Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mary Ann, May the 4th and MILF's Day

 A bit late posting these, but here they are.

The first is my take on Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island".

 Its a Daz Studio render, using the Genesis 3 Female, in 3Delight mode, and I'm quite surprised that the lighting came out so well.

I wanted to make a more curvy version of Mary Ann, but in the end I didn't totally like the face or body I picked, so I may try a 'Take Two' in the future.

While I'm not quite old enough to remember 'Gilligan's Island" when it was first run on TV, I'm sure I saw the First Run Syndication.

Many of us fanboys agree that between Ginger and Mary Ann, she was certainly the sexier of the two, and it probably had a lot to do with those shorts she wore: they may not have been as sexy as the ones I have in this image (they were more like what a 50's pin-up babe would wear), they certainly did flatter her figure, and cup her buttocks quite nicely (just google "Gilligan's Island Mary Ann Shorts" and see for yourself :-)).

The next two are a couple of images for the recent 'holidays', May the 4th (Star Wars Day :-)), and MILF's Day (a.k.a. Mother's Day).

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Quakeblade's Conquest 2

As some may know, each year around this time I try to get a couple of commissioned images from willing artists.

Well, I think that 'tradition' of mine is probably coming to an end, mainly because I've gone through all the ideas I've ever wanted to see.  This year I only got one image, and this is it.

This image features a couple of my "Original Characters", Unatranna Quakeblade, the 'Goliath' (Half-Giant) gladiator from the 'Dark Sun' setting of the Dungeons and Dragons game, and Kirstryd Swordsteel, a female dwarf fighter.  The elf dude in the image is just some random 'stunt dick' :-)

It was done a artist who goes by the name Caldeo.
Awhile back I did an image inspired by one of his: Desert Heat

I like the way he draws both huge boobs and nice muscles on the women he draws :-)

I'll probably try to emulate this in poser sometime soon.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Halle's Headstand

Believe it or not, recently the actress Halle Berry revealed on Instagram that she practices yoga.... in the NUDE  (or at least topless :-)): Halle's Topless Instagram Headstand

Well, after seeing this, I couldn't help but pull out my Halle Berry morph to try to see what it might look like from the front :-)

Being true to myself, I also did a version of her with huge boobies  (wish I could find some way to 'flatten' the underside of the breast for a more natural look).

I've said it elsewhere, but Halle is one of those actresses who, for whatever reason, chose to do nude scenes after she became a popular actress, along with others like Scarlett Johansson and even Miley Cyrus :wow:

Friday, March 23, 2018


This image is somewhat inspired by the work of Fred Perry, particularly his Transformers Erotica Comic (Yes, those exists :-)) called "I Like Big Autobutts, and I cannot Lie!" :-) : Fred Perry Autobutts Comics

As with other images, I did this one in Iray, thus the simplistic background (about two figures is all my poor system can handle in an image, more than that and the resolution just goes WAY down).

The second image is actually my first attempt to render, but I made certain parts of the 'robot outfit' glow.  For some reason the glowing spots around her head made her face bright red, so I just removed the glow entirely (I may go back to it if I can find a fix for that).

I may try to do at least one more X-Rated image with the two, in the style of Fred Perry's comics.

On a completely nerdy note:
Its funny how Perry justifies a human having sex with a robot: In his 'setting', the skin of Arcee (and I guess all other Transformers) may look like metal, but is soft as human skin (or can be made so if they wish).

That's always been my problem with Clark Kent/Superman:  If his skin is really as hard as steel, then whenever a pedestrian bumps into Clark in the street what they feel is a metal statue in the shape of a man.

My internal 'head canon' for this was that Kryptonian skin feels the same as human skin, and even indents under pressure as human skin would.  It just has a 'tearing point' that is Super-Human.  So if you push a pin into Clark's skin, it would deform to a certain degree, then stop, and the pin would eventually just bend/break.

I know, I'm overthinking Kryptonian skin/Fucking Autobots WAY to much, but its a fun mental exercise :-)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Beneath the Black Lagoon

See my blog for a couple of alternate versions of this image (which are actually mistakes made in rendering before I got to this one).  I'll also go into further detail on how I put this one together, for those interested (but in short, the 'spots' on the Creature's body were meant to emulate a 'Bio-luminescent' glow on the skin).

An image slightly inspired by the movie "The Shape of Water", which surprisingly (to me, anyway) won Oscars for both Best Picture and Best Director :wow:

I'll admit it, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for "Beauty and the Beast" style stories :-)

I guess its because its easy for a nerd like myself to identify somewhat with the 'monster' in movies like these: Someone who feels misunderstood by the 'Pitchforks and Torches' mob, and may secretly be a bit of a romantic inside :blush:

Of course, this movie went a bit further than many "B & B" type stories, in actually saying (if not showing) that the Beauty actually had sex with her Monster Boyfriend :wow:

Matter of fact, I recently saw a couple of videos that go into a bit of detail behind the concept of "Beauty and the Beast" style stories.

One is by Lindsay Ellis called "My Monster Boyfriend": "My Monster Boyfriend"

Another is by a Youtuber (and friend of Lindsay) called 'Readus', who also talks about the subject and how it relates to being LGBT (and African-American, to a degree): "Fallin in Love With Monsters"

While I myself can't speak on the former, I can certainly speak on the latter, as being a Blerd when I was in my teens in High School was not particularly an easy thing, which is probably why I so enjoyed stories set in sci-fi and fantasy settings: Not only was it a respite from the problems of the real world, but I could identify sometimes with the Monster in the stories (not to get too maudlin :lonely:).

Anyway, don't know if I'll actually depict the two characters in the 'act' as it were :-)
This was an IRay render, and you know how it wrecks my system after each image (I love the super detail in IRay, just wish it were easier to use).

 I'm surprised that the movie won Oscars for both Best Picture and Best Director. Rarely does a sci-fi/fantasy movie like this even get nominated, much less win (last I remember was Best Picture for "The Return of the Kind", but that was the Oscars admitting that they couldn't ignore how damn good every movie in the trilogy was).

I also bet that Universal Studios is kicking themselves so hard right now. Del Toro went to them initially with the concept of doing an 'official' Creature from the Black Lagoon film, using much of the same story he used for this. But they wanted no part of that, wanting to kick off their "Dark Universe" with "The Mummy" instead. If they had listened to him, they would have had a Oscar Winner to kick off their franchise (although, to be honest, not many people went to see it, although I have noticed that at my local theater the movie was gone, now its back with 3 showings per day ^_^)

For "Image Construction" details:

Awhile back Daz3D put a 'Creature from the Black Lagoon" morph for the Genesis 3 figure on sale.  Since I usually focus on females in my image, I only picked up the one for the female model.

However, because I now have so much stuff for the G3F, I happen to have had a morph that turns the female character into a male, which comes in handy if there is a texture (and even morph) for the female you want to use as a male instead, and that's what I did with this image.

The first Alternate image was my attempt to do 'bio luminescent' spots using a shader that actually makes the spots glow, but the glow turned out too bright (as well as the entire image too grainy, as I put everything into the scene for this render).

For the second Alternate image I first rendered the background separately in Poser,   leaving only the two figures for the Daz render.  I tried lowering the intensity of the 'glow', but for some reason it only turned them red (got to look into how to modify the glow; it seemed to work in other images, like the 'Radiant Child's' hair from earlier).

I had also modified the 'Creature's' skin to put some blue stripes on the torso, legs, and head.  However, maybe because it was an Iray skin, or maybe because of the 'wet' skin application, you can't see the stripes clearly enough.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Milk Fairy Take Two

A long while back, I did a image called "Milk Fairy", based on the work of DA artist Kraban: Milk Fairy Take One

This is my second attempt at such an image, although this time you can say its more 'inspired by' the original than trying to copy it directly, as lately I'm putting more clothing on the figures I use, this time using a 'bug suit' I've had for awhile now.

Again, a Daz Studio render, in 3Delight this time so it was much easier on my poor system.

The second image was done in Daz as well, but in Iray (using Iray skins), and in the end I just didn't like it as much, so I didn't use it as the 'official' image, but here it is anyway.

I used a trick I mentioned before, having the G8F 'wear' Victoria 4.  That way I can use Vicky 4 skins for G8F, although I can't have the figure open her mouth because of the distortions around the 'bones' there (and I could have sworn I read the G8F could use V4 skins, but I don't know how as of yet).

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bikini Barda

A long while back I did a version of Big Barda, using a freebie helm and 'Mega Rod' that someone over at ShareCG made (I'll edit this in the future with his name).

Well, over at Renderosity someone by the name of MightyMite has been making some 'Super-Hero" bodysuits for use with the Genesis 3 Female.  While he never bothers to name the suits by the character, any comic fan will recognize many of the bodysuits he made, such as this Big Barda one.

I decided for this one, though, to not use the entire bodysuit, but instead just use portions of it, and add a sci-fi themed bikini to it to get this look.

Sometimes Barda wore a 'bikini' style outfit when she wasn't decked out in her full battle armor, so I just combined both looks.

I think that the producers of this outfit would make more money if they just made one (or perhaps several) bodysuits, and then just made texture packs to apply to them, which is pretty much the same that I get from HotRod5 for the Victoria 4 Bodysuit (I just have to stop getting such items, and only using them for one image before moving on).

I'll tr to do more images featuring Barda in the future, just not sure when.