Monday, May 5, 2014

Blonde Ambition, Gold N' Beer

Here's another attempt from me to create a sexy she-dwarf, this time using the Daz Studio program and its super-morphable 'Genesis' figure.

Boring details follow, so just feel free to oogle the images

In this case I used a dwarf morph for Genesis created by someone known as Dariofish.

Thing is, I like the dwarf body shapes he made, but not particularly the somewhat severe facial morph (and I just can't find out how to 'dial off' the face morph only).

So I went through the probably unnecessary process of 'turning off' the head on the base figure and putting another figure in its place with all but the head 'turned off', and then dialing in my own softer female 'dwarf' facial morphs.

I like how it came out, but this way means that some poses don't work (if the neck bends severely than the merge point becomes obvious), but I like the way it came out (also, unfortunately, none of the 'naughty parts' props/morphs I have for the Vicky 4 figure work with Genesis )

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