Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Drow and Illithid by MalcolmD

Here is another commission I got this year, this time by another of my fave online Erotica Illustrators, MalcolmD :-)

As well as a page at Hentai Foundry, where you can go to see a slight variation of this version: MalcolmD at Hentai Foundry

Again, I decided to revisit the "Drow and Illithid" idea I had years ago with a couple of other artists to see what they would do.

One of the most interesting things is to see how each artists views the Drow and Illithid.  I have had artists draw the drow with anything from brown skin to obsidian black skin.  Here (and with Zakuman's image I think) the choice seems to be more of a 'charcoal grey', which is still an interesting variation.  For the Illithid he went with a more pinkish-mauve color (it seems that some shade of purple is always associated with Mind Flayers).  Because I asked to somehow be able to see the 'member' of the Illithid (something unique to this individual, as Illithids are 'born' by implanting an egg in a victim, which slowly and painfully transforms the poor victim into a Illithid), so he gave it one appropriate for a tentacular nightmare :-)

Also, in addition to his classic big boobs (one of the things I like about his work :-)), he also gave the drow something he specializes in as well: a wild, "1970's" style bush :-)

Although I don't do it often, I also have enough props to do the same if I want (recently a site called Renderosity recognized the one product that brought in the most profit than any other over all of last year, and it was a set of 'body hair' additions for the female figure [something I found rather interesting, and yes, I do have it :-)]):

 There have been several cases where I have picked up something for use in Poser that may appeal to a particular fetish I don't necessarily have (Like Body Hair, or 'Furries'), but every now and then some items go on sale for such a ridiculously reduced price I sometimes say "Why Not?" and pick it up, even if I don't intend on using often or in the near future (there are STILL some products I picked up years ago I haven't used in an image yet).

I think I'll finally try my own version of this soon now, since I have a good Illithid model (for use with Daz Studiio, unfortunately, which I am still not very good at, although I might be able to 'assemble' a Illithid from scratch to use with Poser, so stay tuned.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Drow vs Illithid by Bloodfart

A somewhat long rant about the origin of this image follows, so be warned.

Here is a commissioned image I recently acquired from the artist Bloodfart over at Hentai Foundry: Bloodfart's Profile

Like the last image I got from him, I contributed in a small way by rendering the background.

Its revisiting a theme I had several years back based on something I saw in an old "Dungeons and Dragons" adventure, where a disgraced Drow (Dark Elf) noblewoman was sold to the Illithids, or "Mind Flayers": octopus-headed mind controlling monsters who live by eating the brains of their victims :wow:

This illithid was different from the others, though; it possessed an appendage that all other Flayers don't have: A Penis! :-)

It decided to use this unique appendage to spice up its dinner, so to speak, and uses its mind control powers to actually make the drow female enjoy the experience, although a portion of her mind still knows what's going on, thus the tear of regret.

Don't worry, though!  It doesn't end as bad as you might expect, since in my 'story' the attempted feeding awakens in the drow's mind a hidden talent for 'Chaos' magic.  Before the fatal extraction, she dissapears in a flare of chaotic magical energy that destroys her captor.

Not she wanders the Underdark, driven half-insane by both the failed extraction of her brain and the chaotic energies flowing through her body.

In her lucid moments she plots the destruction of all Illithids she encounters, but in those... other... moments she tends to see everyone she sees as an Illithid and try to blast them out of existence.

I don't know why I had this idea flowing through my mind, but I decided to have several artists over the years do their version of the idea (I think I posted most of them at my blog).

Anyway, I may eventually try my own version of this idea, since I finally came across a good Poser version of a Mind Flayer (and a couple of other things to cludge together alternate versions of one), so expect that sometime in the near future.

Funny thing: I can't help but wonder if my idea could have been the inspiration for a character in an Official Dungeons and Dragons supplement, "Drow of the Underdark" for 3rd Edition.

In it is a character called Mindshard, who pretty much has the same origin story as my character (which I came up with FIRST, so I have dibs on the idea ^_^).

Also, if you check the various Rule 34 sites, you will see a lot of 'Illithid Erotica'.  Did I just hit on the idea first, or is this just a recurring theme that pops up from time to time (maybe inspired by japanese 'tentacle hentai')?