Monday, July 16, 2018

Dragon, Lady

     I have a couple of reasons for doing these images:

First, I wanted to make use of the Daz 3 Dragon.  Thanks to a silly ass game called "Dungeons and Dragons" I've been playing for more years than I care to remember, I'm a bit of a 'Dracophile" (funny, I just now hit Google to see if I spelled that word correctly, and got instead "Dracophilia": A fetish for Dragons"   :-))

     While I'm certainly a fan of Dragons, I'm pretty sure I don't have Dracophilia, despite the above images :-)

     I've been collecting various 'morphs' for the dragon for quite awhile now, but I just don't tend to use them much because most of my work is sexual in nature.

     So I finally decided to do some kind of images with the Daz 3 Dragon, and this is the result.

     For the first image, I can't say I'm too pleased with it.  The dragon doesn't look as majestic as I thought it would have, and the scene in all the images is overall too dark (again, Daz Studio and Iray).

   The latter two images were based on something I saw at E-Hentai Galleries, by the artist known as 1DirtyRobot.  Can't find that gallery anymore, but here is a link to his tumblr page: 1DirtyRobot's Tumblr

    I've likewise had 'overstuffed/monster pregnancy' morphs for the Genesis 3 Female for awhile now, but haven't used them either, so here was a good opportunity.

   I know, the dragon's dick changed appearance for the second image, I wanted to have the tip still outside the mouth, as I like the texturing on it (actually a 'dildo' I attached to a 'Monster Cock').  I added a wet skin look to the drow, but as usual, it changes appearance on body parts that are 'expanded' (the boobs and belly in this case).

     I may try more such things later.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Looma Redwind Take One

My take on the character 'Looma Redwind' from the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10":

I know this isn't a completely 'on model' version, since her race has only two toes, and two fingers and thumb on each hand, and this model (Genesis 3 Female) doesn't have those morphs (or any I could find, anyway).

I was never a big fan of Ben 10, although I hear that the show (at least before the latest reboot) was very good, with stories that carried from season to season, and we saw Ben grow from a child to a young adult.

I did like some of the designs of the aliens on the show, like Looma, and 'Big Chill', who to me looked like the cryptid known as the Moth Man (loved the way he folded his wings into a cloak, just like 'Gargoyles' :-)).

I was initially going to try yet another version of a Shokan warrior, but then I saw some fan art featuring Looma, and decided to try her instead:

The four eyes and no nose were also a bit tricky; I suck at using photoshop, so making her nose disappear and putting another set of eyes below the first set was harder than I expected.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


Okay, here is yet another image featuring the Big Boobed Gynoid and her human lover :-)

I really wasn't planning on doing another image featuring her.  However, as I have said in other posts, I have been following the erotic art blog of Fred Perry lately, and he has been doing several comics featuring  his erotic take on Transformers: Fred Perry's Erotic Transformers

As of this post he is on Page 7 of "Indecent Proposal", and the image of Airachnid getting 'klanged' from behind inspired me to do this image.

Again, this is in Daz Studio Iray, thus the graininess and simplicity of the image, as this is currently the best I can do with my outdated system.

I would love to do something like this in Poser, but the Genesis 3 Female just has superior Boob/Butt morphs, as well as better 'naughty parts', and some of the 'gynoid' morphs/skins I have only work in Iray.

I do find the 'reflection maps' of Daz Studio unusual.  You can clearly see mountains and sky in the reflection in her large booty, in addition to the guy behind her, although skies and ground were not in the scene at all.

Maybe in the future I'll do another image or two with them actually having sex finally :-)

Happy Canada Day 2018

To celebrate Canada's National Holiday (July 1st), here is my belated image, showing everything I know 'aboot' Canada: A big boobed Canadian Mounty holding the country's flag... a Moose....and a female Sasquatch shaman........

Sasquatch (Bigfoot/Bigfeet in 'Murica) do come from Canada, don't they?

I know, I know; I'm missing a huge stack of pancakes covered in Maple syrup, but that prop cost as much as an actual pancake breakfest :-)

I was thnking about another image with the Mounty covered in Maple syrup herself, but maybe for next year.

Serioiusly, though; each year The artist MalcolmD does an image to commemorate Canada Day, and his most recent is here: Priestess by MalcolmD

For years I have kept promising I would do something similar, so I finally cludged something together.

This isn't really everything I know about Canada.... I know the Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau (and no, I didn't hit Google just now to find that out... at least his last name anyway :-)).

Despite the fact that they are our nearest and friendliest neighbor (no matter what some leaders recently would have you believe :roll:) I admit I really don't know that much about Canada.

However, if things keep going the way they are here in the States, I may be finding out myself very soon :-)

Monday, June 25, 2018


"The Gynoid From Another World shows her new human 'associate' just how much her own flesh, despite looking metallic, is much like his own." :-)

This is another image where I'm trying to make use of the 'X-Rated' pose sets I've been picking up lately.

I'm going to go on a long rant, so feel free to just oogle the image and move on :-)

I was actually inspired to do this image due to some of the recent work of the artist Fred Perry at his blog (can't post the link here, but again see my own blog for the link).

Lately he has been doing some erotic 'parodies' based on "Transformers Prime", usually involving Arcee and her human companion named Jack: Fred Perry's Transformer Parodies

The funny thing is that, in order to make the sex scenes work between the giant Transformer and the normal sized human, Jack is hung heaver than the proverbian Horse!  :wow:

In fact, it sometimes looks like his penis is more of a co-joined twin than a sexual organ :-)

So for my image, I did the same thing, no matter how much it doesn't make sense (we're talking about sex between a giant robot and a man... he should be crushed under her weight!! :-)).

I'm not generally into 'gear on gear' action, as Transformers sex parodies are sometimes referred to.  However, I really like Fred Perry's art style, and he draws sexy robots in a way that hasn't grabbed my attention since the long ago days when Hajime Sorayama drew his first 'gynoids' :-):

All that being said, I don't know how often I'll do images like this.  Lately I've been using Daz/Genesis 3 Female for a lot of my images, because that figure just has a lot fo morphs I don't have for Victoria 4.  However, as I've said before, even doing a simple Iray render like this takes a lot out of my system, but some of the 'gynoid' character sets I have can only render in that form.

I'm certain I will do more, however, probably when Perry puts out a new comic, like the one that inspired this one :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Anal Amelia

No pithy story text here, just me trying to emulate an image I saw by an artist who goes by the name of Miles-DF (see last attachment above).

This is another one of those characters I had been planning on doing for awhile now.  Its not a perfect look (I modified my 'Cheetara' skin, and then slotted out the textures for one with Sub-Surface Scattering, but the effect wasn't entirely what I was looking for).  Also, I couldn't emulate her ears (yet, although I think I will modify her for future images).

This is not, of course, the uniform she wears in the movie.  Matter of fact, over at ShareCG someone even made an outfit that is a perfect match for that one:

However, when going through my files I saw this outfit, called "The Contessa", that I hadn't used yet, and with a little work looks a bit like Amelia's outfit (I was actually planning on using it first to make a 'Sexy Nazi She-Devil", but maybe later :-)).

When it comes to the work of this Miles-DF: generally, I'm not into 'furry' art/erotica, but sometimes I do like such work, if the quality of said work is really good, and the work of Miles-DF certainly qualifies.

Friday, June 22, 2018


"A Virtuous warrior finds himself tempted by the demoness Luxuria, manifestation of the Second Deadly Sin" :-)

A Daz Studio image, done in 3Delight, which curiously enough came out better than the Iray version I did before it.
As I've said before, Iray does produce better looking skin textures, but it simply wrecks my poor system (practically have to reboot even after such a simple render).
Funny thing is, when I went back to do the other images in 3Delight, they came out better looking than the Iray one.  I don't know exactly why, though.  So, in the future, I'll try to use more 3Delight textures to do my images (although sometimes you just need Iray for some stuff, like the glowing hornsa and eyes in one image).

I did this primarily because I haven't done any X-Rated images in quite awhile; one of the 'problems' with using Deviantart as my primary place to post images is that they don't accept X-Rated images, so I've been doing mainly 'pin up' style stuff.

This is strange because, despite this, I have seill been collecting a LOT of stuff to make X-rated images (various 'naughty parts' as well as 'sex poses/expressions').

I'll try to get off my ass and do more such images, if only to justify the cash I've been spending on getting the stuff to make them.