Monday, November 20, 2017

Princess Aura Take Two

Revisiting one of my earliest images, featuring Princess Aura from "The New Adventures of Flash Gordon".  See above for that image.

I think that Filmation was probably best known for "He-Man", but they had other toons around that same time, like "Tarzan" and "Flash Gordon".

A couple of the things Filmation did to save animation time (I assume) was to 'rotoscope' actual people doing a movement (draw over an actual person), and then reuse said scenes a lot in a single episode.

I don't know who they based their 'default' female figure on, but one of the things I have noticed about pretty much all Filmation babes are that they had some killer hips and tiny waists :-)

Of course Princess Aura was my favorite (with Teela a close second :-)).  Hell, sometimes, if you looked carefully at the scenes where she and her Warrior Women were riding their 'Battle Ostriches" you could see a little 'boob bounce' animated in (surprised they got away with that :-)).

I made a short gallery of screen grabs to show how curvy she was depicted in the series:
Princess Aura Screen Captures

Also posted above are some of the commissioned images of her I have had done over the years, the very first character I ever had an artist draw in 'naughty' situations for me :-)

 Since I have a 'Lion Man' character that can stand in for 'Prince Thun', I may try my own take on the last image above.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Suggest A Character

Over at my DeviantArt account, a DA member called TheBlock gave me a months worth of Core membership :-)

He suggested that I do a poll to see what character I should attempt to do next.
However, as of this point I'm not sure how to do polls, and should I learn, not sure what characters to put in the poll.

So just feel free to suggest what character you would like me to try my system at.  On the 23rd of this month I'll set up a poll, with maybe the top 3 suggestions, and by hopefully the 9th of December I'll have something to show for you all.

I should say that whoever 'wins', I'll probably do a 'standard' version, and a Breast Expansion version as well (gotta be true to myself :-) (Smile)).

As of this post I've only gotten 3 suggestions: The main character from "Oh, My Goddess", Demona from "Gargoyles", and strangely enough, Betty Boop  :-) (Smile)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Ripley and Vasquez

My take on Ellen Ripley and Pvt. Jenette Vasquez from the movie "Aliens", in a scene that never happened in the flick, obviously :-)

In my 'research', I found that there is not a lot of 'Rule 34' material out there featuring Vasquez, and I only saw two that were any good.

One is over at Hentai Foundry, by an artist by the name of "Purr-Hiss", called 'Survivors' : Ripley and Vasquez by Purr-Hiss

Another is by someone at DeviantArt called HoudiniArts, where he photoshopped her head onto a more buff body :-): Pvt. Vasquez by Houdini Arts

I'm more than willing to admit that my take on Vasquez isn't that great :-(
I didn't try to match her face at all (whereas I have an actual 'Celebrity Face Morph' for Ripley/Weaver).

Also, I tried to use a 'wet body' shader on Vasquez to show sweat, but I should have dialed it back some, since it looks like she just stepped out of the shower/pool (now there's something for a future image :-)).  The only reason I don't go back and re-render is that this is in 'Iray', so it just messes up my system every time I try to use it (Ripley and the background were in Poser, so even when using one character with Iray modified skin, I have to reboot afterwards).

I may be among the few guys that, upon seeing Vasquez, thought she was kind of hot, despite all the talk of her 'looking like a man'.

According to an interview, she happened to be a gymnist at the time she tried out for the role, and the producers of the film saw her well formed biceps, which was a factor in hiring her:Jenette Goldstein Interview

Me being me, I of course noticed something else about her:  She had an appreciable pair of boobies under that t-shirt :-)

Matter of fact, these days, she actually runs her own Bra Making company, called "Jenette's Bras: Where the Alphabet starts at "D" ' :-):
Jenette Goldstein invervei about Bra Company
Jenette's Bras

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fantasy Score Homage-Helena Bonham Carter

Way back in the day, before I discovered the naughtiness of the internet :-), I used to buy a softcore porno magazine called "Score", which focused on women with Huge Boobs (I know, you're absolutely shocked I would buy a magazine that focused on such a subject, huh? :-)).

One of the things I liked about the latter run of the magazine was that it would feature an image of artwork by the artist Duncan Gutteridge, where he would depict various female celebrities with, what else, Huge Boobs!  This page was called "Fantasy Score" : Fantasy Score at 'Rule 34'

He really captured the look of whatever celebrity well (I wonder if he worked off a photo of each).

Well, as an homage to his work, and to use a 'Celebrity Morph' I picked up awhile back, here is a random image of Helena Bonham Carter with some Bigguns :-)

I put her in a 'Victorian' style outfit because in a lot of the stuff I have seen her in, she is in some kind of 'period' clothing (and usually stuff made by her long time partner, Tim Burton).

Truth to tell, I should have used her in something last month, as she also often stars in something eerie or horror themed, but this will do for now.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Wonder Bound

An image of Diana bound by her own Magic Lasso :-)

This is another use of something I can now do in Daz Studio, where I can use a shader to make any object emit light from its entire surface, like I did in the previoius "Battle Dancer Take Two" image.

Don't know why, but it came out much better in this one, maybe because I didn't use anything else in the image (therefore it didn't light up the entire room).

It still came out a little grainy because of my poor system and Iray (my constant gripe lately :-().

Twi'lek Battle Dancer, Take Two

A long while back (Damn, about a Decage ago!! :wow:), I did an image of a Twi'lek with a 'flexible' Light Saber, based on those Olympic "Ribbon Dancers" (Rhythmic Gymnastics).  I realize now that I didn't post that image here, so here it is (second image above).

It was one of my earliest images, and I had no idea how to do a 'true light' standard light saber, much less a 'Light Whip'.

Well, a decade later, and thanks to Daz Studio, I finally have a function that can do that (have any object emit light equally from its entire surface area), so I decided to try again, and this is the result.

To be true, I still didn't get the effect I wanted (much better in the "Wonder Bound" image), so I rendered the background separately to get a darkened room (otherwise the whip lit the entire scene up brightly, no matter how much I dialed down its 'glow'; still have a lot to learn about Daz lighting).

Once again, not going for "Uber Boobies" with this image, I guess after all this time I've burned out of Bigguns..... naaah, but they just won't be the focus of every image now :-)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Demon Velma

Even though I post this the day after All Hallow's Eve, this is my last image for the season.
I always try to do at least one image with my take on Velma for the season :-)

Because of RL, I was behind on the number of images I wanted to make.  However, I still have a LOT of stuff I can use to make 'eerie' themed images, so as I always promise each year, I'll try to still do some of those ideas even beyond Halloween (even though I almost never keep that promise :-().

Well, maybe I'll get started on my Turkey Day image early, and maybe make several images around that theme :-)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Witch's Nipple

Still behind on my Halloween images, so don't know how many I'll make before the Eve, but here's another to the list.

A long while back I did a Halloween themed image based on an old saying about a witch, "Colder Than A Witch's Tit" :-): Colder Than A Witch's Tit

Well, this is another such image, based on the old saying that a witch will posses a 'Witch's Mark", sometimes interpreted as a 'Third Nipple': Witch's Mark Wikipedia

I thought that the only way for a witch to have a Third Nipple, is if they also have a Third Boobie! :-)

I used the same process as I commonly do with my 'Sheeva' images: Parenting a second figure to the first, and 'erasing' all but the parts I want to see (in this case, all but her right boob).  I flattened the sides of the middle boob, and spaced the other two far apart.  Didn't come out perfectly, so if I use her in the future I will tweak the look a bit.

Other Boring Notes: Rendered in IRay, but the background was in Poser (reduces the strain on my obsolete system, otherwise the whole image comes out grainy [like the 'SCP' image earlier]).  In the end, Iray does produce more detail than 3Delight, so sometimes I opt to use it.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Frozen Inside

"Anna has become increasingly worried since her dear sister, Elsa, has started spending more and more time with a recent visitor, the ruler of a far off nation who goes by the name of "Alucard"

"Lately Elsa has even stopped being in the castle during the daytime, and spends her nights always roaming the streets of Arendale with this new foreign ambassador.  One evening, just before sunawr, she decides to follow her sister, to see where she goes, suspecting the worst after reading some old tomes in the castle library.

"Her fears are confirmed when, in a cave that has been curiously frozen over, she finds Elsa emerging from a wooden coffin.

"Knowing that she now walks with the Undead, she confronts Elsa with a golden Cross, hoping and praying that she can find some cure for her sister's condition.

Probably a bit too dark, but my increasingly obsolete system is taking longer and longer to render complexly lit images, so I'll accept this as is.

A bit behind on my Halloween images, but I'll try to do a few more before All Hallow's Eve.

I've seen a lot of 'Gothic Elsa' images out there, and I hit on this idea of a Vampiric Elsa.
For this one of few times, I decided to not go with my 'standard' boob size, but who knows what will happen once Elsa's vampiric biology sets in? :-)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Radiant Child

Designation: SCP-4964 
Common Referrential: The Radiant Child 
Object Class: Euclid

The entity that would come to be known as "The Radiant Child" was found in the country of REDACTED, at the center of a meteoric crater in the village of REDACTED.

     All those who lived within the village were either killed in the blast caused by the initial fall of SCP-4964, or died within several hours of its landfall due to the extreme levels of ionizing radiation it emitted.  There were a few survivors who were away from the village at the time, but returned upon seeing the blast.  They were detained and debriefed to learn all they know about SCP-4964, then administered the proper amnestics and reintroduced to nearby villages.

     SCP-4964 offered no resistance when approached by Class D personnel who were clad in Level A Hazmat wear and sent in to assess the situation.  SCP-4964 did not react to their presence, but when a Class D touched the entity, it flared in a burst of hard radiation and heat that instantly vaporized both personnel, leaving only their shadows on the ground below.

     My first entry for the month of 'All Hallows Eve'.

      The second image was actually rendered first, before I decided to go with the SCP idea instead.
     Just like my learning of Creepypasta and the Slender Man a few years back (well after everyone else had known about them), I have now just recently learned of something similar: The SCP Foundation:

     From what I have learned, it seems to be a Creepypasta like online forum, where people share tales of various entities and 'weird things' that have been captured by the SCP Foundation
(Secure, Contain, Protect)

     Unlike Creepypasta, these are presented in more of a 'scientific' format, as if researchers for the SCP Foundation are studying the various anomalous entities/objects.

     I don't consider this particular critter an 'official' entry into the SCP 'mythology', mainly because I stole it from the Pathfinder RPG 

     I picked this particular number at random, since a check at the above SCP Wiki shows that there are over 4000 'official' SCP entries out there

     Although I'm not into 'Fan Fiction', I may expand on the little story I began above before Halloween.