Friday, November 2, 2012

Queen of the Ardat-Yakshi

WARNING: Slight Mass Effect 3 Spoilers follow:

"After the fall of Thessia to the invading Reapers, there were some Asari who found themselves lost, seeming without a purpose to continue life after their beloved homeworld was laid to ruin.

"One Asari Commando heard a faint voice in her mind, calling her to some uncharted world in the Far Rim.

"There she finds ruins of some long lost civilization, and waiting for her a noble Asari who claims to be the Goddess to whom the Asari have long offered up prayer to, now returned to shepherd her people into a new age!"

Of course, as the title of my image suggests, this 'Goddess' is actually an Ardat-Yakshi, a 'vampire' of the Asari race: Ardat-Yakshi Wiki

In Mass Effect 3, the Reapers attack a 'monastary' where the Asari put the few rare Ardat-Yakshi who come to be, and transform these captives into the monstrous Banshee: Asari Banshee Wiki

I had one thought, though: If Ardat-Yakshi are so rare to begin with, how is it that Shepard continues to encounter many of them in her fight against the Reapers?

My only conclusion is that the Reapers found a way to induce the state in other Asari, and then transform them further into Banshee.

In my 'story', this 'Queen' is the result of that process, although she was released half-way through being transformed into a Banshee.

Now she if free in a Post-Reaper galaxy, and quite insane.  She believes herself to be the 'Goddess' of the Asari, and will raise her people up by granting them her gift, of becoming Ardat-Yakshi (because of the Reaper tampering, she can transfer that state, just like the earth Vampire of legend ^_^).

Of course, this being the Chup-verse, she transfers that state through the act of 'bonding' with another Asari (i.e., fucking ^_^), and the transformation is even stronger if the 'life force' of a third party can be drained during the process.


Phox said...

truly truly awesome

Chup@Cabra said...

Thanks :-)

I liked how the 'Queen' came out myself; first time using that outfit, and I had to convert the skin she has from an older female model.

If I were any good at Fan Fiction, I would actually try to write a story about her, but she will probably appear in future images.

Phox said...

Oh yea the outfit is real sexy hehe i look forward to seeing her in future pictures perhaps with Tali >.> in that fine ass outfit she had before.

Still keep up the good work!