Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Logic and Order X-1

This image is a collaboration between myself and a pencil-and-paper artist by the name of Neocene (who also does work in Photoshop).

He wanted to see a sexy scene between Seven of Nine (from Star Trek: Voyager) and T'Pol (from 'Enterprise').

He took the completed image and shaded it a bit in photoshop, and added some comical word balloons ^_^

All the following images are me just getting carried away with the idea :-)

Logic and Order X-2

In this one I used the model Victoria 3, and used a face morph that was supposed to look like Angelina Jolie ^_^ (with Vulcan ears and eyebrows). The face looked a bit too 'fat' though (although the pose finally worked out right).

Logic and Order X-3

In this one I settled on another model (Victoria 4) and used a face morph that was supposed to look like the actress who played T'Pol (although not that much in my renders, unfortunately).

Logic and Order X-4

Logic and Order X-5

Logic and Order X-6

The couple enjoys the afterglow in the anti-grav field of the bed (or... a cheap excuse for me not placing them flat on the bed ^_^ [too much intersection] ).

Logic and Order X-7

A final image with T'Pol solo (and showing off the 'poseability' of the Naughty Parts prop ^_^).

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Frisky Dingo's Valerie #1

My attempt at the character Valerie from the Adult Swim show Frisky Dingo:

Think I'll try Antagone next :-)

Frisky Dingo's Valerie #2

Frisky Dingo's Valerie #3

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dark Queen Amidala

My variation on an another 'alternate universe' version of Amidala by the artist Miravi:

Edit: As usual, errors I notice after the render: for some reason there is a strange 'double nipple' effect on her Handmaiden's right breast (I used a script to flip the pose of one to the other side, and it came out like this).

Also, I hadn't intended for the handmaidens to have bikini lines; I was experimenting with adding bikini lines to a texture, but forgot to change the skin back to 'standard' after the experiment (like the way it came out, though).

Audry from Disney's Atlantis: Lost Empire

My rendition of the mechanic from Disney's "Atlantis: The Lost Empire": [link]

Always thought the character was cute, and for some reason reminded me of Kevin Taylor's "Girl" character (maybe it was the slightly buck teeth and the ethnicity of the character).

Strangely enough, the model I used is called "The Girl", and slightly buck teeth are 'standard' with the model

I may do more images of her later, as well as of the other two hot chicks from the show (and of course they will somehow grow to match my expectations ^_^ ).

Audrey #2

Having finally found Atlantis, Audrey finds a crystal encrusted rock, and takes it to the workshop to study it.

She cracks it open to find glowing crystals within, and the strange light has an interesting effect on her, making he chest tingle.

Audrey #3

In less time than it takes to tell her breasts swell, bursting open her coverall top.

"If it has this effect on me", she thinks, "I wonder what effect it would have on little Milo!"

To be continued... ^_^

Vong Warrior #1

My rendition of a female of the Yuzzahn Vong from the expanded Star Wars Universe:

Vong Warrior #2

The warrior spends some time in an isolation blister, preparing for the next battle.

Vong Warrior #3

Too lazy for text on this one, just thought it looked good :-)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Harem Velma #1

Velma and the Gang journey to India at the request of a Prince Hadji (all expenses paid by Quest Industries ^_^).

They investigate tales of an ancient half-man/half-tiger beast known as a Rakshasa that has been terrorizing his kingdom.

When the gang inevitably splits up at Fred's suggestion (why does he always go off with Daphne by himself, anyway?), Velma is ambushed by unknown persons, only to awaken later to find herself in an outlandishly revealing outfit, and in the presence of the beast him... or rather herself!

The she-beast commands Velma to dance for her; and, until she can figure some way out of the situation Velma does so (feeling light headed for some reason).

Initially I was just going to go for a 'india tattoo' skin testure for the other female, but then I had the 'black tiger' skin in my library, and the above 'story' just grew out of it ^_^

Harem Velma #2

Feeling a surge of euphoria from inhaling the sparkling magical smoke from the Rakshasa's hooka, Velma finds herself unable to resist the creature's advances.

Happy 4-20 everyone! (the things you learn from watching the History Channel... and G4 TV ^_^).

Harem Velma #3

Suddenly a lot more stuff pops up in the scene :-) (lot of empty space, so I filled it with pillows and such).

Harem Velma #4

Another angle on the previous image

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rocket Girl 1

Rocket Girl suits up in her micro-light EVA suit to search for fuel for her rocket ship among an asteroid field, while her pet Squeeker looks on sadly.

I like this outfit because it reminds me of something that Jane Fonda in Barberella might have worn (although I decided to do a Barbarella-like image instead of doing one just like it).

Rocket Girl 2

Rocket Girl finds on a lonely asteroid in orbit of a dim star a precious field of Baloneyium crystals, the element that powers her ship and makes faster-than-light travel possible.

So happy is she with her discovery that she fails to realize this asteroid has at least one occupant, who doesn't seem happy with this intrusion.

Rocket Girl 3

Startled by the creature, Rocket Girl drops her digging tool.

For seome reason I seem to be able to render complex shadows again, but I don't know how long that will last.

Strangely enough, I'm not sure if I'll do more in this 'series', the main purpose of these was to use the sci-fi glass-and-metal 'bikini' :-)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wonder Oops 1

When maintaining a secret identity, its important to remember a few things; like taking off any super-accessories, and remembering where you put certain things, like your skirt! ^_^

Wonder Oops 2

Maybe she left the skirt behind the desk? :-)

Poison Ivy Take 2

Rebuilt another version of Poison Ivy, this time fully clothed (nearly ^_^ ).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Marilyn's Sex Tape

A single frame of the alleged Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape has been released, and your ever zealous reporter Chup@Cabra has been the first to acquire it! ^_^

For those who don't know, an alleged tape featuring Marilyn Monroe having sex has been sold:

Thing is, I do believe such a tape exists, but I don't believe anyone other than the FBI has it. Hoover was a real bastard willing to break any laws to monitor those he considered 'threats' at the time.

Anyone who was willing to sell such would sell it for far more than a measly 1 million, and any Marilyn obsessed fan with deep pockets would pay far more to keep it from getting out.

Also, as I have just proved, anyone with the appropriate technology could fake such (think what someone with actual artistic skill and a top knotch system could do).

Teal'c and Sam 1

This image is based on the Stargate SG-1 universe, pairing the Jaffa warrior Teal'c and Samantha Carter of team SG-1.

Can't recall right now without googling it, but there was an early episode where Sam was infected with a virus that made her act very slutty, so this image could be one of those unseen scenes (or maybe an alternate universe where she wants a relationship with Teal'c ^_^ ).

Teal'c and Sam 2

Don't ask why she still has her boots on, its just a porno rule that MUST be obeyed :-)

Teal'c and Sam 3

Teal'c and Sam 4

Not too happy with the lighting on this one.

Teal'c and Sam 5

Teal'c and Sam 6

Close up of previous pic

Teal'c and Sam 7

Teal'c and Sam 8

An alternate angle on the previous pic.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Princess of Darkness

Lord Vader muses to himself:

"Did that fool Obi-Wan truly think I wouldn't recognize my own daughter?

"I felt the force strong within her once we captured her ship, and the plans for the Death Star within the little droid.

"With the right...coercion, it was simple to have her join me in the Dark Side.

"Now she is reborn as Darth Lilith, and together we shall wipe out the Rebellion, the last remaining Jedi... and perhaps anyone else who stands in our path to power!"

Going to be away from console for a few days as of this image (on vacation from work)
I'll probably have a few more new images later this weekend, though.


Ummm, wait a minute; I think I misspelled that title :-)

Gave me a chance to experiment with a 'flat boob' morph as well (although the boobs look kinda weird past the flat 'dividing line' ).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Leia Hunted

This is another one of those renders I was lucky to get off; it took nearly an hour just to generate the shadows in this one (and I was afraid the entire time it would crap out).

The other hard part was the dress, the top part moves with the body, but it took a lot of twisting and turning to get the skirt to cover her legs.

Of course I made it transparent for effect ^_^

Naked, Guns

In a recent issue of Wolverine, it ended with this scene:

Liked it enough to do my own version, of course making Mystique match my prefferences (hey, and at least she has an excuse for the uber boobs ^_^ ).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Water World, Take Two

Decided to do another quickie render, this time another version of my Water World image earlier, using the new 'water' material I acquired (although it does look more like solid glass, doesn't it? ^_^ ).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zhaan Blooms

"After learning that Zhaan had been captured, Crichton and the crew set out on a successful rescue mission.

"However, Zhaan complains of feeling sick after being force-fed some substance her captor called 'Gakh', and is taken to sick bay.

"Zhaan feels a strange compulsion and crawls down a service shaft of the Moya deep into its heart, and to her own suprise, begins to weave a cocoon about herself. In several hours she emerges, her body having transformed.

"Along with the transformation is a constant... pleasure she has only felt in the presence of strong light, and a compulsion to share this pleasure with her friends."

Chiana's Captive

Chiana and the crew manage to overpower the unknown alien who had captured Zhaan, and she decides to show this alien the error of her ways (and get a chance to frell a new humanoid species!) ^_^

This image is somewhat a continuation of the Alien Slaves commissioned image I posted earlier.

Slave She-Hulk 3

After going through the proper 'training', the War Lord presents Jennifer with her first opponent.

"Although my warrior may not possess your strength, my Emerald Lady, she compensates with a deadly skill with weapons and armor she had made from the bones of her opponents.

"Let the match begin!"

Not too happy with this one, things are a bit off center, and I've been having the constant problems with shadows and no renders again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Kenny's Trip 1

In a recent episode of "South Park", the kids learn in school that inhaling cat pee can get you high :-) (Hell, I work with some people who have probably tried this ^_^).

They use Kenny as a test subject, and when he tries it he ends up in a "Heavy Metal" movie like universe, complete with a 'Taarna' like character.

Being a fan of Heavy Metal (it was a cartoon... with BOOBS! ^_^ ) I really enjoyed this episode, and had to try my version of 'Taarna' (they never named her in the episode, though).

You can probably still find the episode for view on the South Park section of Comedy Central.

Kenny's Trip 2

Kenny's Trip 3

A topless image with "Taarna" and Kenny, sitting on her father's throne

In the episode there were naked boobs galore, just none of them were attached to an actual woman (mountains shaped like boobs, adornments on the castle boobed shaped, even random mishappen boobs on some trolls O_0 ).

matter of fact, I think that was the entire purpose of the episode, to show naked boobs (kind of like how they said Shit umpteen times in one episode).

TinkerBell and TinkerHell

grab a lot of free items over at Renderosity, and just recently a "Tinkerbell" outfit was posted, so it gave me the idea of making a "Good" and "Evil" version of Tinkerbell (yeah, I use that idea alot ^_^)

Workout 1

Finally got around to 'rebuilding' one of my characters, the Victoria 4 version of She-Hulk.

Actually, I only re-did the skin texture, I still have that annoying problem of not being able to save V4 scenes (which might require re-installing Poser in total, something I don't want to do).

Workout 2

Jennifer decides to upgrade to something more in her 'weight class' as it were :-)

I was working on another 'shower scene', but 90% or so into the render Poser crapped out on me :-/ (and I'm too tired to re-build her yet again).