Monday, July 24, 2017

Githyanki Sorceress

A long while back I tried to do a version of one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons races, the Githyanki: Githyanki Take One

At long last, here is my 'Take Two' on the idea, this time using Daz Studio and the Genesis 3 Female (with a LOT of morphs).

Here is a link that gives a well done comprehensive look at how the race developed throughout the years, and various editions of the game:Githyanki Retrospective

This look is somewhat based on how they began to be represented in 3rd Edition: a lot more humanoid in form (before they looked like shaved chimpanzees :-)), see image below.

If you look carefully at that example image, one thing you may notice is that the character has some kind of wrappings around the head/face.  After some searching, I found something similar (actually, part of a metallic "Body Cage" bondage set, but I recolored it to look like leather).

Another unusual thing about 3rd Edition Githyanki is that they have these bulbous 'growths' on their elbows and knees.  Frankly, that was a look I didn't like, although I did try to emulate it somewhat in this, by giving her some very 'knobby' knees :-)

In 4th Edition they dispensed with the knobby elbows/knees look,so in the future I'll probably ditch the look as well.

One final thing: This was a render in "IRay", something I'm not really set up to do.  Also, some products that were meant for poser just don't look right in Daz, IRay or not, thus the 'shiny' look on some of the armor and hair, unfortunately.  I'll try to fix that for the clothing by applying an IRay base texture, then swapping out the original materials, although I have no idea how to do that with hair yet.  In order to give her a 'spotted' skin, I modified the original skin (poorly) and substituted it in the appropriate folders.

I like how it came out overall, though, and I may use her in future 'naughty' renders with some 'unfortunate' captive (still haven't kept my new years promise to do more X-Rated stuff [or cut back on buying stuff either :roll: )

Sunday, July 9, 2017


My attempt at depicting the Cryptid first encountered in Point Pleasant, West Virginia known as the "Mothman": Mothman Wiki

This 'Insectoid' morph comes from a producer who I identify with making various 'Furry' morphs for the Victoria 4 and Michael 4 figures (essentially realistic animal heads atop human bodies).

As I've said before, I'm not really that much into the 'Furry' fandom (or, considering the nature of most of my work, 'fetish' is more appropriate :-)).  However, he makes some good stuff, and often puts it on sale, so I have a few of his items (most of which I haven't used yet).  I may eventually use the full 'Insectoid' set in some future images, with a more human head, and combined with other 'organic' outfits I have in my library.

Anyway, as to the Mothman: Despite my chosen pseudonym, I don't really believe in Cryptids and the like, although I do find the tales of it all very interesting, in a "Modern Mythology" kind of way.

Also, as a pencil-and-paper RPG nerd, I eventually plan on using the Mothman in any 'Modern' Pathfinder campaign I may run in the future :-): Mothman for Pathfinder RPG