Monday, March 12, 2018

Beneath the Black Lagoon

See my blog for a couple of alternate versions of this image (which are actually mistakes made in rendering before I got to this one).  I'll also go into further detail on how I put this one together, for those interested (but in short, the 'spots' on the Creature's body were meant to emulate a 'Bio-luminescent' glow on the skin).

An image slightly inspired by the movie "The Shape of Water", which surprisingly (to me, anyway) won Oscars for both Best Picture and Best Director :wow:

I'll admit it, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for "Beauty and the Beast" style stories :-)

I guess its because its easy for a nerd like myself to identify somewhat with the 'monster' in movies like these: Someone who feels misunderstood by the 'Pitchforks and Torches' mob, and may secretly be a bit of a romantic inside :blush:

Of course, this movie went a bit further than many "B & B" type stories, in actually saying (if not showing) that the Beauty actually had sex with her Monster Boyfriend :wow:

Matter of fact, I recently saw a couple of videos that go into a bit of detail behind the concept of "Beauty and the Beast" style stories.

One is by Lindsay Ellis called "My Monster Boyfriend": "My Monster Boyfriend"

Another is by a Youtuber (and friend of Lindsay) called 'Readus', who also talks about the subject and how it relates to being LGBT (and African-American, to a degree): "Fallin in Love With Monsters"

While I myself can't speak on the former, I can certainly speak on the latter, as being a Blerd when I was in my teens in High School was not particularly an easy thing, which is probably why I so enjoyed stories set in sci-fi and fantasy settings: Not only was it a respite from the problems of the real world, but I could identify sometimes with the Monster in the stories (not to get too maudlin :lonely:).

Anyway, don't know if I'll actually depict the two characters in the 'act' as it were :-)
This was an IRay render, and you know how it wrecks my system after each image (I love the super detail in IRay, just wish it were easier to use).

 I'm surprised that the movie won Oscars for both Best Picture and Best Director. Rarely does a sci-fi/fantasy movie like this even get nominated, much less win (last I remember was Best Picture for "The Return of the Kind", but that was the Oscars admitting that they couldn't ignore how damn good every movie in the trilogy was).

I also bet that Universal Studios is kicking themselves so hard right now. Del Toro went to them initially with the concept of doing an 'official' Creature from the Black Lagoon film, using much of the same story he used for this. But they wanted no part of that, wanting to kick off their "Dark Universe" with "The Mummy" instead. If they had listened to him, they would have had a Oscar Winner to kick off their franchise (although, to be honest, not many people went to see it, although I have noticed that at my local theater the movie was gone, now its back with 3 showings per day ^_^)

For "Image Construction" details:

Awhile back Daz3D put a 'Creature from the Black Lagoon" morph for the Genesis 3 figure on sale.  Since I usually focus on females in my image, I only picked up the one for the female model.

However, because I now have so much stuff for the G3F, I happen to have had a morph that turns the female character into a male, which comes in handy if there is a texture (and even morph) for the female you want to use as a male instead, and that's what I did with this image.

The first Alternate image was my attempt to do 'bio luminescent' spots using a shader that actually makes the spots glow, but the glow turned out too bright (as well as the entire image too grainy, as I put everything into the scene for this render).

For the second Alternate image I first rendered the background separately in Poser,   leaving only the two figures for the Daz render.  I tried lowering the intensity of the 'glow', but for some reason it only turned them red (got to look into how to modify the glow; it seemed to work in other images, like the 'Radiant Child's' hair from earlier).

I had also modified the 'Creature's' skin to put some blue stripes on the torso, legs, and head.  However, maybe because it was an Iray skin, or maybe because of the 'wet' skin application, you can't see the stripes clearly enough.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Milk Fairy Take Two

A long while back, I did a image called "Milk Fairy", based on the work of DA artist Kraban: Milk Fairy Take One

This is my second attempt at such an image, although this time you can say its more 'inspired by' the original than trying to copy it directly, as lately I'm putting more clothing on the figures I use, this time using a 'bug suit' I've had for awhile now.

Again, a Daz Studio render, in 3Delight this time so it was much easier on my poor system.

The second image was done in Daz as well, but in Iray (using Iray skins), and in the end I just didn't like it as much, so I didn't use it as the 'official' image, but here it is anyway.

I used a trick I mentioned before, having the G8F 'wear' Victoria 4.  That way I can use Vicky 4 skins for G8F, although I can't have the figure open her mouth because of the distortions around the 'bones' there (and I could have sworn I read the G8F could use V4 skins, but I don't know how as of yet).

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bikini Barda

A long while back I did a version of Big Barda, using a freebie helm and 'Mega Rod' that someone over at ShareCG made (I'll edit this in the future with his name).

Well, over at Renderosity someone by the name of MightyMite has been making some 'Super-Hero" bodysuits for use with the Genesis 3 Female.  While he never bothers to name the suits by the character, any comic fan will recognize many of the bodysuits he made, such as this Big Barda one.

I decided for this one, though, to not use the entire bodysuit, but instead just use portions of it, and add a sci-fi themed bikini to it to get this look.

Sometimes Barda wore a 'bikini' style outfit when she wasn't decked out in her full battle armor, so I just combined both looks.

I think that the producers of this outfit would make more money if they just made one (or perhaps several) bodysuits, and then just made texture packs to apply to them, which is pretty much the same that I get from HotRod5 for the Victoria 4 Bodysuit (I just have to stop getting such items, and only using them for one image before moving on).

I'll tr to do more images featuring Barda in the future, just not sure when.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hanging High

First off, I want to say a big "Thank You" for those of you out there who are kind enough to be following my posts.  I know I haven't done a lot of nudes or X-Rated stuff lately, but I certainly plan on doing so (I just have to get over my tendency to procrastinate ^_^).

Also, I post a lot at DeviantArt, where the feedback there is a bit stronger, and they don't allow X-Rated images, which has probably been a factor in me making more 'pin up' images.

Second, let me say that even though this is a black character with 'Tribal' markings on her face, in a Sci-Fi setting, its not meant to be associated with the movie "Black Panther" (although that was a great movie :-) ).

This is the very first time I have used the Genesis 8 Female figure for Daz Studio, and this is the only 'skin' I have for the model so far, although I remember reading that the G8F can use Victoria 4 skins, so that should be really helpful with future renders.

I really wasn't planning on using the G8F, as I didn't want to get pulled intothe 'cash dump spiral' I have with the previous models (V3, V4, and Genesis 3).

However, as you can tell from a casual glance at my gallery, I am a fan of Huge Boobs, and I saw some breast morphs for the model I just couldn't resist (or emulate in most of the other models I have [without work]), in partucular this 'boobs handing upside down' morph.

I'll probably use G8F a few more times in the future, to exploit such morphs and justify the moderate cash expenditure I put into the model.

As usual, though, I am going to have to buy more lighting sets, as well as eventually a new system, as this was in Iray and you know how that wrecks my system.  That being said, I'll try to do another couple of angles with this character, and one topless, so you can see her boobs in their unfettered glory :-)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dragon Pearl

Edit: Did another render where I changed the spots and blade to day-glo blue.

I will call this an image 'inspired' by the character Pearl from "Steven Universe":

The dark 'spots' across her body were intended to be sparkly purple gems.  However, as I have noted many times before, my poor system just can't handle rendering in IRay, and lighting is still a task for me in Daz Studio, so the spots didn't come out right, and it may still be a little too dark.  I also wanted the blade on her staff to look more like an 'energy glow', but the shader I picked doesn't look the same rendered as it does in 'preview' mode.

I didn't give her my standard 'Big 'uns' as I do with other characters.  I had planned on doing another render with such, but this image took so long to render, and pretty much shuts down my system afterwards, I probably won't do an alternate version.

I put the 'Crystal Dragon' in the image for no particular reason, I just had it in my library for awhile now and decided to use it for something.

That being said, I am proud of how it came out in the end.  The background itself was rendered in Poser, but it does look like it was all done as one scene (even with the shadow on the ground).

As to Steven Universe: I really don't know much at all about the cartoon, besides the fact that it is about, as some have described it, "Lesbian Space Rocks" :-)

I doubt I ever will get into it, despite all the good things I have heard.  On the whole, I've finally moved away from animation that isn't specifically aimed at an older audience (and I don't even watch as much anime as I did a few years ago); I just don't have the attention span anymore I guess.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kirstryd at the Pub

Another take on my "O.C." character, Kirstryd Swordsteel, this time fully clothed :-)Darkness and Steel

You might not see any really big change between this and any other versions of her I have posted, but this was done in Daz Studio, using the Genesis 3 Female figure, and in 3Delight, so it was MUCH easier on my poor system to render.

Like her original Victoria 4 version, with this one I didn't use any 'Dwarf' morph to form the character (like I did with the Goblin previously).  Instead I used just the 'base' morphs for height, muscularity, and scale (short, larger hands and feet than human, and of course larger boobs :-)).

Since I was still in a 'shortstack' mood I decided to do a Daz version of her, in case I wanted to use the character in any other scenes that require Daz Studio instead of Poser (and of course its much easier to put her in clothes than in Poser).

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Goblin Thief

The inspiration for this image are a couple I saw by other artists, one by SenseiBushido of a dwarven thief (see above), and another by MarkyDaySaid of a goblin trying to waylay a lone traveler to get his 'coin purse' ^_^: Goblin Gets Gobsmacked

 I tried to set the relative heights of the characters at around 5ft 6in for the male, and a little over 3ft for the goblin, although its probably not that obvious, even in the first image.

A couple of other things I did was use some 'belly' morphs to give her a slight chubby appearance, and in the final scene one of several 'extreme penetration' morphs to protrude said belly, as if the guys large cock were doing that (I know, impossible in real life, but its something you see in drawn porn from time to time).

This was done in Daz Studio and Iray, which, as I have said before, I have problems using.  Thus the static background (which is just a separate image, not a 'physical' part of the scene), and the relative darkness of the scene (in 'preview' mode it looks better lit, and by the time the render is finished I see how dark it actually is, but I just don't want to go through the HOURS it takes to re-render with the poor system I have).

I still like using Daz just because of the great variety of morphs you can get for the Genesis 3 Female/Male figures.

Although I didn't use any specific 'goblin' morph for this figure, I did use several other 'fantasy' morphs (for ears, feet and hands, and even teeth, although that's not obvious) to 'sculpt' her.

One thing I hate with Daz is that any morph you get is automatically put into the figure, thus making the overall size of it [in memory terms] get larger and larger.  With Victoria 4 and Poser you could pick and choose which morphs to put into it.  I also like the fact that all clothing auto fits the character, no matter how extreme the morphs used.