Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Laras Croft

Three variations on Lara Croft (a popular character for poser users to emulate :-).

The middle character even has a 'Angelina Jolie' facial morph.

I've never played any version of Tomb Raider, although I have a collection of Lara Croft nudes on my drives

Her primary selling point was her sexuality, and I've never been a 'half measures' guy. If I want to see lara nekkid, I'll SEE lara nekkid, dammit! ^_^


Jessica Drew shows that, just like a real spider, she also has a large rear end

I was inspired to do this image after seeing an image by an artist in another forum who drew an image I tried to duplicate as closeley as possible.

Always did like her costume; it ' pointed' to all the right places, and early on the artists even sneaked in 'comic code approved' nipples into the outfit :-)

Santa's New Elf

Santa seems a bit dissapointed in the behavior of the new elf he picked to put in charge of his 'Naughty' department ^_^


'Rudolphina' enjoys a solo flight before the Big Night :-)

Kind of a silly pic, that just came together when I wanted to do a 'christmas' image, and started with only the 'snow' prop (the rest just fell in ^_^).

Fire and Earth 1

Continuing with my 'elemental' theme that I kinda started with 'Wood and Water' earlier, here is another combination

I really like the textures I used for both characters; the 'fire' texture isn't just 'ainted on', but looks like a whispy flame.

The 'magma' texture looks rough and bumpy as well (took a while for my poor system to render though).

Fire and Earth 2

Another scene with the two related elementals.

You'll notice I gave the 'earth elemental' a more buff form, going with the 'bones of the earth' relationship and all :-)

You know, I don't have a particular thing for 'lesbian' images, its just easier to do this than take the time to pose a male character's 'junk' (and nicer on the eyes ^_^ ).

Earth Elemental 1

A solo pose with the Earth Elemental, bathing in a rain of fire.

Earth Elemental 2

Another solo pose with the buff Earth Elemental (Think I went a bit overboard with the 'lava'? ^_^)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Malificent vs Grimhilde

The two iconic witches of fairy tales have obviously come to a dissagreement over something, and face down each other with deadly spells at the ready.

Finally took the time to 'rebuild' Grimhild (from 'Snow White') in something other than a hood and cape :-)

Malificent Revisioned 1

I rarely do 'portrait' images, but I liked how the costume combinations worked (and the facial morph), so I did this one.

Malificent Revisioned 2

My sexier version of Malificent from 'Sleeping Beauty'.

Always thought she was the coolest of the classic disney villians (she can turn into a freaking dragon :-).

There is an 'Evil Queen' making an appearance in the movie 'Enchanted', who I think is a combination of Malificent and the queen from 'Snow White' [Grimhilde] (she can change into a dragon like Mal, and turn into an old hag like Grimhilde).

Malificent Revisioned 3

I probably should have added something in the 'gazing ball' she is holding (maybe an image of Sleeping Beauty).

I have noticed that when posing arms, if I don't know what to do with one arm I default to the 'boob grab', as with her left arm ^_^

Malificent Summoning

Unlike that other Wicked Witch who only has some damned, dirty monkeys as her servants, Malificent decides to summon a lackey who will be somewhat more... versitile ^_^

Not happy with how the water came out in this one, so I don't think I'll use that texture for water again.

Mary Marvel 1

My take on Mary Marvel in her new black outfit (okay, she isn't showing quite as much midriff, and the skirt isn't nearly as short ^_^ ).

Kinda proud of this one because I used my meager skills in texture manipulation to add the lightning bolt to the top, and still make it appear like shiny rubber/latex.

Mary Marvel 2

Mary demonstrates one of the inherent problems of having flight powers and wearing a short skirt (funny how this never happens in the comics :-)

Mary Marvel 3

Mary suffers a little 'wardrobe malfunction' ^_^

Robo Yoemen

A new one by me, using a new fembot model (on the left).

I'm actually suprised my system was able to render this, with all the raytracing in the figure on the left

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Black Gold 1

Revisiting the 'Dark Twi'lek' twin.

Actually, just playing around with a 'new' outfit and some varying lighting combinations :-)

Black Gold 2

A second lighting combination.

Black Gold 3

The third, more exotic lighting variation.

The Sun Maid

The genesis for this image was a discussion elsewhere where someone effectively said you've seen erotica on every toon character except the 'Sunmade Raisins' girl.

So of course, I just HAD to do this ^_^

Lady Jaye 1

My attempt at Lady Jaye from the cartoon/comic/toy line 'G.I. Joe': [link] [link]

I remember in all three sources Lady Jaye displayed a little bit more cleavage than I'm sure the military allowed :-)

She is probably third on the tier of G.I. Joe hotties; most fans seem to rate Baroness as #1, Scarlett as #2, and Jaye as #3

Lady Jaye 2

Lady Jaye displays some of her tools of the trade.

Lady Jaye 3

Jady Jaye points out her team affiliation for all to see (okay, usually just Flint ^_^ ).

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hawkgirl in Uniform #1

Finally managed to cobble together an outfit that's close to what Hawkgirl wears in the comic/cartoon.

I used a 'transparency map' to make half of the 'she-hulk' leotard dissapear, but for some reason the shiny texture still shows (the yello spots on her torso). Don't know how to make that go away, though.

Hawkgirl in Uniform #2

Another image with the uniformed Hawkgirl in flight.

Catwoman Take One

Since I am in a DC Comics mode, here is my attempt at the current Catwoman as well.

I may go ahead and do a Wonder Woman as well, but that's so cliche for T & A artists, huh? ^_^

Batwoman Take One #1

Over on another forum there is a new monthly themed artist 'jam', where a chracter is picked and any willing artist does a rendition of her.

This month it is Batwoman ( [link] ) (the current, lesbian version ^_^ ).

Batwoman Take One #2

Another image of her in a sexier pose, as if looking from below

Batwoman Take One #3

Batwoman makes use of a special item in her utility belt ^_^

You'll notice that the boobs are slightly larger here than in the other images :-)

Schoolgirl Jessica #1

Decided to do a few new renders featuring Mrs. Rabbit, this time in a 'Catholic Schoolgirl' outfit :-)

Not being catholic, I'm not sure of the seemingly universal appeal of this outfit, unless its just the appeal of a short skirt on a hot woman ^_^

This skirt has a morph to make it look like wind is blowing it upwards ('7 Year Itch' style).

Schoolgirl Jessica #2

Jessica gets an apple from an appreciative fellow student, and tucks it away in a well protected region ^_^

I may try to modify this image later to make it look more like the apple is embeded between her breasts, instead of just merging with them :-/

Schoolgirl Jessica #3

A third view with Jessica presenting her 'apple' to the teacher ^_^

Germaine Take One #1

This is my rendition of Germaine, the 'sidekick' of the psychotic squirrle 'Foamy' from 'Neurotically Yours': http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurotically_Yours

In this image, she is asking a neighbor if her butt is too big to him (one of the most 'infamous' of the flash shorts being one in which she lamented the fact that she had a big 'jiggly butt' ^_^ ).

Germaine Take One #2

Germaine striking that classic pose you usually see on a painting in a whorehouse from a western ^_^

Germaine Take One #3

A image with germain in an 'everyday' pose, obviously somewhat disgusted with whatever she is seeing on the TV (something Foamy left in the DVD player, maybe? ^_^ ).

Silusa the Snake Girl 2

Another image featuring the 'Snake Girl' and her curiously enlarged pet serpent :-)

Silusa the Snake Girl 3

Another pose (tried for a closer to the floor pose, but my love of Big Uns made for too much intersection with the floor).

I may try again in the future with a 'flatten boobs' morph, though ^_^

Playtime with Daphne and Velma

Just a quick image with Velma and Daphne enjoying some downtime between adventures (and obviously Daphne has gotten a dose of wolvesbane sinse last image ).

Maybe next time I'll try to re-create the back of the Mystery Machine better (and pray my system can render it).

Velma's Insomnia 1

Velma is finding it hard to sleep, almost as if she is being... watched ^_^

This image is really an excuse for me to play with 'dynamic' cloth for the first time (cloth that drapes naturally over objects; in this case the sheet over Velma and the bed).

Velma's Insomnia 2

Velma's nocturnal visitor engages in a little astral 'communion' with her :-)

The sheet came out strange this time. The way you do dynamic cloth is to set up a small animation simulation, about 50 frames, so it can calculate how the sheet intersects other objects.

For some reason during the simulation the sheet twisted around, but I liked the effect so kept it anyway (and didn't feel like running another 20+ minute simulation for one image).

Velma's Insomnia 3

Another image from Velma's point of view ^_^

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hawkgirl in Undies

Got in a 'comics' mood this weekend, so I didn't do those final 'Treehouse of Horror' end-of-halloween images I promised myself (oh, well, maybe I'll do a pseudo- 'Nightmare Before Christmas' series soon ^_^).

Anyway, this is just a 'pin-up' shot of Shayera (Hawkgirl from the animated 'Justice League' version) in her underwear (and somewhat upset that someone out there sees her sans costume

Richard Moore's M'Lady 1

My attempt at re-creating a character from the erotic comics of Richard Moore called ' M'Lady': http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/1411/mlady1ch4.jpg

I tried to re-create both the face and the body. You'll notice that she is not as slim as the women in most of my other renders. Just as in Moore's art, M'Lady is a bit on the plus side. To reflect that I used a 'BBW' morph (used before on ' Velma' and my 'Frank Frazetta Tribute' ). I also put a 'heavy' morph on her face (slight double chin) and flattened the nose a bit.

Richard Moore's M'Lady 2

Just another pose trying not to duplicate a specific image.

Roxy Rocket 1

This is my rendition of Roxy Rocket, that appeared on an episode of Batman: The Animated Series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roxy_Rocket

I remember the ending of that episode where she and Batman were on her rocket as it was rushing towards a cliff face. When she realized that he wasn't going to jump off, she was thrilled, and her exclamation of 'Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!!" definately did look/sound orgasmic to me ^_^ : http://img115.imageshack.us/img115/2876/roxyorgasmgy1.jpg

Roxy Rocket 2

Just another view in an action pose.

Not too happy with the expression, when you apply some expressions to some facial morphs the teeth come out weird, and require pulling back/forward and resizing to look more natural (and I don't think I accomplished that fully).

Roxy Rocket 3

With her rocket at full thrust, Roxy enjoys the feel of the wind against her... face ^_^

Hawk and Lantern 1

John Stewart (Green Lantern) and Shayera (Hawkgirl) find some quiet time on an out of the way planet.

I love the underwear that John is wearing, it has 'dressing' morphs for the hidden penis underneath ('Left', 'Right', 'Morning', 'Cold', 'Hello' [shown] and 'Woah!' ^_^ ).

Hawk and Lantern 2

Shayera and John find their tender moment interrupted by an unwelcome visitor :-)