Friday, December 12, 2014

Bloodied Sands

"Resigning herself to face death at the fangs of the Spider Brood Queen and her horde, Quakeblade is surprised to see a flight of arrows fall from the sky, doing away with the monsters about to consume her, or so she thought.

"Over the rise come a tribe of elves, who look over both her and the monsters carefully.  They release her from her her restraints on the rock, and place her into a wagon with some other vagabonds.

"Later she learns her fate: The elves sell her to a nobleman in Urik as slaves, with her returning to she life she has always known: a Gladiator.

"She swears to herself that she will gain her freedom, and get her revenge on her original owner who condemned her to die in the desert wastes".

A continuation of the store started in Condemned To Death, of my OC female half-giant (from the "Dark Sun" setting of Dungeons and Dragons), Unatranna Quakeblade.

I may update this post later with a better lighted version.

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