Friday, February 29, 2008

Venus Eclipsed

Once again trying for something a little 'artistic'; you can always tell when I leave the boobs at their 'default' size ^_^

My twist on the famous "Birth of Venus" painting:

I do like the way it came out (espically with the 'Fire Butterflys'). The hair does intersect the winga at points, but its still good enough for me :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alien Slave Girls by Gardner

Re-Posting a few of the commissioned images that were removed from my old blog.

Even though the hard drive I stored my commissioned images on is currently unaccessable, I was able to retrieve these from other places on the net that I posted them.

This is probably the best image in my entire commission collection, by the artist Drew Gardner.

It pairs up Oola from 'Star Wars', Zhaan from 'Farscape', and a generic Klingon babe ^_^

Not all people are as appreciative of 'Big Uns' as I am, though; it took some convincing to get Drew to give at least one of the babes boobs of the size I like (and I choose Zhaan, my favorite of the three ^_^).

Farscape Trio by Ian

Another image from my favorite (and lets admit, cheapest ^_^) commission artist; featuring the three technicolor women of the show 'Farscape'

I've done my version of the blue-skinned Zhaan before, but unfortunately I lost the testure (on the same drive as my other commissions :-/).

When I get the drive fixed, I'll do more (and try to re-create this image in poser).

Demona at Sunrise by Ian

In this image, I wanted the artist to show Demona and some 'unlucky' guy on a rooftop just as the sun was rising.

The idea behind it was that she was timing her orgasm to occur just as she turned to stone, thus prolonging it throughout her daylight 'sleep' period ^_^

Black Arachnia by Ian

Black Arachnia from "Transformers: Beast Wars" by Ian.

Yep, I'm enough of a geek that I can find female robots sexy ^_^ (see the artist Hajime Sorayama for details ^_^: )

Evo Rogue and Witch by Jichael

The X-Men Evolution versions of Rogue and Scarlet Witch, by Jichael.

The artist for that show seemed to have a thing for goth/emo chicks, seeing as how he re-imagined both Rogue and the Witch as one, and a lot appeared in the 'extras' in the background.

G.I. Joe Orgy by Ian

An image featuring all my favorite babes from G.I. Joe, done for me by Ian ^_^

I've already done my own versions of the Baroness and Lady Jaye; on my 'next' list are Scarlett and Zaranna.

Soranik Natu 1

A request for a 'fan' over at DeviantArt :-)
of the green lantern Soranik Natu:

Don't know much about the character myself (haven't read any DC comics since the JLA broke up just before all this Crisis/Countdown crap :-/).

She was easy enough to do, however (a modified 'Hal Jordan' skin, the latex texture that I'm overusing so much lately, some boots, gloves, and an orange skin for the face).

Hope you like it, Revan (there seem to be a lot of hot chicks in the Green Lantern Corps, huh? ^_^

Soranik Natu 2

Another version.

I don't know if my love of the shiny latex sometimes spoils the image or not, I like the look but it sometimes ruins the texture underneath the shine.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Naughty and Nice

Revisiting 'vintage' erotica again, with another image I have seen many variations of; pairing a hot demon chick and a hot angel girl :-)

In this case, my demon-chick is 'Betty', and my Angel-Girl is "Marilyn" ^_^

I was going to re-render this (you might notice that 'Betty's' tail is sticking straight out in the shadow), so I saved and re-booted; and THEN remembered that I still can't save a scene with Victoria 4 dammit! [still don't know why]

Oh, well, good enough for me (although I rebuild and save 'Marilyn' at least).

Friday, February 22, 2008

Demona Sucks 1

I was going to save these until I could add a 'money shot' effect using photoshop, but I don't know when/if I will get around to that, so here they are.

I'll update these post if I ever get around to modifiyng them, though.

Demona sucks 2

Another Version.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Evo Kitty and Rogue

This image pairs up my Evo Rogue with my version of Kitty Pryde from X-Men: Evolution (The College Years ^_^).

In a highly unusual move for me, this is one of the few times I thought a model looked better with 'default' sized boobs :-)

Rogue is giving Kitty a curious look. Either she is suprised that her classmate has chosen to dress a little bit more seductivly, or maybe she has... other... thoughts in mind :-)

Fire in the Hole

Here is my attempt at an image I have seen many times done by various artists :-)

For some 'flavor text':

In a furious battle with a demon, Hellgirl finds herself out of ammo for her gun.

Then she remembers that Li'l Lilith has been complaining of 'discomfort' ever since consuming 20 of the earth gormet food known as 'bean burritos', and an idea hits her ^_^

Sorry for no shadows in this pic, my system has been getting weird (again), and even with a pic this simple refuses to render with shadows turned on :-/

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rogues Three

Seems I've gotten the 'hardcore' bug out of my system with the recent She-Hulk pics, and am now doing more fully clothed images (more or less ^_^)

So I decided to pull out of storage my 'Evolution Rogue', and pair her up with her 'classic' 90's version, thanks to a Rogue skin I found at Share3D (modified a little).

Of course, the rogue on the far right I had nothing to do with :-)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Harley and Mistuh J

My first attempt at Harley Quinn.

To give all credit where it is due, however, both the Harley outfit texture, and the entire Joker figure, were made by a poser user who goes by the name Hasdrubal.

I like to 'hand make' as much of the characters I use as possible, so I may do a "Take Two" for Harley in the future (as soon as I figure out her confusing wireframe mesh, that is).

Poison Ivy

My take on Pamela Isley, a.k.a. Poison Ivy.

Maybe I'll try a Harley Quinn next, because in the animated Batman series it was subtly hinted at that there was a thing between these two ^_^

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine Hearts

I try to do an image fit to each major holiday (although I have yet to do a belated Turkey Day image ^_^).

So here is my image for Saint Valentine's Day (how many hearts do you see in this image? :-)

The Dee Dee Twins

Here is my first attemt at the Dee Dee twins from 'Batman Beyond':

In future renders I may shorten the hair a bit, and choose a different background (with the white caps and shorts, the background kind of washes out everything).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spider Queen

One final image I just HAD to do, after discovering a new freebie from Renderosity

Its a set of "clothing" for the Vicky 4 model, made entirely of spiders ^_^

So of course, I had to do yet another drow in this set of 'clothes' :-)

I should have taken the time to put more into the image (jewelry and such) and make this a true "Lolth" image, but this will do for now (got to find out how to expand the 'Bra' portion to match my preferred parameters ^_^ ).

Darth Talon #1

This is my attempt at Darth Talon, using the great texture for V4 made by another poser user called Kamion.

I'm starting to really get frustrated with the Victoria 4 model, though.

For some reason I can't figure out, my poser program just wont save any scene that has V4 in it (initially it had no problem).

I don't know what the problem is, but it may require me to reload Poser entirely (but since I don't use V4 that much, I probably won't go through all the trouble).

Darth Talon 2

A slight rear view (maybe I should have given her a bigger 'trunk', but Vicky 4 doesn't do that morph well ^_^).

Darth Talon #3

A third, more menacing pose

Darth Talon #4

In a unlikelyl meeting, Talon orders her new slave Oola to submit to her dark desires :-)

Darth Talon #5

Darth Talonn forces her new slave to service her (Poor Oola just doesn't get a break, does she? ^_^)

Darth Talon #6

In this final image, this is how I envision Darth Talon forging her llightsaber in a mist filled cave of crystals.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Xariama Nude

Well, since I was having fun with the character (and am still in a ' Big Muscles and Boobs' mode since I did those She-Hulk images ), here is another of Gothica639's EQ character.

The skin texture is a bit different because I used a 'wet' skin, you might be able to see it at full size.

I'll probably do one more, x-rated, one before moving on,

Request for Gothica639

Here is an image I did for a fellow DeviantArt member, Gothica639.

It is my closest (and sexier) rendition of a character of his from Everquest called Xariama.

I'm pleased with how the lighting came out in this one; its a 'one click' light set, but sometimes my system won't handle complex shadows at full resoluution, but I was lucky and this time it came out.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Jenny and Juggy #1

Well, been having way too much fun with two things recently; She-Hulk and Sex Poses ^_^

So here is the first of a new series, featuring 'Jennifer' and Juggernaut.

Comic geeks may remember that it was rumored that She-Hulk had sex with Juggernaut (but I can't remember which comic that was in). When asked, Jennifer denied it.

Finally, it was revealed in the last Dan Slott written issue of She-Hulk that it was actually an alternate reality version of Jennifer that was here on 'vacation' that did the deed, and not the true She-Hulk.

Jenny and Juggy #2

Jenny introduces Juggy to her the valley of her own 'Green Giants', and is shocked at how quickly he springs to attention :-)

Jenny and Juggy #3

Juggernaut goes for the prize, and Jenny begins to wonder if she is as invulnerable within as she is without :-)

Jenny and Juggy #4

Jenny decides to even the playing field, and makes use of her own size changing powers to match the height of Juggernaut.

Even at her maximum height, 'Little Juggy' still proves a challenge :-)

My first solo use of photoshop to add a little 'money shot' effect.

Jenny and Juggy #5

To Jenny's suprise (and seeming delight), Juggy takes the 'road less travelled' ^_^

Jenny and Juggy #6

Jenny basks in the 'afterglow' ^_^

I tried to use photoshop to add more of a 'moneyshot' this time; still not as good as it as Copy Of, but I'll practice more with other images in the future.

The 'puddle', however, is actually an in-program prop just colored white :-)

Jenny and Juggy #7

A slightly different, non postworked angle on #6

Jenny and Juggy #8

Yet another angle, non postworked.

Jenny and Juggy #9

Another 'place holder' image for a future 'money shot', as soon as I learn how to use photoshop a little bit better.

She-Hulk Bustin Out

Another She-Hulk quickie, this time using a freebie from renderosity; a ' destructable' t-shirt

It seems as if even Reed Richard's patented unstable molecules have there limits, huh? ^_^

Expect to see more shulkie soon (as soon as I can figure out why my Vicky 4 scenes only save half the time, dammit!).

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Peg Feeling Frisky

My attempt at Peg Bundy from "Married With Children"

I never understood why Al seemed so disgusted with her; those hips, that waist, those boobs! :-)

Then again, maybe it was seeing the result of his previous dalliances that made him swear off her

I probably made my version a bit too 'thick'; I set the 'voluptuous' morph at One, and threw in a little ' Barbarian' for the belly.

I may try another version later, this time with a ' painted on' outfit. ^_^

Jennifer Poses

Just experimenting with a 'muscle veins' bump map I found at the site of TrekkieGrrl.

Her base bump map made the render look a little strange (at least the way my system does it, her skin came out looking like sandpaper.), so I modified it just a little to only make the veins stand out.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Glass of Bubbly

My attempt at making a 'Vintage Erotica' image :-)

I happened to have some 'Betty Page' hair, a martini glass, some 'soapy water', bubbles, and a 'soaped up skin' texture.

So put them all together and voila (or however you spell it :-) ).

Glass of Bubbly, Close Up

Here is a close up so you can see 'Betty' a bit better (although now I can see that the toothpick is poking out of the glass :-/)

Race Relations #1

Well, first I paired off T'Pol and 7 of 9, then I did a threesome between a Twi'lek, a Devaronian and a 'blue chick', and now I'm going back to the Trek universe

This time an Andorian Ambassador seeks to improve trade relations between the feuding Klingon and Orion races, in her own special manner ^_^

I put skull implants on the Orion male because I saw similar implants on male orions in an episode of 'Enterprise' (I think that was the first and only time [outside the non-canon cartoon] where we saw orion males).

Race Relations #2

The ambassador discusses with the Klingon and the Orion the mutual benefits of closer relations :-)

Race Relations #3

Her clients have proven to be quite attentive, it seems :-)

Race Relations #4

The Klingon and Orion agree on a mutual talking point ^_^

Race Relations #5

Another angle on the previous image.

Race Relations #6

Negotiations continue :-)

Race Relations #7

Another angle on the previous image.