Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chocolate Bunny

Go ahead, just you TRY to take her Easter Eggs

This character is based on the bunny girls from Final Fantasy XII (just picked it up recently).

Anyway, Happy Easter to all ^_^.

Friday, March 21, 2008

In Crystal Take Two

Just another image where I'm playing around with various 'crystal' materials (although in the case of the trapped elf its actually a transprent, refracting water material).

Not too happy with the 'glass' crystal around the figure, though, but all in all it turned out okay.

I suppose the idea behind the image is that the crystal spiders have trapped a victim in their solid webbing, which slowly transforms her to crystal (maybe to make a Crystal Golem slave? ).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mogra Zian 1

Revisiting Star Wars and Twi'Lek chicks again :-)

With this image I decided to step away from the 'standard' image of a sexy, slim twi'lek.

I picture Morga Zian as one of the many fighters being trained for Jabba's gladiatorial combat pits.

Sure, such was never mentioned in Canon Star Wars, but it makes sense that he would have something like that; Dancing Girls for Sex, Gladiator fights for Violence :-)

I really should have gone back and smoothed out the lekku to the head in the other images, but I have been getting very lazy of late, sorry :-/

Mogra Zian 2

Mogra Zian 3

A less menancing pose

Mogra Zian 4

And the final, inevitable fully nude image (Twi'lek got back [somebody had to say it ^_^}

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Thanks to Saint Paddy's Day (and a lot more listening to the likes of Enya :-) ), I'm still in a 'magical' mood, so here are a couple of images to reflect that.

In this, a representative of the Seelie (Blessed) court of the Fairy takes a nap with her unicorn companion in a sacred grove.

For a definition of Seelie/Unseelie courts of the Fairy, see here:


A representative of the Unseelie court ^_^

Decided not to go for the obvious drow this time, but make an evil 'light' skinned elf.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Azz Clown

This is my attempt at a character created by the artist called Negatigertron called "Azz Clown" ^_^

Don't know if I made her trunk quite as big as his version though, maybe I'll increase the size in future renders

Germaine and Foamy

Revisiting Germaine, since I finally have me a 'Foamy' now :-)

I haven't thought about what Foamy might be saying, but maybe its something like "This ass is so HUGE! Its like standing on Mt. Everest!!" ^_^

Not happy with the texture I picked for his fur, next time I'll probably just leave it a flat grey.

Lucky Charms

Keeping with my idea of doing at least one holiday oriented pic for each major holiday (or at least the ones I like ), here is my Saint Patrick's Day image.

The end of the rainbow always leads to treasure; and the pot of gold is a nice bonus too ^_^

Wee Folk 1

This leprechaun isn't willing to part with its pot of gold so easily, it seems, and asks for something 'special' in return ^_^

Wee Folk 2

The Leprechaun starts to 'Climb the Beanstalk' (okay, mixing fables here, but who cares? ^_^).

Wee Folk 3

Yeah, impossible, I know (maybe they need a little touch of Leprechaun magic? ^_^).

Wee Folk 4

Wee Folk 5

Don't recall an ending like this in the movie 'Leprechaun' ^_^

Monday, March 10, 2008

Velma Captured #1

Velma and the gang go monster hunting in the deepest, darkest, most stereotypical parts of africa, only to be captured by a hidden tribe of uber-boobed amazons, and put on the menu ^_^

Once again my system is acting weird, not wanting to render the simplest of scenes with shadows, so I had to turn them off (really got to get a better processor someday).

Velma Captured 2

A close up of Velma.

I picked a new freckled skin texture, but again the lights kind of drown it out.

Velma Catured #3

A closeup of the uber-boobed amazon.

Should have bent the hair back away from the left shoulder, but I've been getting real lazy lately :-)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Floatation Devices

A quick render, seeing how big I can really make the boobies ^_^

Kinda inspired by the work of poser artist elsewhere like Rick Java, Dial, Mark Volk and others.

They must use some custom breast morphs, though; whenever I expand my breast morphs beyond the ' one' setting there are some distortions, in particular the back of the breasts are flattened.

Oh, well, I'll continue with my search for the perfect breasts ^_^

Frank Frazetta Tribute: Princess of Mars

Over on another forum there is a Frazetta art jam going on, where anyone who wants to contribute does an image that is a copy of/in the style of the artist Frank Frazetta:

This is my attempt at an image of his called Princess of Mars:

I tried to keep to Frazetta's female body type, and picked a body morph that had prominent curves (hips, boobs, belly, etc. ^_^).

His women also looked a bit asian to me, so I picked an 'amer-asian' face for Deja Thoris as well.

Friday, March 7, 2008

After Battle Diana

Princess Diana rests within her castle on Paradise Island.

Yep, I'm suprised at myself, no nudity this time (maybe after that long string of nude/x-rated pics, I'm in the mood for something different ^_^).

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Battle Ready Diana

My take on Princess Diana in her Battle Armor.

She if often shown in some type of armor in the comics, and often that 'armor' is about as effective as Red Sonja's (just not as revealing :-).

I'll probably do more with her in this set (and sans certain parts of it ^_^) in the future.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Dead at 69

Don't know if anyone else knows/cares about this, but E. Gary Gygax, one of the Co-Creators of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game, died March 5th at age 69:

The D&D game has been a significant part of my life for well over 20+ years now. I have gained many of the friends I now have from playing that game.

I haven't played the game in several years now, most of the groups I played with have migrated elsewhere or moved on to online rpgs, like World of Warcraft, but we still keep in touch by e-mail and the occasional visit.

E.G.G. will be missed by us D&D geeks (still fondly remember his appearance on 'Futurama' ^_^.

As some others have said, and I reiterate: "Thanks for saving us a spot at the Gaming Table" (and for all the hot Drow Chicks! ^_^)

I'll try to create an appropriate (and for once, non-x-rated or even nude) tribute image soon.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blight vs Batwoman

This is my version of the character 'Blight' from Batman Beyond:

I didn't feel like trying to re-create a female Batman Beyond this time, so I just used a Batwoman I had put together but never used before.

As to Blight, I used a 'radioactive' texture for the skin, and then used a skeleton colored black and put it in the same pose (although you can't see it clearly in this image. Finally, I put a green light in the chest to emulate the glow.

I do like how it all came out, so Blight may appear in future renders.

MeduSuck #1

Another quick series of images, playing around with a 'serpent' lower body and texture.

This medusa has paralyzed her poor victim with her venom instead of her gaze, and shows him that just like a real snake, she can take very large objects into her mouth by unhinging her lower jaw (although the victim doesn't seem pleased by the prospect ^_^).

MeduSuck #2

Another view, pulling the 'camera' out a bit.

MeduSuck #3

A final, full frame image.

The lower body took some work, since it has no 'one click' poses I had to twist and turn it until it looked right.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Demon Statue #1

This pic is somewhat inspired by the work of the artist Richard Corben, in particular this image:

The statue in question is supposed to look like beaten, tarnished copper, but I wasn't able to render at 'final' resolution, so I don't know if that's apparrent.

Demon Statue #2

A second view, showing a close up of the Drow and her Dragonborn servent.

Demon Statue #3

A third image minus the altar so you can get full view, so to speak :)

Storm Classic #1

This is my take on the Classic outfit of Storm of the X-Men, from the 70's.

To give credit where credit is due, the outfit texture itself (and the 'crown') was made by a poser user who goes by the name of Hasdrubal.

Maybe I'm giving in to a bit of nostalgia, but this has always been my favorite of her costumes. I also loved the artist for the comic back then, Dave Cockrum. He always gave all the women he drew some nice hips and nice, round rear ends ^_^ (even if he didn't give them very much up top :-)

Storm Classic #2

After a hard day fighting off yet another mutant threat, Storm takes a stroll in the garden behind Professor X's mansion.

Storm Classic #3

As long as there is open sky above her, Storm is never without a 'shower' :-)

Storm Classic #4

And in this final image, storm takes a swim in the garden pool (love the ripples in the water prop, and how it frames her posterior ^_^)