Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Light Reading

Here is another of my version of Velma, this time contrasting the 'standard' skin I have been using for so long with a new freckled skin texture I picked up recently.

I'm not sure which one is 'better' of the two.  I did tweak the first skin a bit to add some so-called 'sub-surface scattering' (basically by using another skin that had it built in, then swapping out the 'outer' skin for the one I use).  That may account for the somewhat reddish texture, though, so I may go back to the 'standard' version if I choose to stick with this one.

I do like the freckled look of the second one, though, although the 'stretching' of the skin around the boobs is more prominent than in the first version (I could cover this up by 'erasing' the freckles around the boobs, I guess).

Which version do you guys think is better?


white80 said...

Redheads look great with freckles. Also, a little stretching is expected with those 'huge tracts of land.' LOL.

Chup@Cabra said...

Yeah ^_^

I'm still not sure which one I{ll stick with yet, though (maybe I 'll just keep alternating between them)

Anonymous said...

I prefer the first one (A.) There seems to be less contrast between the freckles and the skin tone. To my eye this seems more natural.

The second one has far more contrast. The first though that came to mind for (B) was "liver spots."

Chup@Cabra said...

I've had at least one other person say that the 'original' skin looks best, so I think I'll go ahead and stick with that one (although I may modify it again to get rid of the somewhat orange/reddish tone, and modify her 'naughty parts' region).

Strange thing is that skin was originally meant for the last 'generation' of female model, Vitoria 3, which I used a program to convert it to Victoria 4 (and now they have Victoria 6 out, after I just got settled with 4, dammit!!! ^_^).