Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Toon Trio

This is the rough of an actual commissioned image I will be recieving from VP, featuri

ng from left to right the Martian Queen from 'Duck Dodgers', Demona, and Wuya from 'Xiolin Showdown'. When the completed version comes in, I will post it as well.

Demona with Big Uns ^_^

Posting a couple of images that fit into the 'commission' department, although this one is something of a gift from the artist VP (Thanks Muchly, VP! ^_^).
This came about due to some harsh words I recieved on a Gargoyles erotica forum, where some members were horriffied at the size of the breast that were in some of my images (both commissioned and my poser work). VP was one of the people that had no problem with the breast size, and did this for me :-)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Half Dragon 3

In this image, something bad has obviously happened. One of the eggs is missing, and she looks like she is on guard for some returning meanace (who also seems to have removed her chainmail bikini bottom :) ).


Half Dragon 2

Since I tend to do renders in sets of threes, here are two other images featuring (fill in the blank) :-)

In this first one she has been set by her draconic master to guard the eggs in a new next.

Female Half-Dragon

Adding another female to my 'stable' of fantasy women, this is the half (red) dragon named....watshername :-(

Damn! That is always my problem with naming images (or characters in rpg games), coming up with a cool name ^_^. I'll come up with something cool later.

I do like the 'parts' I combined to make this character though. Primarily there is the body morph called 'Moler Hive Queen', although I softened the face somewhat from the base figure. To get the 'spikes' running along the center of the chest (and more visably along the back, although you can't see it here) I used a body morph called 'snake vicky', and removed the spikes from the head. The texture was one not connected to any of the morphs (just a generic 'lizard skin' texture). To top it off, I added some transparent wings, some 'ram' horns, and a sexy metal bikini bottom ^_^

Of course, I have to be true to myself, so the huge boobs were mandatory :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Raven in Repose

The second of the two images, with Raven thinking thoughts of someone (Beast Boy, Robin...Starfire? ).

Raven Suprised

Here is one of two new Raven renders.
I imagine this one is Raven's reaction after Impulse has taken thel liberty to remove her top at super-speed ^_^
P.S.: Despite the title in the background, this image is of Raven at 20, and after the curious growth spurt that occurs to females of her home dimension

Flayer and Drow, Close Up

Here is a close up of the previous image.

The Flayer, at last!

Well, I finally managed to attain one of the 'holy grails' of poser models for me, the hard to find Flayer model.

So, at last, I can finally re-produce the Mind Flayer/Drow Chick combination I have paid so many other real artists to do ^_^

As always, even though the tentacles are 'easy pose', its hard to get them to work the way you want. I wanted a tight fit around the head, but that was too hard. Also, I think the tentacles are a little too long for me (I'm used to shorter tentacles in flayer images). Adjusting their size is a pain as well (you have to go through each segment and adjust the x/y/z scale).

I gave the drow chick a few strands of hair, to suggest that she was shaven before the 'meal' (the flayer doesn't want any nasty hair in its brains ;-)

I'm happy with this first attempt, and the flayer will return in future renders (I'm thinking about trying my hand at a true 'comic', but that will take some time).
At another forum there was some confusion as to the true nature of this image, so let me assure all viewers now: This is NOT a 'snuff' image. To quote myself from my old 'blog':
My idea behind the images comes from working on a Dungeons and Dragons adventure. In it, the players come across a ex-noble drow who had been sold into slavery to the Mind Flayers. My idea was that one of the Flayers was a 'deformed' member of its kind; in the transformation of its human host it retained certain parts (i.e. a penis ^_^). It decided to 'spice' up its meal one day by using its deformity to best effect while feeding.
However, the combination of the feeding attempt, the constant psychic mind control, and her own ability with magic combined. In a flash of energy, she dissapeared from the flayer's grasp, killing him in the process. Now half mad, she wanders the underdark, plotting revenge against her captors in her lucid moments. In her mostly insane moments, she blasts everything she sees as a mind flayer with her new 'chaos' magic.
Since I have now become an "artist" (I use that word with HEAVY sarcasm; I'm just using a 'leggo' set to make things), I can finally produce my 'own' image. Now I can finally produce the 'aftermath' image without paying someone else (see a future post for that) .

Monday, March 19, 2007

Raven from 'Teen Titans Go!'

My first attempt at doing Raven from 'Teen Titans Go!' in poser.

Actually a lot easier than I at first thought, Aiko was made with a anime 'feel' to the model, and the catsuit had built in morphs to almost completely do the costume. I could't find a good belt, though, so the chain belt I used will have to do. Also, I would like to use something other than the 'base' aiko face in the future. I'll either find a pre-made one I like or fine tune the base face myself.
Of course I had to get the base version down before I morph her into my 'preferred' form (sexy poses with F-ing Huge Boobs), so stay tuned ^_^

Monday, March 12, 2007

Frank Frazetta 'Tribute'

This is my 'tribute' to an image by Frank Frazetta ( ).

You can also read this as a cheap attempt to reproduce a great artist's piece of work with my amateur skills at poser ^_^

I used the same body type as I did for 'Velma' earlier, as Frazetta's babes were never what you would call 'slim'. I would have modified the orc I put in this image more, but my poor system can't handle many objects. Body morphs froze when I added the third character.

Velma Dinkley 3

And finally, a more outright sexy version :-)

Velma Dinkley 2

Another pose, and my favorite of the three, for obvious reasons ^_^

Velma Dinkley 1

Well, here is my rendition of Velmy Dinkley :-)

Instead of going for the 'standard' variation, and giving her a supermodel body with big boobs and glasses, I decided to go for a more 'rubinesque' (is that's how you spell it) body type.

Don't know if you can see it from these poses, but she has a bit of a belly, some love handels, and some 'junk in the trunk' so to speak :)
I also picked a heavily freckeled skin texture, but that is only really obvious in close-ups.

I couldn't find an appropriate sweater (that fit this model, anyway). I do have one that, with a bit of work, can seem to fit (from certain angels only), so I may use it in the future for a fully clothed version).Also, one of these days, I'm going to do a fully X-rated image with my renderwomen, as soon as I learn how to do money shots in photoshop

Sunday, March 11, 2007

After seeing an image that another poser artist did of She-Hulk in another forum, I decided to finally try my hand at rendering a She-Hulk image.

Not much to it really, except taking a regular texture and applying a green tint (I wonder if thats what most beginning photomanippers do with their first images? :-) ).

I decided to play around with three muscularities, using the so-called 'She-Freak' model. All the muscles were set at '1', although, like boob size, you can then dial them up or down as you wish.
The first image uses the 'base' she-freak morph, the second uses the 'Amazon' morph, and the third uses the 'Hyper' morph.

Of course she is nude because I have a hard time making clothing without built in morphs fit non-standard characters

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dark Seduction 3

No cheesy paragraph with this one, I just liked the angle (one of the things I like about Poser is that one pose can produce a lot of interesting images, simply by changing the angle of the camera).

I will leave the 'final' image to your imagination, where, after her new slave has satisfied her, she tests out her new Darksaber on her plaything.

Dark Seduction 2

Although this innocent was frightened and resistant at first, B'Thoriel used the power of the Dark Side to flood her victim with thoughts of lust and desire. Soon, her new plaything was shivering in pleasure at her slightest touch.

B'Thoriel raises them off the hard floor of the cave on a coushion of Force so the experience can be even more pleasant.

Oh, man, was that cheesy, or what? ^_^. The real reason for the 'coushion of force' is that i adjusted the height of the cave (easer than readjusting the two figures), but I put it too low.

Dark Seduction 1

B'Thoriel captures a native of the planet who has wandered into her hidden crystal cave. To celebrate her accomplishment in crafting the Darksaber, and as its first test, she decides to use this being to satisfy her lusts and curiosity.

I particularly love the lighting set I used, and for some reason I'm still a sucker for giving many of my render-women the wet/glossy skin look :-)

Monday, March 5, 2007

B'Thoriel Close-up

Here is a close up image of the zabrak sith B'Thoriel (tried to come up with a name that suggests Elizabeth Bathory, the supposed 'real life' vampire of history).

First time using photoshop to any extent, to create a very simple laser blade for the sabers.

B'Thoriel Triumphant

B'Thoriel puts her new saber to good use, and single-handedly takes out a nearby research station of the New Republic.

The Darksaber causes no real damage to flesh, but when it strikes, the crystal within allows B'Thoriel to drain the very life force from her victim (and the Force energy from jedi, so the Dream tells her). Nothing remains but a dried out corpse after she is finished, and she gets a wave of pleasure and energy like nothing else she has ever experienced.

Now the voice in her dreams tells her to seek out the new Sith Order that is forming, and take her place among them.

For some reason there is a dark spot on the soulder of the corpse, so lets just say thats a hit from the 'real' light saber. Also, why is the corpse nude? (other than I was too lazy to add cloths). Ummm...the dark saber burns off the clothing from its victim when it strikes; yeah, thats the ticket! :)

Harvesting the Darksaber #2

Having properly 'cured' the geode in her darkest thoughts, as directed by the voice in her dreams, she takes it to the hidden temple on this forgotten world.

Using nothing but the power of the Dark Side, she eventually manages to crack the geode open like a hard shelled tropical fruit, to expose the prize within: a Dark Crystal that, when made part of a light saber and infused with the power of the Dark Side, will grant its weilder unusual, and frightening, powers.

One of the few times I actually left the shadows on in a render, in this case to reflect the 'black light' that the gemstone is supposed to be giving off.

Another side note: I seem to have settled on a favorite breast morph; I've noticed that lately I've given all my render-women the same one. Next time I'll have to mix it up a little :)

Harvesting the Darksaber #1, Zoom Out

This is a 'zoom out' of the previous image, to see the whole circle of gems.

Harvesting the Darksaber #1

B'thoriel had been led by dark dreams to a lone planet on the outer rim, where she found a cave filled with glowing crystals. Her dreams told her that there was one special crystal which she must recover.

Using her newfound force powers and her own bare hands, she dug into the earth and rock for days until she found the object she was seeking: a gem encrusted geode. Taking it to a ring of crystals located deep in the center of the cave, she placed it into the fire she had lit, and concentrated on bathing it in her deepest, darkest thoughts of violence and revenge.

Well, this is the first image in a 'series'; after reading some of the Star Wars: Legacy comics, I had to create my own sith chick :)