Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nocla and Sera

Can you tell I was REALLY bored this weekend? :-)

This render features an armored version of the she-dwarf warrior Nocka and what I have now determined to be a half-halfling/half-drow sorceress (okay, can't really be done in the rules, but who cares? ^_^).

Keeping with the somewhat sexual nature of my images, I imagine they are both devotees of a goddess whose domains are Love, Lust, War, and Magic; and are lovers.
Another viewer even suggested that Nocla is a 'lady of the night' on the off times when she isn't killing kobolds

Of course, expect to see more racy images featuring these two in the future, with the appropriate 'Breast Enhancement Spell" ('Bigby's Groping Hands' maybe?) cast.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Triana, Take 2

A slightly more risque version (BTW, she is wearing lacy underwear, although it looks like nothing, doesn't it? :) ).

Triana Orpheus from Venture Brothers

Here's my version of Triana in 3D; think she turned out quite well :-)

Had to get the base version orf her down, before she gets exposed to Dr. Ventures Breast Enhancement Ray(tm) ^_^

I know there is a lot of 'poke through' in the boots, which I'll try to fix in future renders

The Bat and The Cat

You'd think with a name like this, it would be a Batman themed image :-). Still don't know why the wings have spoltches in them, but someday I'll fix that. Getting a better hand of posing Demona's tail, so eventually I'll make an image where she is putting the tail to interesting uses ^_^

Saturday, February 24, 2007

'Pokerotica' Tribute

This is something I did for another forum, where a pencil-and-paper artist has done a comic where Demona ends up in an alternate universe where she is captured by 'Ash' from "Pokemon" and forced to do all kinds of....interesting....acts :-)

The artist made one 'worms eye view' panel that I thought I could re-create in poser, so here it is. I tried to give her the look of anger/disgust that the artist had drawn (she still doesn't like being forced to do what she is doing ^_^).

Also, thanks once again to the great Willdial over at Renderosity for the Demona Tiara. Without that prop this would just be some generic blue demon chick :-)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Demona and Cheetara

First time using the Cheetara texture I commissioned, but without the bumpmap (which causes me problems for some reason).

I may have to soon wipe my system clean and re-install stuff, I have 3 gigs devoted to virtual memory now and I still have memory problems with rendering; had to reduce the resolution on this one one step above 'draft' in Firefly to get it to render at all, but I like the end result.

Expect more Cheetara in the future :-)

Changing blog sites

Since my old blog site no longer accepts picture posts, I have made a new blog site here, so enjoy!

My old blog site removed all the images I posted there quite awhile back, and is now gone completely. Ah, well.