Monday, November 14, 2016

Batman and Commissioner Gordon

A somewhat long rant about the origin of this image (and the "Killing Joke" animated movie) follows:

This is an image I made a little while back after seeing the Killing Joke animated movie.

I'm going to talk about that movie a little bit, so beware, SPOILERS ahead!!

In that movie, there was one thing that really upset fans of the character Batgirl, where, after having a fight with Batman over the status of their relationship (more or less), she decides to have sex with him on the rooftop!! :shocked:

Here's a youtube bit that talks about it in more detail: Killing Joke Revieiw

Of course, I'm of two minds on the subject: The 'Quagmire' part of my mind had no problems with the scene ("Gigggity!" :hump:).

The comic fan in me just really didn't see a reason for it though, other than to stress that this was an 'adult' story, and justify its "R" rating (though no nudity was shown).

I also understand why the first part of the movie focused on Batgirl/Barbara, so we would have more of a connection with her before THAT scene with the Joker later.  It seems to have fallen flat with most fans, though.

Now to where this image comes in.  A long while back I was a member of an erotic artist forum (now defunct), and some of the artist and writers got together and made a short erotic comic based in the DC Animated Universe, particularly dealing with the Batman family.

See above for the title page.
Since it was offered for free, here is a link to the entire comic: Forbidden Affairs Erotic Comic
For some reason, I could only find non-english versions of the black and white pages.

I will note that while I thought the story for the color pages was quite well done, the black and white pages just fall back on common nonsensical Porno tropes (not complaining really, but I did want to see the actual story continue).

This comic begins in the Batman Beyond future, with Terry confronting Barbara Gordon (now Police Commissioner of Gotham) about his past.

In classic Porno style, this leads to sex between Barbs and Terry (and makes just as much sense as the sex between her and Bruce in the movie, but this has the excuse of being a porno parody :roll:).

However, there is another scene that makes much more sense in the comic later on where, in short, a younger Barbara is staking out Bruce's mansion, where she spys Bruce and Diana (Wonder Woman) having an 'encounter'.  Despondent because she thought she and Bruce were in a serious relationship, she on the spot decides to have sex with Robin, who she had taken along for the stake out :shocked:

It was this scene that actually makes sense to me, believe it or not.  At that moment she was on an emotional roller coaster, and just wanted to do something to make the pain go away (and maybe convinced herself that this was a 'good' thing for Robin as well).  It was exceptionally good writing for what was essentially a Pornographic Parody comic.

Now, since I am not going to go into 'Shotacon' territory, I decided I was going to re-create the scene between elder Barbara Gordon and Terry.

As with many things lately though, my short attention span moved on before I could do more images, so this is the only result of it.

I am proud of my 'Batman Beyond' character, though :-)

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