Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Poser Is Strange Sometimes ^_^

Here is another non-image post, but I promise I'll be doing more image posts as soon as I get that drive repaired (hopefully).


I don't really want to dominate this thread, but I might as well make another comment that caught my attention, based on my own 'hobby' of 3D 'art':

At the site called Renderosity, they recently recognized one of their exclusive content producers, and the one product they made that brought in the most revenue for the site over the entirety of 2016.

What was that product, you might ask?
Well, it is called Exnem Body Hair for G3 Females : Body Hair for G3 Female

So THIS was what brought in the most money for Renderosity over last year? Really?!?
Not any of the actual characters, or outfits, but Body Hair?!?!

To me, this pretty much proves that there are MANY people who are using Poser to produce erotica. I can't really think of any other reason someone would want this product (that being said, I have picked it up myself . It was on sale, and I mainly use it to make a female werewolf, or just to emulate the style of some artist I like [MalcolmD, InCase], even if I'm not into the body hair fetish myself).

Oh, well, the weird corners of the hobby I have chosen never cease to amaze me sometimes

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