Thursday, April 26, 2012

Captive Ahsoka 1A

"It seems that Asajj has hunted down and captured Ahsoka, and brought her before a new Sith Lord by the name of Darth Lechere ('Le-shere', not Lecher ^_^ ).

"This Sith has practiced the use of Sexuality and Lust as a path to power, and has perfected a Dark Side variation of the Jedi's pitiful 'Mind Trick'; now he can virtually subsume the will of nearly anyone under his own.

"He has Ahsoka put in a new outfit he has designed for all his eventual harem, and is pleased with how it looks upon her"

Hey, we never knew who designed the Brass Bikini, so in my 'verse I'll say it was Darth Lechere
Again, thanks to Neoygdrassil for the Asajj facial makeup


Anonymous said...

Hey Chup,

Theoretically speaking, if someone wanted to commission you, how would they go about doing that.

Chup@Cabra said...

Well, thanks for the offer, but I've decided not to accept commissions for a few reasons.

First is that I do this as a 'hobby', doing it for pay kind of takes the fun out of it ^_^

Second, I don't think my renders are good enough to make someone pay for them :-)

There are a couple of people at DeviantArt who are MUCH better than me, and do take commissions; one by the name of Hotrod5 and another called Stone3D (google the names to find them).

Couchpotato009 said...

i think your selling yourself short
your very good
unusual and porn-inclined, but hey. we all got our kinks
i love your work

Chup@Cabra said...

Well, thanks for the kind words.

I do take requests from time to time, though; if you want to let me know in a reply what you would like to see, or e-mail me: