Saturday, June 30, 2007

She-Hulk vs Giganta 2

Just a close up showing She-Hulk :-)

She-Hulk vs Giganta

Just having some fun with the 'fish eye' lens of the abduction series. I had a 'jungle girl' outfit, as well as some 'betty page' hair, to help re-create the 'classic' look of Giganta that I remember from the old 'Super-Friends' cartoon

She-Hulk is nude because...well...I like nudity ^_^ (and also because the morph I used to make her outfit fit before just went weird when combined with another character using the same morph).The second is just a close up of She-Hulk.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Abduction 6

The proportions look a bit weird in these images because the room was equipped with a 'fish eye lens' on the main camera, that I didn't know how to 'turn off', although the end result does look appropriately eerie ^_^

Abduction 3

I did several images in this 'series', but I'm only posting the best of them all.

Abduction 1

Just a passing thought: I wonder if I'm shocking the hell out of some of the people I might know personally who view my 'blog'? :-p (Watching, Mr. C? ^_^).

Anyway, there is again no real 'theme' to this set of images, just playing around with an 'Alien Exam Room' set and some reflection maps.

I included the Flayer in some of the scenes for the hell of it, although if I ever make that comic I promised myself I'll try to come up with a story behind his appearances.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Greygoria Arrives 4

Another angle of the previous image. This one was another long render, because of the raytracing on the 'slim'. I really like the way it came out, though :)

Greygoria Arrives 3

The queen arrives on a hot, arid region of the new world, where her transport pod disgorges her onto its sandy surface, the life supporting umbilical cord still attached.

Took me a while to find a right texture for the 'slime', but I think it came out much better in the last image to follow.

Greygoria Arrives 2

Here is an image of the queen in her 'egg', minus the living transport pod.

Greygoria Arrives 1

The alien queen Greygoria hibernates within her organic transport pod as it traverses the vast distances between living worlds. Soon she will awaken on a new world, that will no doubt be ready to recieve her and her children with open arms.

I put a transparent look to the critter's 'thorax' and placed the 'queen' within. I also surrounded her in a glowing light 'egg', which can be seen better in the next image. Finally, I added a couple of point lights to try to light up the queen better (still not too happy with the outcome though, lights seem to be a problem with me to learn).

Queen Greygoria and her Court

Well, since it took me all freakin day to update World of Warcraft before I could play it, I spent some of the time with another render.

No big 'theme' behind this image, just throwing together three characters/textures I haven't used yet.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Shades of Nyte

Here's my quickie entry for the Elf Rally over at Renderotica; I could have taken more time to customize the women a bit more by adding various bits of jewelry (I could have even replaced the scarab with a spider, now that I know how to use transparency maps).

I've had this idea for awhile. I've noticed how various artists have colored drow differently, from the 'classic' obsidian black to grey skin, so this is my representation of that

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Robby the Robo-Pimp

And one final image for this 'weekend'.
I guess the title could have as easily been "It ain't easy being a robo-pimp!"
He offers you all kinds of techno-fetish pleasures, from the hard-shelled golden model (By Sorayama Industries, Inc.), to the shiny grey plasticine model who looks always ready to please, to the nearly human model on your right (although you have to know the combination to her twin pleasure centers before she will respond). He even managed to find a cyborg from the next universe over eager to 'assimilate' any willing human, whatever that means ('wink-wink-nudge-nudge' ).

Monday, June 18, 2007


The former Seraphim fully embraces the life of shadow and desire that her Dark Lord has shown her, and the choice is reflected without as within.
Now that I think about it, I wonder what's happening to the Devil Girl? Maybe the exact opposite, huh? (something for future renders ^_^).

Dark Love 3, Close Up

A close up of the previous image, to show the Seraphim's expression, as well as her eyes (which are supposed to represent a 'glow' from within).

I may do a final image or two later showing the angel's completed transformation to the 'Dark Side' (which reminds me, time to get back to some Star Wars erotica [now where did I put that 'brass bikini' prop? ^_^] ).

Dark Love 3

The Seraphim compleats her lustful 'contract' with Darkness by bringing him to full, volcanic climax! :-)

In all of these images, I would have changed the expression of 'Darkness', but for some reason the expression morphs froze (and I just didn't feel like re-loading a new character).

Dark Love 2

Just another pose and angle (although I added a little bit of 'hang' to the breast this time).

Dark Love 1

Continuing the 'devil girl' series I started earlier. In these images, 'Darkness' continues his seduction of the Seraphim, who is starting to succumb to an emotion she never experienced in the higher realms: Lust! (yep, I can get real cheesy with my descriptions, can't I? ^_^)

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Catgirl

Annnnnd....Introducing yet another clliche element of much anime: The ubiquitous Cat-Girl!

Here is a Wiki link for the anime-uninitiated:

I think I'll call her race the 'Kat-Tharsians' ^_^

They are known for, among other things, their super-sexual nature. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any race in the Known Worlds that some Kat-Tharsian hasn't had intimate relations with, despite the differing physiology of the race (they 'Find a way', as the saying goes ).

She does have a mech of her own as well, which I will feature in a future post (for some reason I'm stuck on the 'Mecha Girls' concept now).

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Another image in the 'Mecha Pilots' series:

After accidentally viewing the tryst between agent Darke and her robotic assistant, Pynke returns to her room confused and saddened.

After all, she thought they were best friends, and now she seems to be making her best friend a robot!?

Okay, this image, and the above text, is my attempt to emulate yet another aspect of some anime: Pseudo-Lesbianism ;)

In some anime, two same-sex characters often share a -very- strong friendship, that would otherwise be called love if not for the same sex part. For females its called Yuri (, and for males its called Yaoi (, although for males it more often refers to outright homosexual relationships, often explicitly sexual.

Gotta love Wikipedia for geek related information ^_^

Of course, you won't see any yaoi renders from me (not that there's anything wrong with that :-).

So I guess you can figure whats coming next, huh? ^_^

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Despite his hard-wired inclinations, Richard gives in to his Darke's requests; because a droid must obey all orders given it by a human (doesn't mean he has to enjoy it though ^_^).

So caught up in the moment is Darke that she doesn't notice the door has malfunctioned and opened a bit, to allow a very suprised Agent Pynke to view the goings on. :-)

Notice that my hiatus from sexual images lasted a whole day? :-) At least the scene is consensual (well, somewhat; but its for comedic effect this time ^_^).

Darke's Presents

Even though she has been accused of being too serious, Agent Darke has always carried a secret, illogical passion for her robotic assistant/mechanic, 'Richard'.
She finally decides to act on those passions, by presenting him with a gift (or three).
Unfortunately, she is totally unaware that Richard also has a secret, he prefers human males ^_^
Hey; aren't all male androids gay? (C3PO, 'Gus' from "Tripping the Rift").

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pynke and Darke, Full 2

Another view where I tried to add the robotic assistants to Pynke and Darke.

Pynke has a cute, silver-finish droid to help her maintain her mecha, and it tends to have the same personality as her, if a bit subservient to a flaw.

Darke's droid, on the other hand, is just as no-nonsense as her. Darke does carry a 'dark secret', though. She has something of a crush on her helper-droid, an affection that it hasn't noticed or returned, despite her sometimes obvious ploys to get 'his' attention.

This may be due to the fact that the android is gay :) (hey, don't tell me you haven't thought the same thing about C3PO! ^_^).

Okay, probably thinking too much about the image, but eventually I plan on doing short 'comics' based on my ideas (yes, I will foray into the wild world of fanfiction [beware!]), so stay tooned!

Pynke and Darke, Full Frame

Another 'full frame' view showing the mechs, full body.

Pynke and Darke, Mecha Pilots

Well, taking a (small) break from the ultra sexual images I render to focus on another topic near and dear to me: Giant Fighting Robots! ^_^

This image is kind of my tribute to the anime series 'Godannar' ( ), that is actually full of everything a geek like me wants. Giant Fighting Robots (of course), equally giant, tentacular beasts (but no tentacle rape scenes ;) ), excellent combat scenes, and tons of 'fanservice' (gratuitous Tits and Ass shots for those not familiar with anime) ^_^. Hell, even some of the mecha give you fanservice!
In this pic I see Agent Pynke as the always upbeat, ever-so-chipper kind of person who never lets anything get her down (thus her choice of primary colors for her combat vehicle).
Agent Darke, on the other hand, takes everything seriously (TOO seriously according to Pynke), and doesn't think that defending the planet from marauding space beasts is a matter to be taken lightly (thus her look of slight disgust towards Agent Pynke).
I like the 'mecha' model, called Robat Cyber. Unfortunately, it has no morphs to give it the breast size I prefer in most of my other renders :). The same applies to the outfit for Agent Pynke, but fortunately I was able to give Darke some Big Uns.
Of course, once I get out of this 'non-sexual' phase, you may see Pynke and Darke in more explicit scenes ^_^

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Elseworld Hermione, Full View

Just the full view, showing the absent minded ent :)

Elseworld Hermione

"In a realm of Faeiry a toad stool ring removed from our own, the Wicca in training Hermione faces down an absent minded Ent, blundering its way through a vale sacred to the little folk."

Okay, unlike most of my other images, not a particularly sexy image. However, I really liked this outfit that Hermione is wearing, and when I could find no way to make it fit the adult figures, I relented and found a reason to put it on the 'teen' figure (its actually pretty racy, I'll do other angels later).

I forgot to 'turn on' the hat on the full image, but I may be using the character again if I do a 'Elseworlds Hermione/Hogworts' image I'm thinking of ('modern', Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, 'Evil', etc.).

'Holy Grail', top view

A top view of the 'Holy Grail' image, to show the angel's body and expression :-)

'Holy Grail'

The Demon Lord enjoys a sip from what is known in the Underworld as a 'Holy Grail' :-)
Anybody else remember the 'Davinci Code' reference to what the grail truly stood for? ^_^

Darkness Rules

Well, the Devil Girl seems to have subdued her angelic opponent, and delivered her to the Dark Master :-)

I got the idea for the bar binding the angel's wings from an old issue of the 'Legion of Super-Heroes', where Dawnstar was captured by some primatives and a huge bolt was driven through her wings to immobilize them [pretty brutal for a comic back then]).

Monday, June 4, 2007

Good vs Bad

Decided to put together a angel chick to go with my devil girl :)

This one was a bit hard to put together, since the devil girl is based on Victoria 4,and I don't have many poses for that model yet. Using Vicky 3 poses with her means a bit of tweaking to get it to look right.

You might also notice that her golden 'pasties' are gone as well, that's because they were made for yet another model (aiko), and only look like they fit from certain angles (usually head on).

Lastly, I could only get this to render at 2 steps above 'draft', when I tried for 3 it crapped out and lost some textures (and I'm too lazy to re-load and re-pose everything [forgot to save the scene, dammit! :-/]).

Is it hot in here?

This image is my contribution to the third Big Boob Rally sponsored by the poser artist Wenderfellow over at Renderotica.
This is a first for several reasons: My first use of the Vicky 4 model, my first use of the Natural Gravity Morphs for V4 (she wasn't worth getting for me until something like that came out ^_^), and my first use of the V4 creature morphs (face and 'goat legs').
I also decided to play with the lighting by actually leaving shadows on on two whole lights (I like the results, if I do say so myself).Due to problems totally unrelated to poser I was almost unable to post this (my DSL connection has been out since saturday night, and just an hour or so ago came back on :-/ ).