Friday, September 28, 2007

The Birds

My attempt at re-creating an image I discovered by the artist Dan Vessenmeyer:

I have no skill at heavily modifiyng outfits, that's why 'Mockinbird's' costume doesn't look exactly like the ones she has worn in the comics. I used a 'She-Hulk' leotard for the main body, some long flowing sleeves from a product simply called 'The Dress' for Victoria 3, some generic boots, and a couple of ' Predator Spears' for her battle staves.

Black canary was simpler, of course (a leotard, a jacket, boots, and fishnets :) ).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Twi'Lek Twins 4

Only a small update this week.

Been having a little 'dry spell' with ideas lately, so when in doubt, go with simple nudity ^_^

One of the hard things when doing twi'lek images is finding textures for the lekku that match the body. I managed to find some 'silk' textures that I could apply to both to make them match, more or less, and these are the results.

I've never seen a 'black' twilek before, so I decided to pair one up with a pure white one for the contrast

Twi'Lek Twins 3

Twi'Lek Twins 2

Twi'Lek Twins 1

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Native Dawnstar 1

My attempt at re-creating Dawnstar from DC Comic's 'Legion of Super-Heroes': ( ), although I call this version her in her 'native dress' :-)

The lights cast strange shadows on the wings which I just couldn't correct, no matter the lighting :-/

Native Dawnstar 2

And with a little less clothing...

Native Dawnstar 3

And the inevitable nude/sexy image ^_^

Tron 1

A netrunner looks for sensitive information in the Interplanetary-Net to sell for a potential profit, armed with a vitrual laser-glaive and shield to combat the anti-intruder software (and other hostile netrunners) she is bound to encounter.

Took forever for this one to render due to the raytracing in the outfit and helmet.

Tron 2

The netrunner meets the avatar of another user, and they compare the 'coding' of their avatar's bodies ^_^

Tron 3

Too lazy to come up with 'flavor text' right now, maybe an edit later ^_^

SheBorg 1A

After a deadly encounter with a Hydralisk, the warhammer trooper is fatally wounded.

She awakes from what she thought would be certain death only to find that the body parts destroyed in the combat (both arms, and even a significant portion of her skull) have been replaced with cybernetic enhancements.

She also discovers that she has been given other 'enhancements' by her unknown benefactor ^_^

Resigning her commission, she decides to take up the life of a mercenary, and to eventually found out who it was who saved her life.

Using an 'exotic' light set here just for effects sake, see the image below for a better lighted version.

SheBorg 1B

A more standard light set so you can see the character better.

SheBorg Sleeps

The SheBorg spends some necessary time in a regeneration capsule to re-charge and repair her cybernetic enhancements.

The helmet attaches to her neural input device to play pleasing (and perhaps erotic?) images to her during her sleep mode (thus the slight smile you can see through the faceplate :-)

SheBorg Sex 1

The SheBorg spends some down time between combat missions with another merc she encountered at a bar.

She records her experiences through a neural input collar so that she can enjoy this all too rare experience later :-)

SheBorg Sex 2

A different view of #1, mainly to show off the SheBorg's 'Twin Dragons' ^_^

SheBorg Sex 3

Using one of the 'extreme' poses from a 'sex poses' set I have.

Like in some other images, I took pains to pose the face of the SheBorg, only to have it where you can't see it in the image :-/

SheBorg Sex 4

A different angle of the previous image, with another light set used (and replaced the mecha-tentacle with a simple tech-dildo ^_^).

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jessica Rabbit

Just using the free 'Jessica Rabbit' outfit provided by PhilC designs, although I made her dress and gloves a shiny rubber/latex texture ^_^

Twi'Lek Ball Dance 1

To apologize here are 4 'quick renders'; actually an excuse for me to play around with a new Pose/Prop set.

I applied a 'laser' texture to the otherwise glass ball she is dancing in.

Thinking about it, since this pose set was supposed to somewhat emulate a classic 50's 'champaign glass' dance, I should have added some floating bubbles to the scene (maybe next time ^_^).

Number 3 would have probably looked better if I made the ball more transparent, and learned how to use the 'naughty female parts' prop I have (yes, there are such things ^_^).

More images to come by this coming tuesday.

Twi'Lek Ball Dance 2

Twi'Lek Ball Dance 3

Twi'Lek Ball Dance 4

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scarlet Witch, Take One

Here is my first try at a Scarlet Witch from Marvel comic's 'Mighty Avengers'.

It came together for me when I managed to find a 'crown' for her, and the tasseled skirt as well (always did like Perez's 'gypsy' version of her outfit).

I call this her 'slut suit' version, and decided to go with a 'evil' look (I remember back during John Byrne's run on the Avengers when she was corrupted by C'Thon and had a sexy evil look).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Slave Leia in Carbonite

Oops, missed one:

Inspired once again by another DA artist, I made this pic.

Actually, the 'carbonite' is a dark marble texture applies to everything, but I think it came out okay.

I may do a rear view later.

Black Lagoon's Revy

Here's my attempt at re-creating a character from the anime called 'Black Lagoon' called Revy:

I suppose that you could kind of call this a continuation of the 'gothic gun bunnies' concept as well

I did two versions, one using the 'victoria 3' model as a base, the other using the Aiko model (which is supposed to be more 'anime' like). I also used the aiko model because I had a gun harness that fit that model only, and of course I used the Victoria 3 model because I can modify the body and clothes far more than I can for Aiko (espically the boobs, although they are a bit smaller than is 'standard' for me ^_^).

T'Pol in Peril 2

Just noticed a couple of things, there are dark spots in the sphere (guess the program had problems rendering the chrome surface behind it), and her panties are floating off her body. Oh, well, that's why I'm an amateur :-)

T'Pol in Peril

TPol finds herself captured by a race of Bio-Mechanical beings which the crew of the NX-01 encountered once before. They probe her mind for information in preperation for transforming her into one of their kind.

I tried to re-create TPol from 'Enterprise'. I didn't have a true facial morph for Jolene Blalock, so I used a 'Angelina Jolie' face, along with some 'vulcan' ear and brow morphs.

Of course in thise image you can't see her face clearly, but I'll probably be using her more in this 'series'

Cyber Cowgirl 2

Cyber Cowgirl 1

Another piece of work inspired by something else I saw on another forum.

This character is supposed to be a character from the 'Dark Tower' series, although I haven't read the book series yet, so don't know off hand who she is.

It just gave me an excuse to use a 'cowgirl' outfit and a 'cyberarm' prop I had :)

Mystique's Many Forms

Recently found a body texture for the 'movie' version of Mystique.

This is some great work, with a bump map to bring the 'scales' out.

One of the rare times you'll see me using a 'non-slim' body type in my renders (with the exception of the 'Frazetta' type body I used for a couple of images earlier).

I did this just to show that she could choose a unshapely body if she wanted, although someone pointed out to me that she looks more pregnant than fat :-)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Demon, Huntress

Just a quick image combining the drow from an earlier pic with a 'new' she-demon.

Don't like the lighting in this one, but my system has been having problems with shadows lately for some reason.

Gothic Gun Bunnies 1

My attempt at emulating what seems to be another common theme to some anime (to me, at least): Gothic girls carrying a variety of B.F.G.s :-)

The anime in particular I have seen do this is 'Coyote Ragtime Show', with the android assassins known as the '12 Sisters'.

I didn't have any system to modify the boob size of the clothing on the models on the left and right (known as 'Aiko', an 'anime' style model ), so they don't have the characteristic Big 'Uns as in most of my other renders (something I took care of in the following image :-).

Gothic Gun Bunnies 2

A nude version of the previous image.

Now that they aren't wearing anything, I of course had to modify the breast size on Bunny Left and Bunny Right (maybe not as large as in my other renders, but I just HAD to give them someting bigger than a 'B' cup ^_^ ).

Mother Demonica and Lil Lilith 1

This combination I refer to as Mother Superior Demonica and her Succubus-in-training, Lil Lilith, who has yet to attain her wings and tail until she proves herself worthy to Demonica.

Mother Demonica and Lil Lilith 2

A 'full frame' view of the previous image. Had to turn the shadows off on all but one light to get it to render (I really need to update my system soon :-/ ).

Mother Demonica and Lil Lilith 3

Lil Lilith has obviously done something to displease Mother Demonica; or maybe Mama Dee just likes to administer the occasional spanking for no particular reason (this is hell, after all ^_^ ).

Mother Demonica and Lil Lilith 4

Mother Demonica proceeds to teach Lil Lilith the arts of seduction of mortal men by way of example.

The succubus-in-trainins seems to be shocked, however, by this display of naked lust by her teacher.

Yep, once again getting into very purple prose :-) [Stan Lee, eat your heart out. Excelsior! ^_^ ).

Monday, September 3, 2007

Spider Huntress

Haven't done a drow oriented image in awhile, so here is a new one.

Like many of my images, basically this is just an excuse to use a 'new' drow skin texture (love the white spider tattoo over the left boob ^_^), a new 'giant spider' prop, and the outrageous outfit she is wearing (how long does it take to buckle all those straps, anyway? ^_^).

Xena vs Cerberus

Just a series of images as an excuse to use a 'Xena' outfit I had in my collection :-)

Like a lot of outfits, this Xena outfit had no 'morphs' to accomodate the Big 'Uns that I liked, so I made use of the trusty 'Sexy Slayer System' that can force outfits to fit the dimensions of the model.

This resulted in Xena having a severe case of 'nipple slip', but I figured what the hell, this is supposed to be erotica, not 'reality' ^_^

Xena Victorious

A view from the perspective of the defeated opponent of Xena (or just a cheap excuse for an 'up skirt' shot ^_^).

Xena and Gabrielle 1

This one took forever to render (problems with the clothing deforming, and then too much detail to render [had to turn off shadows on all but one light]).

After I hit 'render', I realized that something was severely wrong with Xena's right boob. I tried to fix it with postwork, since I had already saved over the 'scene' in poser, and it was too much trouble to put together in the first place [see clothing deformation above]. I'm not too happy with the results, but Oh, well.

Xena and Gabrielle 3

Xena and Gabrielle 4

Xena and Gabrielle 5

A final Xena and Gabrielle image to get the bug out of my system.

I suppose Xena is using some kind of medieval 'strap on', but truth to tell I just liked the pose ^_^

Ayala vs Predators 2

Three more in the 'Ayala vs Predators' series.

I modified the skin texture a bit to make it more blue-ish this time, think it came out pretty well.

For the 'Flavor Text'

"In the combat with these alien beings, Ayala discovers that their curious 'invisibility field', while being ineffective against her sense of the force, does act against her light saber; one strike shutting it down.

"She flees into the nearby temple, only to be cornered by her hunters.

"Praying to the Bright Lady that these beings are as male as they appear, she decides to use a more... subtle... weapon against them.

"Removing her top to reveal her breasts, the aliens react as most members of the male gender do in this galaxy, and eagerly take what she is offering them.

"Ayala hopes to either tire them out and escape, or at least gain time to figure out another means."

Needless to say, "To Be Continued..." ^_^

Ayala vs Predators 3

Ayala vs Predators 4

Funny note: I spent a bit of time 'playing with predator dick' to pose it properly for the one 'on top', only to have it too dark to see ^_^ (and I could only render each scene once before the program crapped out because of too much detail).

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mary Jane Venomized 1

See notes on 'Mary Jane Venomized 4' for a full description of these images.

Mary Jane Venomized 2