Friday, May 23, 2008

Emma Frost Take Three

Here is yet another of my attempts at Emma Frost (the 'White Queen' of the "Hellfire Club" in Marvel Comics X-Men).

I was trying to make an outfit similar to this one:

But I don't have a 'cross your heart' type top :-) (I could probably experiment with 'transparency maps' to make one out of the various bra tops I have, though).

Emma Frost-Diamond Form

This image is my attempt to show her in her diamond form, using the water/glass material I have been overusing lately ^_^

Monday, May 19, 2008

Boobs on Mars #1

A strong sandstorm has recently occured on Mars, revealing even more of the enigmatic structure formerly known as the 'Face on Mars' ^_^

There is actually a 'scientist' by the name of Richard Hoagland who believes that the 'face' on mars was made by human-like extra-terrestrials and, just like the 'Roswell Incident', the governments of the world are keeping the truth from the public :-)

I love visiting sites like his for a good (if untentional to the makers) laugh; its amazing the leaps of logic that they take to support their 'facts'

Of course, we have since gotten very high resolution images of the so-called face, revealing that its nothing but a hill; but of course they have been 'faked' by NASA to hide the truth. ^_^

Boobs on Mars #2

Another angle showing the rest of the buried structure :-)

They're Alive #1

Another image inspired by the work of someone else:

Kind of revisiting the "The Bride" that I did renders of last Halloween, this time with the mad scientist babe who created her :-)


They're Alive! #2

Dr. TittenStein admires the perfection of her creation(s) :-)

They're Alive! #3

The Good Doctor helps bring her creation alive in another manner ^_^

They're Alive! #4

A close-up showing the faces.

I really like the lighting on this one, and one of the few times lately that Poser has cooperated with me on the shadows :-)

Captain America and Maria Hill #1

Maria can't understand the sudden feelings of lust she has had the past few days, and she is even shocked herself when she practically blackmails Captain America into fucking her!

Perhaps even more suprising is that the good Captain accepts! She asks him to leave the top of his costume on, she wants to fuck Captain America's brains out, not Steve Rogers.

So involved are they in satisfying their mutual lusts that neither seems to notice a strangely purple-hued girl emerge from the shadows, and watch their passion filled gropings with an increasing lust of her own.

Another couple of images inspired by the work of an artist by the name of Wolverino at another forum.

BTW: The Purple Girl is a character from Marvel with the power to control other people with "pheremones" she emits.

Captain America and Maria Hill #2

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1

One couple more images before I call it a weekend.

Here is my rendition of Maria Hill, current Co-director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (what does that stand for now, anyway? :-) ):

Didn't put any Shield emblems on her shoulders, but you can't see them clearly in this image anyway.

Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2

Another pose.

Of course, there is no way this stone cold bitch would ever be so provocative; maybe she is being mind controlled by the Purple Man/Girl (Hmmm... putting that idea away for later ^_^).

Monday, May 12, 2008


My feminized versions of the Silver Surfer and Galactus (yep, she's female, although you can't tell clearly because those Galactic Gazongas are covered up by her Heralds ^_^ ).

The lines on the background are due to me using a low resolution square prop, and being too lazy to change it out for a higher resolution one and doing a re-render

Xena, Queen at Last

Just a quickie image of Xena finally attaing the title of Queen (a little take on the classic 'Conan the King' image ^_^).

Small Intentions

Another quick image using the Wasp texture provided by Peter Cotton

I wanted to just put boots on her that were only the treads, but I couldn't find any that looked right once I made all but the treads dissapear; so I guess you could consider this Janet under some sort of evil influence (could explain her expression towards the little man below her ^_^ ).

Not too happy with the lighting here, as usual

Savita Bhabhi 1

Over at another forum someone posted a link to this site:

It features short erotic art comics of an Indian (hindi?) woman, who is allegedly the lover of the artist (yeah, right ^_^ ).

Anyway, I decided to cook up a couple of images of her myself, and these are the results.

Savita Bhabhi 2

Savita shows us her... ummm... Kitty ^_^

Savita Bhabhi 3

Scully's Abduction 1

After following Mulder on yet another dead end case (the ones you don't see on the show :-), Dana Scully turns in for the night in a small hotel room in a middle-of-nowhere town.

Her sleep is uncommonly deep, and she doesn't notice the alien intruder to her slumber.

Number one in a series. The rest I'll put up at my blog (my system was kind enough to render shadows this time, although it took over an hour).

Yep, she is unusually small breasted for one of my renders, but little Klattu there may fix that soon ^_^

Scully's Abduction 2

Scully awakens with a start to find her entire body frozen, actually floating in a cocoon of light above her bed.

Beside her is one of the beings she has heard Mulder describe so many times. It gestures with its long thin hands, and she begins to float towards its waiting craft.

One note: I am using a face morph that is supposed to look like Gillian Anderson but, as usual, my renders don't look that much like her.

Scully's Abduction 3

Her senses seem to skip, and the next thing Scully is aware of is being seated in chair made of strange, luminescent metal.

Within the chamber reality itself seems to be warped, and everything curves strangely.

A hood drops down over her head, as the thin alien guides a mechanical arm with a sharp needle down into her navel!

THe needle injects... something... and almost immediately both her belly and breasts begin to swell, almost as if she were suddenly in the early stages of pregnancy!

Don't know if I'll continue with this 'series', got kinda bored with the idea after this one :-/

She-Woman and The Sorceress

My poor attempts at a female He-Man (She-Woman? ^_^) and the Sorceress of Greyskull.

Sorceress Backside

The Sorceress shows us her tail ^_^

I used a transparency map I made to make the lower portion of a body-length dress dissapear, but didn't know how to 'draw' it to make a tapered front and back side, but the bird tail covers that up nicely

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Celebs with Big 'Uns ^_^

Another quick image playing around with some "celebrity" face morphs.

Of course I gave them unreasonably huge boobs, kind of in the style of the "Fantasy Score" images by the artist Duncan Gutteridge:

I'll let you decide who is supposed to be who (and that way see if the face morphs actually work ^_^ ).

Edit: Okay, to ID the women: The one on the left is ment to look like Jessica Alba, the one in the middle Halle Berry, and on the right Uma Thurmon (although the renders used in the promotional ads look more like the actual women than the ones I made ^_^ ).

Vong Hybrid 1

Okay, technically this isn't a true Star Wars pic, I just rationalized it as Yuzzahn Vong warrior who has been hybridized with a ... ahem... Alien race they discovered outside the galaxy

Vong Hybrid 2

The scene seemed a bit empty, and too dark, so I changed the color of the walls and added a couple of 'organic' props (although the one on the left is a bit suggestive of a certain favorite part of the female anatomy, isn't it? ^_^).

Vong Hybrid 3

A final image with her in a more provocative (yet still scary ^_^) pose.

I had the horns change shape in each image to show that they are segmented, and change configuration according to her mood.

Demona's Conquest 1

A quick image featuring Demona is some naughty action with a human she ambushed on a dark night :-)

Demona's Conquest 2

Same scene from a different, closer angle.

Hadn't ment for the shadows to be covering the 'action' down below, but I like the effect overall (and was just happy that my system decided to render the shadows this time ^_^).

Friday, May 2, 2008

Uhura and Mress

My attempt at Lt. Uhura and Mress from Star Trek (the latter from the animated series).

I may try another version of Mress later, and make her more orange (I just used a 'lioness' skin this time around).

In one of Peter David's Trek books, He explained the absence of Mress and Arex (both from the animated series) by saying they were lost in time somewhere, and just 'recently' returned, although only to the Next Generation era (and not the Original Series timeline where they originated).