Friday, February 24, 2012

AwesomeVan's V'Lori

My depiction of the Original Character belonging to an artist who goes by the name of AwesomeVan named V'Lori, the Bustiest Vulcan in Starfleet :-)

I was just feeling in a Star Trek mood, and also wanted to get back to my 'roots' of Huge Frickin' Boobs, so what better character than this one?

Ambassador V'Lori

In this image she is serving as an attache to the new Ambassador to the Trill homeworld, and meets up with her counterpart to the Trill ambassador (and highjinks ensue... maybe :-) ).

I may (or may not) do something with the two later

Monday, February 20, 2012

Booty-Butt-Cheeks 1

Playing around with some new 'buttocks' morphs I picked up recently, this time using some butt cheek baring shorts from my library.

The title of this pic somes from a 'rap' song on the show "Boondocks", where I think the fictional rapper "Thugnificent" sings this (the song is composed entirely of those three words ^_^).

Booty-Butt-Cheeks 2

Booty-Butt-Cheeks 3

A third image with a colorful 'Dance Lights' set.

Saber Training

This take on Ahsoka seems to be popular on other forums, so here is another version of her engaged in some 'Saber Training' ^_^

Friday, February 17, 2012

Renegades 1

Here are a few more by me featuring a Renegade Skin Femshep and Jack (thanks again SenseiXXX for the skin ).

Renegades 2

Renegades 3A

Renegades 3B

The last image.

I didn't continue with the scene because for some reason it just wasn't clicking with me, although now I'm thinking about something with Jack vs the Collectors (expect tentacles galore ).

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tali's New Suit 1A

"After noticing how the eyes of the men (including Commander Shepard) onboard the Normandy 2 are drawn to Miranda, Samara, and Jack, partially due to their uniforms (or lack thereof), tali makes some changes in her own uniform in hopes of doing the same"

Since I'm in a Mass Effect mood, I threw together a new version of Tali.

My thanks to Rowmoss over at ShareCG for the Quarian Helmet.

Tali's New Suit 1B

A view of the suit from the rear.

Tali Nude 1A

 "Tali, after taking proper precautions to protect her health, removes her environment suit and invites Commander Shepard to her quarters" ^_^

As you can probably tell, I've been over using mirrors lately since I recently gained the ability to handle shadows/reflections much better now.

Tali Nude 1B

A view from the rear.

I may tone down her butt in future images, but I just picked up a new buttocks morph pack, and am having too much fun with it, perhaps ^_^

Tali Nude 1C

A close-up, without any reflections, so you can see her face a bit.

There has always been speculation among ME fans on what Tali's face looks like, some say very human, some say drastically non-human.

I went with a basically human look; although you can't tell here, her nose is almost non-existant, and she has small, elf-like ears.  Don't know if I'll ever take her mask off, though, but I may tweak her face in future images.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Subject Zero

 No fancy 'flavor text' here, just my version of the character from the game "Mass Effect 2" known as Subject Zero (and also simply Jack): Subject Zero Wiki

I had this texture custom made by the 'real' artist (as in pencil and paper, not my leggo system 9_9) who goes by the name SenseiXXX.

He has done some other images for me in the past, including the body tattoos that I use for my version of Ahsoka Tano.

Anyone wanting to contact him about either their own poser skins or just 'standard' artistic commissioned images (naughty or not ^_^) can find him at this e-mail address:

I wasn't too happy with the lighting on this one, but in the end I liked the look.

Of course she will appear in something X-rated (and likely with inexplicably bigger boobs) later ^_^

Jack Flash

"Jack relaxes in her nook below the engineering section of Normandy Two, with a hand made cigar rolled between the thighs of asari dancers, a bottle of Ice Brandy, and absolutely nothing else" :-)

Had to do a nude render of course, but I resisted the immediate urge to give her some Big Uns (that will probably happen in future images, though ^_^).

Like in the previous image I initially wasn't too happy with the lighting, but later on decided that I liked the look so went with it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Demona and The Baroness by MalcolmD

I hereby present a commission recently completed for me by the artist MalcolmD, featuring my two favorite Bad Girls of Toons: Demona and The Baroness ^_^

The Baroness seems to be under the effects of a spell that is putting her completely in the thrall of Demona, but it also seems to be having an unusual side effect on both their breasts ^_^

This is a reduced sized version; I'll leave it to MalcolmD to post the full size version at his own page, with whatever additional details he wishes to impart about the image.

You can find that page HERE

Thanks again, Bud ^_^

Monday, February 6, 2012

T'Pol and Miranda 1

For no particular reason here is an image pairing up T'Pol from "Enterprise" and Miranda Lawson from "Mass Effect 2", each showing off their most prominent assets (and a reason for myself to use some new boob and butt morphs I picked up recently ^_^).

I may do some lesbian pics later (and maybe have Seven of 9 join in the party as well :-) ).

T'Pol and Miranda 2

Another image with them sharing an Ice Cream cone (don't ask why, guess I'm getting lazy with the ideas lately :-) ).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Tempting Dessert 1A

A new one from me featuring a non-standard full figured Twi'lek babe :-)

A Tempting Dessert 1B

A view from/of the backside ^_^