Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Angelus Bound

Before I get into doing some Christmas themed images, here is one that has been floating in my head for awhile now.

I got this idea from seeing an illustration in the Pathfinder RPG supplement called "Monster Codex", in the section dealing with the Drow, where the following illustration of a Drow Warrior is seen: Drow Warrior

I liked the image on the shield, and decided to try and replicate it somewhat with this image.

The final image was actually the first render, but it came out too dark so I did another better lit one.

Just to be clear: Bondage isn't necessarily my kink, its just that you can find a LOT of poser stuff dealing with the subject, and sometimes on sell, so I sometimes say "What the Hell", and pick up some items :blushes:

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