Sunday, September 9, 2012

Power Flex

Here are a couple of quick renders of Power Girl, using two different 'outfits'.

The first one is a complete outfit in itself, with an 'actual' hole cut in the chest area, while the second uses various textures to make a head-to-toe 'bodysuit' look like her uniform.

Which one do you all prefer?  I'll use that one from now on in future images (when she is wearing clothing at all, that is ^_^)


Anonymous said...

Great. :) But could you make the nipples smaller? so they are proportionate.

topkat said...

I like the second version the most-topkat

Chup@Cabra said...

To Anon: Well, the whole thing about my images is that the boobs are not proportinate (including nipples and areola ^_^)

To Topkat: the second one seems to be the most liked, so I may stick with it for future images.