Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ultimate Aunt May

My take on Peter Parker's Aunt May, from the now defunct "Ultimate" line of comics.

I know that in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming" they have Marisa Tomei playing May Parker as a much younger version of her than we have ever seen before.

However, in the Ultimate line they took an interesting take on her, keeping her as a mature woman (if not the near mummy-like hag she has often been portrayed as in the 'standard' line of Marvel comics).  However, they made her an active person despite her age, having a job, and even going out on dates :-)

In the  cartoon 'Spactacular Spider-Man', her overall appearance was like that of the 'standard' comics version, just not anywhere near as old.

Then the "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon gave us a version that looked like the Ultimate Comic version, but couldn't have been more than 40 years old (ancient to kids, I know 9_9).

And now we finally have a 'live action' version that can't be much past her 40s (well, checking IMDB, Marisa Tomei is 52, but she looks a lot younger).

I've done MILF characters before, such as "Treasure Chest MILF": Treasure Chest Cougar
and various Mrs. Clause images: While Santa's Away

Maybe its a reflection of my own advancing age, I don't know :-)

I may or may not do something more 'naughty' with her in the future (but NOT with Peter, I'm not THAT big a perv :-)).

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Velamma Lakshmi

My take on the character Velamma Lakshmi, the main character of a porn comic published online in India, of all places:

Could have done better, I know; there is some obvious 'clipping' in her outfit along the dress and shoulder scarf.

 A long while back this comic, and its 'sister' comic Savita Bhabhi, were published for free, and I followed them for awhile.  I remember the producers of the comics had some trouble with the government of india and its censors, but somehow still managed to publish it.  Eventually it went on to become a pay site, but the initial issues of each comic are still free.

As you can probably see, the reason I like this character is her Huge Boobs (of course :-)), and her curvy, BBW body.  I will say the artist do portray her with one element I'm not particularly into, however: Body Hair.  She is always drawn with a heavy, 70s style bush, as well as armpit hair and a 'treasure trail' along her abdomen. 

Me being me, though, I actually do have something to emulate the look, so I stayed true to the character and added a 'treasure trail' to the nude rendition (see my blog).

Funny thing: Although she is shown in various full on hardcore situations, one of the things I really like to see the character in is a simple shower scene, with water and suds glistening off her huge boobs and butt :-)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Andorian Assets

As some of you may know, I tend to pick up nearly every breast morph for whatever model I happen to be using (usually Victoria 4).

Recently I have been using Daz Studio more and more, and the model I prefer for that platform is Genesis 3 (Male and Female).

One thing I hated about that model was that it didn't have any good areola/nipple morphs (although some great breast shape morphs overall).

Finally, someone made an add-on to fix that problem, called "Headlights for Genesis 3 Female" by Meipe over at Renderotica.

I used it to make use of the product, and for no particular reason made her an Andorian.  The nipple morph I used is to emulate the 'inverted nipple' look that some women have, although this product has many things to choose from, from the 'Realistic' to the Ridiculous :-)

Don't know why the skin came out reflective; I used an 'alien' skin texture meant for Daz Studio, (called "Alien Allure", surprisingly a freebie from Renderotica), so maybe it was meant to look that way.