Sunday, May 17, 2015

Snow and Sand

Just an image combining Disney's newest Princess with one of their more 'classic' Princesses :-)

I may do something 'naughty' with them later (been awhile since I've done anything 'naughty' :-)).

A short rant about Poser products follow, so be warned:

I did this image because I saw a new hair figure for sale called "Aphrodite Hair", but one look at the example images and we all knew who the hair was meant for :shrug: :-)

While the hair is much closer to the 'actual' hair of Elsa (more so than the one I was using before), the one thing I don't like about it is the Pony Tail.

It has so-called 'easy pose' controls, where adjusting one dial moves and twists the entire tail.  The problem is that I suck at 'easy pose' :angered:

That is why the hair kind of looks like its floating near the end.

While it takes longer, I much prefer such objects to have individual segments you can twist and turn separately, that way you can get exactly the look you want.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Yoga Pants Velma

I've been using my version of Velma as a 'clothes horse' lately :-)

After seeing an image by the artist Shadman of Helen Parr in low cut yoga pants, I decided to try something similar (yes, yet another image inspired by him): Shadman's Helen in Yoga Pants

Not a fan of all of his content (futa and the like), but he is an excellent artist.

For my own image I used a combination of no less than 4 separate butt morphs to get the look I wanted, but now that I know what I'm doing, I may go back and try more images of Go-Go Tomago from Big Hero 6 (most artists I've seen depict her as having a big butt, although the 'canon' version of her from the movie isn't really that big :-))

Friday, May 1, 2015

Velma's New Sweater

"Velma seems a bit unsure about the new fashion choice her friend Power girl has suggested for her sweater" :-)

Thanks to TerryMcG for the Power Girl costume

Still deep into Dragon Age, but I still get an idea I have to get out of my head sometimes.  I saw this sweater and I thought it would be perfect for a 'sexier' Velma, and it made me think of someone else who has a 'boob window', so maybe Power Girl gave her the idea :-)

I'm still in the mood to do something 'naughty', but that may wait until after I finally finish my romance option in "Dragon Age" ^_^