Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kirstryd at the Pub

Another take on my "O.C." character, Kirstryd Swordsteel, this time fully clothed :-)Darkness and Steel

You might not see any really big change between this and any other versions of her I have posted, but this was done in Daz Studio, using the Genesis 3 Female figure, and in 3Delight, so it was MUCH easier on my poor system to render.

Like her original Victoria 4 version, with this one I didn't use any 'Dwarf' morph to form the character (like I did with the Goblin previously).  Instead I used just the 'base' morphs for height, muscularity, and scale (short, larger hands and feet than human, and of course larger boobs :-)).

Since I was still in a 'shortstack' mood I decided to do a Daz version of her, in case I wanted to use the character in any other scenes that require Daz Studio instead of Poser (and of course its much easier to put her in clothes than in Poser).

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Goblin Thief

The inspiration for this image are a couple I saw by other artists, one by SenseiBushido of a dwarven thief (see above), and another by MarkyDaySaid of a goblin trying to waylay a lone traveler to get his 'coin purse' ^_^: Goblin Gets Gobsmacked

 I tried to set the relative heights of the characters at around 5ft 6in for the male, and a little over 3ft for the goblin, although its probably not that obvious, even in the first image.

A couple of other things I did was use some 'belly' morphs to give her a slight chubby appearance, and in the final scene one of several 'extreme penetration' morphs to protrude said belly, as if the guys large cock were doing that (I know, impossible in real life, but its something you see in drawn porn from time to time).

This was done in Daz Studio and Iray, which, as I have said before, I have problems using.  Thus the static background (which is just a separate image, not a 'physical' part of the scene), and the relative darkness of the scene (in 'preview' mode it looks better lit, and by the time the render is finished I see how dark it actually is, but I just don't want to go through the HOURS it takes to re-render with the poor system I have).

I still like using Daz just because of the great variety of morphs you can get for the Genesis 3 Female/Male figures (although I hate that any morph you get is automatically put into the figure, thus making the overall size of it [in memory terms] get larger and larger.  With Victoria 4 and Poser you could pick and choose which morphs to put into it).  I also like the fact that all clothing auto fits the character, no matter how extreme the morphs used.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

Taking a quick break from Christmas Day activities to post another 'Christmas Tradition' of mine, an image of my randy interpretation of Mrs. Claus :-)

"Merry Christmas" all :-)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Wednesday's X-Mas, Take Two

First off: I'll get to doing those images promised in the Poll Very Soon, I Promise! :-)

But for now, I have to do something that has become a 'tradition' for me each year, an image for a personal friend of mine who just so happens to be born on December 24th, and is a fan of all things Dark and Macabre :-)

Many years ago I did an image featuring Wednesday Addams on Christmas Day: Wednesday's X-Mas Take One

So this is essentially my "Take Two" on the idea.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Princess Aura B.E. by Poivoit

Here is a series of commissioned screencap edits I obtained from the artist known as Poivoit, who specializes in doing edits of screen captures of various animated characters.

I got him to do a few of Princess Aura, from Filmation's "The New Adventures of Flash Gordon", and this is the result :-) 

Seeing as how, long ago, I started getting commissioned images with this character, this is probably a good sign to end getting commissions. I've pretty much exhausted all the ideas I have ever wanted another artist to draw for me, and its time to put that money to more prudent uses ^_^

Friday, December 1, 2017

2nd Playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Well, I just finished my 2nd full playthrough of "Dragon Age: Inquisition"

This now makes the 3rd time (between 2 games) that I haven't been able to complete a 'Romance' option with my chosen character.  The first was with my first playthrough of "Inquisition", when my female Quinari Inquisitor and Cassandra, the second was with Mass Effect: Andromeda and PeeBee, and now with my Female Dwarven Inquisitor and Sera Mad :mad:.

I almost feel like going back to a very early save and replaying the whole thing again (Hey, I put a LOT of work into seeing those blocky CGI Tiddies and Butt Stick Out Tongue :p), but I just put a LOT of time into this playthrough, and I haven't even touched any of the DLC yet (in either run).

Time to put it aside now and focus on other games (have a backlog of games on PC and PS4,not to mention a ton for my old PS2 Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) :rolleyes:).

Monday, November 20, 2017

Princess Aura Take Two

Revisiting one of my earliest images, featuring Princess Aura from "The New Adventures of Flash Gordon".  See above for that image.

I think that Filmation was probably best known for "He-Man", but they had other toons around that same time, like "Tarzan" and "Flash Gordon".

A couple of the things Filmation did to save animation time (I assume) was to 'rotoscope' actual people doing a movement (draw over an actual person), and then reuse said scenes a lot in a single episode.

I don't know who they based their 'default' female figure on, but one of the things I have noticed about pretty much all Filmation babes are that they had some killer hips and tiny waists :-)

Of course Princess Aura was my favorite (with Teela a close second :-)).  Hell, sometimes, if you looked carefully at the scenes where she and her Warrior Women were riding their 'Battle Ostriches" you could see a little 'boob bounce' animated in (surprised they got away with that :-)).

I made a short gallery of screen grabs to show how curvy she was depicted in the series:
Princess Aura Screen Captures

Also posted above are some of the commissioned images of her I have had done over the years, the very first character I ever had an artist draw in 'naughty' situations for me :-)

 Since I have a 'Lion Man' character that can stand in for 'Prince Thun', I may try my own take on the last image above.