Saturday, August 30, 2008

Teela from He-Man

Finally managed to put together enough stuff to do my version of Teela (although I didn't give her my customary big breasts this time around ^_^ ).

Maybe I'll try to do a true He-Man later and then pair the two up :-)

She-Hulk Breast Expansion

Well, this is 'my' first animation :-)

Actually, absolutely all the hard work was done by another poser professional called Boobrepli, I just used his animation pose (and added the muscle morph ^_^). Maybe in the future I'll try to make my own more unique animations.

Those who want can download the 'full size' version (still small, but can be made full screen in Windows Media Player) here:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Slave Leias

One of the things I notice about sci-fi conventions like the recent San Diego ComicCon is that there are a lot of women who cosplay as "Slave Leia" from "Return of the Jedi".

As with many costumes, some are spot on exactly like the movie version, some are not quite right (recognize the girl cosplaying on the left? ^_^), and there are just some people who should NEVER put on a slave leia costume :-)

Squirrel Girl and Monkey Joe

My take on the marvel comics character called Squirrel Girl:

Seems that she is shocked by the frits and nuts that her pet Monkey Joe has gathered for her ^_^

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scully's Abduction 5A

Someone at another forum wanted me to continue the Scully Abducted 'series', so here is another image (and a couple of variations).

Edit: Damn, forgot to change 'Scully's' hair color to red (from its base blond). Well, maybe little 'Klattuu' likes blond bimbos ^_^

The Greys have prepared Scully and impregnated her with a half-alien/half-human embryo, and now mointor its progress.

I remember, in the actual series, there was a time when Gillian Anderson had to take maternity leave to have her first child, so they wrote into the script a story line where she was supposedly abducted (although it turned out not by aliens but by the 'Consortium' as part of their secret project to eventually defeat the aliens).

Mulder imagined her abduction, and there was a scene somewhat like this where a pregnant Scully (a real-life pregnant Anderson) was on a table about to have a long needle inserted into her navel (one of the classic events of so-called 'abductions').

Scully's Abduction 5B

An "X-Ray" view to show what's gestting within our FBI agent (Awww, isn't it cute? [or mind numbingly horriffic, take your pick ^_^]).

Scully's Abduction 5C

As usual, the scene from yet another angle (guess I'm getting lazy lately and just change the camera angle instead of creating a entire new scene ^_^).

As I always promise, this is not the last of the series, and a rescue is coming (got several to get back to though, haven't I? ^_^).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wimmen In Prison #1

Two inmates in the new H.L.A. Maximum Security Prison are at a disagreement over who should be who's 'Bitch', and a fight for superiority insues.

This series of images is my take on one of those 'classics' of cinema, the ubiqutious "Women In Prison" movies:

I also decided to play around with the muscle morphs again ('Women in Prison" movies always feature a tough as nails lesbian ^_^)

I guess the argueably most famous would probably be "Black Mama, White Mama", the 'blacksploitation' film from the 70s:

However, the one I remember most is "Reform School Girls", starring the late Wendy O Williams of the "Plasmatics" (hey, she had the nicest set of boobs of any 'rock star' out there at the time ^_^):

Wimmen In Prison #2

The fight continues as both fall to the floor.

"Pinky" takes advantage of her opponents assets, by grabbing a handful of both her hair and... other... objects, and pulling hard.

I decided to remove the bars to make the scene easier to see.

Wimmen In Prison #3

"Pinky" turns out to be the victor in this little tussle, and forces her opponent to pay proper respect in the 'traditional' manner ^_^

Wimmen In Prison #6

Previous image from the point of view of the loser ^_^

Wimmen In Prison #5

Previous image from the victors point of view :-)

Wimmen In Prison #6

The is finally broken up by the prison guard, who orders them to stand against the wall to be searched.

Just what is she planning to do with that baton, anyway? ^_^

Wimmen in Prison #7

The prevoius image from another angle.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Shokan Warrior in the Rain

Taking a cue from an artist named Zakuman here at another forum, who once commented on one of my Sheeva images (from the game Mortal Kombat) looking more like a unique Shokan warrior, I've finally decided to try to make more unique versions.

I admit, thouigh, this version still looks like my old Sheeva with a different skin :-)

I used a 'wet skin shader' to make it look like rain water was on her skin, but for some reason the second set of arms didn't take the shader (don't know why).

I'll probalby create a third with a more unique body shape and face, and then put all three together with some lucky (or unlucky ^_^) male, and hope my system doesn't crash from all the characters in one scene (even if most of them are invisible except for the arms ^_^

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Flexible Velma

Velma has acquired a new book from the library from India, and tries out some of the athletic positions it documents.

Took me awhile to find a perfect 'Kama Sutra' book cover for the book, only to have it be almost too small in the image to see well.

also, I have no idea why there is a dark area under her head in the bean bag, I made tha actual 'ground' invisible and inserted another beneath it, so it shouldn't be casting shadows :-/

Flexible Velma X1

Here is Velma putting the lessons of the book to good use :-)

I actually made this image to somewhat resemble one by the artist Julius Zimmerman (second image on the page):[velma]

Its actually his art that 'inspired' me to do my own images of Velma; I like how he does her in a realistic style (well, except for the boobs) while still keeping the details that are iconic to the character (glasses, sweater, freckels, etc.).

Flexible Velma X2

The previous image from her friend's point of view ^_^

Monday, August 18, 2008

Irina's Ascension 1

Although her adversaries saw her body burn away in a blaze of white fire, Irina's spirit has risen to the realm of the enigmatic beings .

Here, she continues to attain the 'Great Gift' that they promised, absolute knowledge of the mind, body, and universe.

I have always thought that Irina wasn't necessarily killed by the 'Great Gift' that the aliens promised her (they were benevolent, after all, and probably wouldn't do someting that would kill a fragile human).

So In my 'story', she ascended to the 'Astral Plane' that the aliens come from, to learn all that they know.

Irina's Ascension 2

The prevoius image from another angle.

Irina's Ascension 3

The alien being assumes a more human shaped astral form, and and engages Irina in a Tantric lesson to expand her awareness.

Irina's Ascension 4

The previous image from another angle.

Irina's Return

After learning all she can from her otherdimensional friends, Irina decides to at last return to earth to begin to set things right.

Using her mental powers she actually gathers up the atoms of her original body. However, the energy of the destruction of that body bleached out nearly all color from her form.

She returns in the new millinnium, only to find that Mother Russia has fallen into fragmented, quarrelling states, and the glory of the Soviet Union all but forgotten.

To help her attain her goals, she has clones made of herself, each with a fraction of the mental powers she has. She teaches them in a small town in Russia, that neighbors have referred to as the 'Villiage of the Damned" (few who go there return, and even then they are 'different' ).

Always liked that old 'Village of the Damned' movie (and thought it would make a great RPG scenario), so I borrowed the idea for this image ^_^

Irina and the Black Russian

I know, a VERY old joke ^_^

I did this image for someone over at DeviantArt who seems to be a really big fan of the Irina Spalko character (from the latest Indiana Jones movie), so I'm sure she'll get a real kick out of this :-p

Maybe later I'll do some images with Irina and her new friend involved in all kinds of nasty situations ^_^

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jenny Jumps Rope

This is my version of a page from Sensational She-Hulk #40 by the artist/writer John Byrne, where She-Hulk has to carry out with a promise made in an earlier issue to jump rope (can't remember the actual reason why now, though).

Of course in my version I made her boobs bigger (as well as added a little upward bounce ^_^ ).

This comic always had the habit of 'breaking the 4th wall', with She-Hulk often being aware that she was in a comic book (although there was never a 'real life' reason given as to why ^_^).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My rendition of Taarna from the "Heavy Metal" movie:

I decided to play around with the generic 'Conan' type image where he has some babe at his feet looking lovingly up at him, so in my image Taarna has a guy doing the same to her ^_^

Yep, she isn't as buxom as others in my renders, mainly because the outfit was made for another model (I had to use a couple of special poser add-ons to make it fit this well). If I make the breasts very large 'poke thru' problem crop up (I may still try it later on though ^_^).

Floor Show

At the 100th Universal Olympics, three humanoids demonstrate their athletic and flexible abilities for the adoring crowd.

Seeing that the olympics are on, I decided to do this quick image using some 'contortionist' poses I have (hands turned out weird on the left and right girls, though).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lady Lucretia of the SS

Lady Lucretia, the first successful product of the Third Reich's "Ubermensch" program, personally guides a 'buzz bomb' to its target.

Not only does she delight in the feel of the powerful destructive device between her thighs, she also rejoices in the fact that she will personally destroy the enemies of her Furher (the fact that she is invulnerable and super-strong is also a plus).

Revisiting the 'evil, sexy nazi bitch' theme I first did with Illsa, She-Wolf of the SS awhile back. Maybe I'll team Lucretia, Illsa and Lady Blackhawk up sometime :-)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hellgirl- Rubber Yuckie 1

Hellgirl tries to take some downtime after the latest mission, only to find that even here her job is never done.

Finally got around to re-building Hellgirl after the last crash (although I think her horn stubs are a bit crooked, I'll fix that later).

Hellgirl- Rubber Yuckie 2

A full frame version of the previous image

Lata Srivastava 1

Poor Lata Srivastava.

For some reason her husband hasn't been paying any attention to her lately, espically sexually (unaware that he is having a secret affair with the lovely Savita Bhabhi).

She takes solace in her dreams, where she is a mythical, magical princess soaring above her kingdom on a magical carpet.

In her dream, she seeks to relieve her sexual tension herself, when suddenly a blue djinn appears to her moaning call, and together they achieve climax in the cool morning winds

These images are something I quickly cooked up for the Savita Bhabhi site:

Although I like Savita's shape and bod, I got to thinking what Poor Lata might be doing all alone right now (in the current story her husband is off 'visiting' Savita ^_^ ). It also gave me a reason to use a "Big But Beautiful" body morph for Vicky 4 that I seldom use :-)

Lata Srivastava 2

Lata Srivastava 3

Lata Srivastava 4

Lata Srivastava 5

Sultry Velma 1

I saw this image by the artist Oni(

And decided to do my own version (see second image),as well as use yet another 'freckeled skin' texture [still trying to find the ' perfect' one for Velma, that can be seen well in distance shots as well as closeups).

Sultry Velma 2

Sultry Velma Backside

A rear view of the first image ^_^