

Sleepy Time Jenny 5