Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Moonlight Lover

This images features the female dwarven fighter I rendered earlier, Nocla Grandgauntlet, and her newfound drow lover, a worshipper of Eilistraee (patron of the good).

I may do a couple more images featuring the couple in the future.

Shower Scene 2

The Bug seems to prefer our more endowed She-Trooper, it seems :-) [don't ask what happened to the other girl; I'll figure that out later ^_^]

I'm particularly pleased with this image for several reasons: Using a morph set called the 'Natural Breast System', I was able to simulate movement in the breasts (make them seem to be swinging forward from the pistoning of the bug behind her). Also, I managed my first 'money shot', combining several props and adding the appropriate materials to them.

Finally, I was actually able to get this to render at 2 steps above 'Draft' (which is an accomplishment, since it was taking awhile to do the shadows for just one light; I thought it might crap out at a higher resolution).

Of course, at some point in the future I will render the appropriate 'rescue' image ^_^

Shower Scene 1

Well, here is the inevitable 'shower scene' you see in most horror movies ^_^

Somehow, the Bug has taken these trained warriors by total suprise, and procedes to have its way with them (perhaps its touch is paralytic :-)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Inseminoid Intruder

The she troopers prepare for some time off after their latest bug hunt at a far away research station.

So tired are they that they don't realize that one of the bugs managed to stow away on their transport, and silently observes them from above.

May do one or two more images in this 'series', since so far I like the results.

She-Trooper vs Insiminoids, Close Up

A close up of just the She-Trooper (gonna have to give her a name).

If I were a perfectionist, I would go back and tweak this image a bit, there is some poke-through in the armor, as well as fingers on the left hand merging into the pistol.

This took nearly an hour to render (which for me is a long time; my system just can't handle the high detail 10+ hour long renders that some poser users can accomplish), and I'm too lazy to go back and change stuff.

Expect more with this character in the near future (You know me, I tend to get stuck with a certain character for several renders ^_^).

She-Trooper vs the Insiminoids

Another image featuring the She-Trooper from 'Big Guns' (http://chupsposercommissionblog.blogspot.com/2007/05/big-buns.html).

With this one I found a 'dirty skin' texture, to help show the hell she's gone through fighting off these monsters ('insiminoids'; yeah, silly name, but I could swear I saw a B-movie with the very same name ^_^).

Sometimes I'm suprised at the results of some of my renders, I totally did not expect to see the reflection of the glass in the background; cool!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

She-Hulk Bathes

The promised post-fight scene I promised myself (well, initially it was supposed to be a shower, but I couldn't get the shower water to look right).

I added a slight haze to the scene to represent steam; I have a 'steam' prop but I'm new to it. When I tried setting it as 'whisps' it looked more like solid bars of white. Maybe I'll try another render of this scene when I get the steam right.

Finally, I added a 'wet' look to her skin, along with the same 'slick hair' I used with Dejah Thoris earlier (I would have added the wet look to Dejah's skin, but for some reason it messed up her skin texture (made it way too light).

Friday, May 25, 2007

Martian Lovin'-2b

Anogher view of the previous image, showing Deja's expression of ectasy.

As is common with my images, there is a rescue a'comin (even though she is enjoying her tryst with a usually rival species ^_^)

Martin Lovin-2

Dejah and the martian warrior continue their erotic escapade :-)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Martian Lovin

In this image, it seems that Deja has learned that the pool has also enhanced her libido, as she has come across one of the 4 armed natives of the planet ^_^

Dejah Swims

Another image in my Dejah Thoris 'series'.

In this one, she enjoys a quick swim in the body enhancing magical pool.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rampage's Fate

One more image in the She-Hulk/Rampage 'series'

Rampage likewise awakens in another chamber in Ultron's hideout, and is horrified to discover that she has not only become pregnant, but seemingly full term! Also, attached to her breasts are devices that seem to be extracting milk.

Attached to her arms and legs are some kind of power-dampening devices, and some kind of electronic probe has been inserted deeply into her vaginal opening. At her side, a Jocasta-drone monitors the progress of the artifically induced pregnancy.
Soon the embryo will be transported into another artificial womb, to preserve the life of the female carbon unit for further production purposes.
Funny thing about my 'art' in poser; I'm generally not a fan of bondage themes in real-life pornography (my current real-life porno obsession is huge breasted asian women ^_^). Maybe its just because so much of the superheroine erotica out there deals with this theme that I now render it (that, and the fact that fans out there seem to like these kind of images :-)

She-Hulk Captured!

"The last thing Jennifer remembers is taking a long, hot shower after her tussle with Rampge, and then feeling very drowsy

"Now she awakens to find herself strapped to some outlandish device, with the mechanoid meanace Ultron gloating over her"

"I knew that my newfound minion Rampage might fail to subdue you, so I arranged for the simple precaution of having the water to your shower drugged with a soporific.

"Before you ask, I have determined that in order to subjugate humanity, I must first acquire minions that share in their attributes. I have discovered that normal human females can not survive the process I have developed to produce my new bio-mechanical species.

"Your constitution should allow you to survive the process, however!" he concludes with a mad hollow-can sounding laugh.

Notice my 'Stan Lee'-like use of them big words :-)

Have yet to render the 'shower scene', but decided to jump ahead. Guess this is the start of another 'impregnation' series, huh? Of course, there will be a final image where she escapes from her torment ^_^

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dejah Thoris Enhanced, Rear View

In another one of those 'bored' periods (no gas to go anywhere, so just waiting to go to work again :-/).

So, I'm wasting time doing renders ^_^

Here is a rear view of Deja Thoris, which was ment to show her enhanced rear :-) (although you can't really tell at this angel). I managed to get shadows to render after a reboot, but still at only one step above 'draft'.

Probably do a couple more before beginning another week in hell, so stay tuned :-)

Dejah Thoris 'Enhanced'

One final image this 'weekend'; the promised picture of Dejah Thoris with a more impressive set of 'treasures' ^_^

Dejah has found a seemingly magical, precious pool of water on the arid landscape of mars, and feels compelled to bathe in it. Its effects on her body are suprising, and pleasing, to her :-)

Still have to learn lighting better; whenever I use pre-made light sets the scene is just too dark, even with the 'standard' lights (plus one I added), the scene is still a bit dark (and too yellow, even though I added a light with a reddish tint).

Also, I tried three times to render this 2 steps below 'final' to no effect, had to do it one step above 'draft' just to get it to render.

I'll definately be doing more of Dejah some time in the future (might even finally read the damn stories ^_^).

Monday, May 21, 2007

She-Hulk vs Rampage, Round 6

Okay, what did you expext? Of course they were going to end up having sex! ^_^

I could go on and on with this series, but I think I'll stop here (well, maybe just one more solo She-Hulk one, with her cleaning up in the shower afterwards :-)

She-Hulk vs Rampage Round 5

She-Hulk seems to have won the contest! I wonder what will happen next? ^_^

She-Hulk vs Rampage, round 4

Continuing the 'Catfight' series. In this image, She-Hulk manages to throw off Rampage with a powerful kick (love this 'catfight' pose set ^_^)

She-Hulk vs Rampage, Round 3

Oops! They have suddenly somehow lost all their clothing (in the classic manner of cheap porno flicks ^_^)

I'll probably go another three rounds, although in those they may no longer be 'fighting'.

She-Hulk vs Rampage, Round 2A

Another view of 'Round 2', showing just how 'tattered' Rampage's outfit is (does she feel a draft? :-)

She-Hulk vs Rampage, Round 2

Seems like She-Hulk gets the upper hand this round ^_^

She-Hulk vs Rampage Round 1

My latest set of renders, featuring She-Hulk and Rampage.

Nothing much to the origin of this image, other than I wanted to see two of my favorite comic strong-women in a sexy catfight.

I used my new-found 'technique' of making my own transparency maps to do Rampage's outfit; found a chainmail texture for the Victoria 3 tunic, and 'cut' some holes in it (including a rather large one in the back [see 2b ]).

Also, like in any good, cheap porno flick, they suddenly loose their clothes by the third image (and in any future images they may no longer be 'fighting' ).

Other points: I used the 'sexy slayer system' to fit the She-Hulk leotard in the first image; it was the only way to make it fit without using magnets (which I am not patient enough to learn). I'm not quite happy with how her breasts look in the last image (using the Natural Gravity Morphs); they'll probably end up getting larger and more helium like in future images.probably go another three images with this set in the future.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Guns

This image was somewhat inspired by the work of Mark Volk and all of his 'big military girls' images (fantasy, present-day and futuristic) ^_^ (http://www.xalynne.com/)

It was an interesting process to put this character together. First off, the top part of the armor was actually ment for Victoria 4, and had no morphs built into it. Luckily, I already had the Sexy Slayer System by Wyrmmaster, so I did a test to see if it would work with Vicky 4 clothing, and it did...somewhat.

Both the feet and the fingers came out weird, so I dissapeared the fingers on the suit. I couldn't find any good replacements for just the feet of the armor, so I replaced the legs entirely with another set.

Also, I learned how to make my own transparency maps (yay!). That's how I produced the 'revealing cleavage' of the armor (as ridiculous as it may seem, I've seen 'official' illustrations in products like d20 Future that have midriff bearing combat armor :-/).

Finally, I did a little of very poor 'postwork' to cover up some poke through at the corners of the breast plates (hope to get better with that in time)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dejah Thoris and the Pyramids of Mars

This third image contains my attempt at doing one of the 4 armed natives of mars (auto propped weapons makes posing MUCH easier ^_^). I put the pyramid behind them, even though such is not mentioned in the books [which I admit I have never read], just because of the modern-day tales of the 'Pyramids of Mars'.

I did this render at one step above 'draft' and all shadows on. I intended to change one of the lights to a more reddish color (as I did in the first image), but in a stupid burst of over-confidence I set the second render to one step below 'Final', and it of course crapped out, loosing the texture for Dejah, which couldn't be re-loaded. Oh well, at least I got this one done.

Dejah Thoris 2

Another view showing more ov the bed and the

martian sky behind her.

Deja Thoris Awakening

Here is my attempt at the character Deja Thoris, from the Edgar Rice Burroughs series of 'Martian' books (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dejah_Thoris).

According to Wikipedia, her description is as follows:
"And the sight which met my eyes was that of a slender, girlish figure, similar in every detail to the earthly women of my past life... Her face was oval and beautiful in the extreme, her every feature was finely chiseled and exquisite, her eyes large and lustrous and her head surmounted by a mass of coal black, waving hair, caught loosely into a strange yet becoming coiffure. Her skin was of a light reddish copper color, against which the crimson glow of her cheeks and the ruby of her beautifully molded lips shone with a strangely enhancing effect. She was as destitute of clothes as the green Martians who accompanied her; indeed, save for her highly wrought ornaments she was entirely naked, nor could any apparel have enhanced the beauty of her perfect and symmetrical figure."

Essentially, a semi-nude woman wearing nothing but jewelry ^_^

Trying to be 'artistic' again, I opted for not giving her huge boobs as in most of my renders (can't promise I do such in any future renders [I'm imagining a magical pool on Mars with breast enhancing effects :) ].

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

lvl9Drow's 'Drull'

With all due apologies to fellow Deviantart member lvl9Drow, I liked one of his creations so much (an alien species he has named the 'Drull'), that I attempted to do a poor poser version of it.

You can see his actual version of the race here: http://tinyurl.com/22k2v3

The original model was a 'grey alien' vesion of the Aiko 3 model. Doing the neck was the hard part. I had to 'dissapear' the odel's real neck (which was not segmented at all). I substituted a snake for the neck, changed its color to more or less match the skin tone, and gave it a few twists. I also added some claws, sharpened the teeth, and elongated the toes a bit (although I couldn't put claws on them).I would have liked to have elongated the tongue, but this model doesn't have that morph.

I'm sure that if I use this model in future renders, I can fake that as well with a snake

From this angle you can't tell that the 'snake-neck' doesn't fill in perfectly the invisible true neck, but good enough for me. If I use this in the future I will probably try to use photoshop to fill in if I use other angles.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Les Bots #2

Another view of the same image.

Hmmm; I just realized that I have a limited amount of space on this blog to put images (a little over 1 gig). THat eventually means that when I get close to that limit, I will have to remove some images to make room for new ones (but that's a long time off yet).

Les Bots #1

Getting into a science-fiction frame of mind this week, and here is part of the result.

Where I usually take a little pride in how I 'assemble' a character, there really wasn't much work on my part for the right (the 'AikoBot').

The robot on the left was a bit of a pain to put together, though. It has detailed instructions on using a 'uv mapper' to help create the various textures, but I couldn't get that to work right. So I went to the trouble of merging two figures; one for the body and one for the head, 'dissapearing' all but the head of the second figure.

That's probably why she is missing a 'vertabra' in her neck :-)

And yes, even the she-bots in the Chup-Verse have a huge set of boobs :-P

Of course, both of these will appear in future renders (along with a well-endowed he-bot, probably ^_^).

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blue Crew #2

This is another pose, from the side.

While the concept of this pose is good, you can really only see the andorian good from pretty much any angle.

Blue Crew #1

This is just a series of quick renders I did based on a theme of 'blue women'.

One, of course, is Zhann from 'Farscape' (rear woman). Another is a generic blue Twi'lek from Star Wars. The third is an Andorian, with various white 'tattoos' (I just liked that body texture and thought it would make an interesting andorian).

I posed them against a starscape just because I was too lazy this time to add sci-fi background props ^_^