Thursday, July 21, 2016

Daeny and Drogon

This is my take on a similar set of images by an artist who goes by the name of ShadBase or Shadman:
Mother of Dragons Part 1 by ShadBase
Mother of Dragons Part 2 by ShadBase

He is a very good artist , and you've got to give him credit for sharing all of his great work for free (many artist like him would limit his best stuff to Patreon or the like).

However, like many artists I follow, I'm not particularly into every fetish he is into.

Technically, his images (and mine based on them) involve a woman with a mythical entity, so I'm not as turned off by it as some of his other images (involving horses, for example 0_0).

Besides,  can you call it Bestiality(?) if its with a mythical, intelligent 'animal'? :-)

Anyway, on seeing these, I realized I could do a reasonable approximation of the scene, since I have several dragon figures, an 'Alien Species' Penis :-), and even a 'celebrity' face morph for the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen.

This was a relatively 'quick' image; if I spent more time I could have emulated the poses of Shadbase's images more closely, but I'm just getting very lazy of late :-) 

Also, for a last bit of Something Interesting, here is a link to a youtube site called "Film Theory", where they think on if Daenerys may be destined to go insane later in life 0_0:


Anonymous said...

Shadman is A SHE. Look for her Deviantart.

Chup@Cabra said...

I've also heard that Shadman just Claims to be a 'she', just to fuck with the minds of the fanboys out there (I wonder how many creepy e-mails he/she has gotten from fanboys over the years? ^_^)

And really, considering the content, I just can't see a female being as interested in the fetishes Shadman is into as a man would.

Then again, I do know of one true female erotic artist, who goes by the name of Glassfish, who really likes "Shotacon" (don't know what that is, just look it up yourself [with your safety filters on, for God's Sake!!! ^_^]