Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Asari Commando 1

With the Mass Effect: Extend Cut ending now out, I was inspired to do another image related to that game.

I haven't played through it yet, but I will do so later this week, and maybe I'll post my thoughts on the re-cut ending later.


wesker1984 said...
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wesker1984 said...

I recommend the Extended Cut content Chup the endings are now better and you have a more sentiment of closure for your saga.

The cut offer you new cutescenes and some retcons during and after the final moments of Mass Effect 3. They have some flaws here and here and tiny plot holes but in overral the DLC is worth for download.

You need to start just before the Cerberus base attack for the content to work if you dont want playing your entire game.

Chup@Cabra said...

I just finished the Attack on Cerberus portion today (playing on Casual because I don't want to slog through a lot of difficult combat just to see the new stuff ^_^)

I wonder how the people who wanted the "Indoctrination Theory" to be true will feel about the new ending (no spoilers, though! ^_^).

My problem with that theory is that if it is true, and the only viable ending in the "Destruction" choice, then we are still owed another game, because all three endings only occurred in Shepard's mind (no indication is given that the 'Destruction' ending happens in the 'real' world).`

wesker1984 said...

I never liked the Indoctrination Theory idea so i have no bad feeling about the fact this theory is officialy false.

The reasons i hated the original endings was because of the lack of answers and closure but now the Extended Cut give to me what i wanted.

On the Bioware Boards the fans are in war and many of them feel betrayed and lied by Bioware and Casey Hudson for the Extended cut contents and say they will never buy or play any new Bioware games to come. This is not my case, i love the new endings and i regained faith in Bioware and i'm looking forward for Dragon Age 3 and a possible Mass Effect 4.

My chosen ending for my paragon male Shepard is Control. For my renegade female Shepard i chose Destruction and when i will transfer my paragon female Shepard to ME3 i will chose for her Synthesis.

I have a choice for all my three Shepards. ^^

And Tali is my love interest if you want to know. I'm a big fan of her and my favorites team members are Garrus, Wrex and Javik.