Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sorry for the Glitch

If anyone is watching my blog by e-mail, I apologize for the last false postings (entitled 'Race Relatons').

For some reason the Blogger site wasn't putting the posts on the front page; in fact, it says the current date is January 31st, when in fact its February 1st 0_0

I'll wait a day or two and try to post them again, maybe the clock/calendar will have fixed itself by then.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Demona by Regg Watson

Over at DeviantArt, an artist by the name of Regg Watson was kind enough to do sketches for the first 10 persons who responded to a journal entry of his (just to see who was reading them, and who was leeching the images, I suppose ^_^).

I was lucky enough to be #9, and my request was a huge boobed Demona, and the attached is the result :-)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Abyssal Priestess

Well, my vacation is now over :-/ (see my 'original' blog for me running off at the mouth abuot that ^_^).

To top off my rendering binge over the last week, here is one last image, using the same set I used for the Medusa earlier, with a different skin.

I actually put a fin on her head and back, but from this angle you can't see them, although I will be using her in future renders.

Baroness Take 3, #1

Found another outfit that reminded me of the Baroness (its that segmented look that her armor has in the cartoon), so thought I would try another version of her :-)

Baroness Take 3, #2

Baroness Take 3, #3

and the inevitable nude version :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Devil May Care #1

Re-visiting the Star Wars universe again, this time with my version of a Devaronian ( ), along with the ubiquitous Twi'lek girl, and... a generic blue chick :-)

Initially this was going to be another drow image, built around all the jewelry she is wearing. But the skin tone was not 'drow' enough for me (and I don't have many skins for the 'vicky 2' model), so I decided to add a twi'lek and make it a threesome instead ^_^

Devil May Care #2

It seems like the sly Devronian is having a 'hard' time making a decision between the two (ba-dum-bump ~ching~ ) ^_^

The pose required the women to be seated in chairs, with their backs towards the camera. I decided to make the chairs clear plastic so you could see them a little.

Devil May Care #3

What I call a 'Triad' pose :-)

The 'generic blue chick' would be doing what is obvious according to the pose, but for some reason her facial expressions froze, so I couldn't shape her mouth into an 'O' ^_^

Devil May Care #4

A close-up to show the twi'lek (although I'm not too happy with the shadows here).

Devil May Care #5

An interesting, somewhat acrobatic pose (at least for the Twi'lek ^_^)

Devil May Care #6

A view showing the 'generic blue chick' :-)

Devil May Care #7

And finally, a view showing the Twi'lek :-)

Hentai Drow 3

The 'Hentai Drow' makes another appearance, this time with a goblinoid male before a alter to Lolth.

I really have no 'story' to go with this series of images, just an excuse to use the 'G-Spot' prop again (and a goblin face/texture).

Hentai Drow 4

A reverse shot, showing that all ports are ready for entry :-)

Hentai Drow 5

A close up of the previous image, this time adding a little 'money shot' :-)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Worm's Eye View

Using the G-Spot prop again, this time with a full Vicky 4 skin, so no postwork needed to fill in areas.

Hentai Drow 1

Kinda getting lazy with names for images now, I know :-)

This time putting various objects within the 'G-Spot' prop to see how it looks ^_^

Hentai Drow 2

The same image from a 'worm's eye' angle :-)

Sheeva Shows It 1

Finally got around to teaching myself to use the vagina prop (called "G-Spot" ^_^ ).

In this case its for the Victoria 4 figure. Of course, I make the learning curve more difficult for myself by using the Vicky4 re-map that allows me to use all the skins I have for Vicky 3.

Unfortunately, the G-Spot won't take Vicky 3 skins, so I had to go in with photoshop and try to cover up the white areas (a bit inexpertly).

Still, from now on whenever I use Vicky 4 with her own skins I now how to add the G-Spot, so expect more open-legs shots in the future ^_^

Sheeva Shows It 2

No cute comment here just another post that shows off the G-Spot prop (needed less photoshop work on this one).

Sheeva's Slave 1

Before her next bout, Sheeva engages in an invigorating sexual encounter with one of her personal slaves (and in other cultures, they say that this tires you out ^_^).

Sheeva's Slave 2

Sheeva returns the attention her blinded slave has shown; probably before taking him into the ring and kicking his head off ^_^

As with all Sheeva images, posing the second set of arms was a bitch; but I'm pleased with the result.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hanging Spider

Every now and then I see an image that spurs me to do something similar, in this case a "Spider-Woman" image I saw on another forum.

The real reason, though, is that I just like playing with the "upside-down boob" morph, and the shiny latex materials ^_^


A fight between the various "Spider-Women" (Jessica Drew, Julia Carpenter, and Mary-Jane Venom) begins.

Zebra Girl

This is my take on the "Zebra Girl" of the famous pin-up paintings by Olivia:

Reclining Zebra Girl

Just another pose, trying to copy the bottom image seen in the link on the previous post.

The Hunt Begins

Zebra Girl spots some inviting apples high up in a tree, but remains unaware of the Panther Girl slowly stalking her.

Some 'Making Of' notes for those who care: I used Victoria 4 for the Panther Girl. I think I picked a good muscle morph for this character and face, but unfortunately the black fur drowns out the lines :-/

The Hunt 2

Taking her by suprise, Panther grabs Zebra by the head and throws her to the ground.

The Hunt 3

Panther manages to wrestle down Zebra, and prepares to deliver the killing bite.

The Hunt 4

Zebra manages to break the hold of Panther, and leaps up, delivering a strong kick to the side of Panther's head.

The Hunt Ends

The Zebra Girl turns out victorious, and enjoys the 'fruits' of her victory :-)

Dark Side of the Moon

Recently, I was able to make use of another computer system that has a much better processor than mine.

I usually can't do true mirror reflections, just too much detail for my poor processor to handle. With the 'borrowed' system, however I was able to, and this is the result (it still took nearly an hour for this top line system to do the render, though).

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wow! 30K+ viewers ^_^


I never thought my little page here would be popular enough to get that many unique viewers in under a year.

I'll try to come up with a special image to celebrate this 'anniversary', although it probably won't come until long after I hit the 30K mark.

Sisters of Orion #1

Okay, I had one more Star Trek oriented idea I had to get done :-)

These three beauties call themselves the Sisters of Orion. They travel through known space providing various forms of 'entertainment' to humanoids (and gathering information to sell to parties who offer enough).

The first sister is the oldest of the siblings, and is in control of their little 'operation'.

I picked three different green skin tones for each sister, for variety's sake. After all, humans have a variety of skin tones, so why not humanoid aliens? :-)

Sisters of Orion #2

The second sister.

Not really much to say about this one (no character concept springs to mind just now). I picked a darker 'olive' skin tone for her, just to be different from the basic green of so many Orions.

Sisters of Orion #3

The third Sister.

I picture her personality as being more dark than the other two, with the skull-and-spikes motif of her minimal outfit :)

Of course, it might have been the fact that i was just being lazy in that I didn't give her much to wear, didn't give her any hair, or even [GASP] modify her breast size beyond standard ^_^

Assimilation #1

T'Pol of Borg takes a personal hand in the assimilation of a klingon captive :)

In my 'story', T'Pol was taken while the ship was in the 'Delphic Expanse' and they were searching for the Xindi. It was during that time that she became addicted to a substance that enhanced her emotions (including lust). Even though she is now a borg, some of those drives remain ^_^

Not too happy with the lighting in this one; everything came out a little too dark. I may do an alternate lighting version later.

Assimilation #2

Another view, this time from the point of the view of the soon-to-be borg drone.

Monday, January 7, 2008

G-Forces Princess #1

My rendition of the character 'Princess' from the old anime 'G-Force' (a.k.a. 'Battle of the Planets' or 'Gatchaman':

She used, of all things, a yo-yo as a weapon, but it was quite dangerous; with explosive heads and a razor-sharp string 0_0

G-Force's Princess #2

Performing a high kick, and giving us the ubiqutious panty flash common in so much anime (and 'Xena: Warrior Princess' ^_^)

G-Force's Princess #3

A view dispensing with the skirt altogether :-)

don't know if you can tell, but this is supposed to be a view from above, while she is lying on her back.

G-Force's Princess #4

A more sultry pose, focusing on my two favorite objects ^_^

T'Pol of Borg 1

The drones complete the transformation process, and T'Pol becomes takes the first step to becoming the new Borg Queen in this time.

Not too happy with this image, so I may try another version some time in the future.

T'Pol of Borg 2

And finally we get to the scene where 7 of 9 comes in to rescue T'Pol, after dispatching a lone drone.

For the sake of the 'story', the way to view these images is:
T'pol in Peril 1:
T'Pol in Peril 2:
T'Pol of Borg 1:
T'Pol of Borg 2:

In the 'Logic and Order' series, T'Pol shows proper thanks for her rescue ^_^
Logic and Order 1:
Logic and Order 2:
Logic and Order 3:

T'Pol of Borg 3

A full frame version of the previous pic

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008

Logic and Order

An image showing an unlikely meeting between 7 of 9 and T'Pol in the decontamination chamber :-)

I like how this one came out, espically the shadows (although T'Pol's pantiies are doing that 'floating' thing again, thus casting a shadow on her).

BTW: I was 'inspired' to do this image (read: rip off another artist) by this image by the artist Neocene over at DeviantArt:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Asari in Bed

Having fun with the Asari, so here is another image (one day I'll do a 'head shot' only so you can actually see the faces clearly).

I removed the 'satin' skin texture from the white asari (that's why she is so washed out in the first image). Also, you can probably tell I've discovered intentional ray tracing (I replaced the window glass with raytraced glass for a better effect).

Oops: the white's left foot is merged with the floor, lets just say its very deep carpet :-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Asari Shower

Another image featuring the Asari race from the game "Mass Effect"

Don't know if you can really call this a lesbian scene, since the Asari from Mass Effect only have one gender (although from what I have read, that gender is pseudo-female).

Still haven't played the game yet, but I may rent it soon (and 'borrow' my friends XBox 360 for awhile ^_^ ).

Feeding Time

And for my first official image of 2008, I return to my 'tentacle hentai' interest ^_^

As always, don't worry; I always get around (eventually) to doing some sort of 'rescue' image, so the buxom ladies in my hentai pics don't meet the fate the image implies :-)