Sunday, October 30, 2011

Morticia Addams Nip Slip

" Tish poses for her admiring fans, seemingly oblivious to the fact that her gown has suffered a bit of a 'wardrobe malfunction' " :-)

The reason for the 'nip slip', and for Morticia Addams not having the usual boob size I render, has to do with the dress she is wearing.

It is what is known as a 'dynamic dress', which acts like real cloth.

Unfortunately, the dress only has one "morph", for the 'default' body shape of the Vicky 4 model.

For some reason the cloth simulation exposed a boob, but I decided to go with it.

This will be the last Halloween themed image for this season, I'm afraid.

I usually keep going until I see the Simpson's "Treehouse of Horror", but this is the rare time when they show it before Halloween (and I'll be watching it with some friends of mine tonite).

As usual, though, I still have a lot of ideas I didn't get to (as well as Halloween props), so such images may show up from time to time between now and next "All Hallow's Eve".

So enjoy the holiday, everyone, and don't each too much sweets (or at least floss afterwards :-) ).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Purgatori and Elvira

My attempt at Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and Purgatori from Chaos Chomics: Purgatori Wiki

At the time I did this image I didn't know she didn't have a tail, but I think it looks good on her anyway.

Also, I had lost the 'beehive' hairdo I gave Elvira in an earlier image, so I used a generic 'Big Hair' prop instead (kind of looses that classic Elvira look, though)

Hunger of the Old One

"As the Ancient Evil continues to twist her body in ways she never dreamed, the Cultist feels a growing hunger gnawing at her innards.

"Grotesque, spider-like limbs extrude from her back, and carry her off of their own volition to find flesh to feed that hunger".

Yep, the body looks weird because her head is twisted 180 degrees, "Exorcist" style (i.e., she doesn't have boobs growing out of her back :-) ).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Night Flight

"Although this particular Witch still retains the unfortunate facial features that have become the 'trademark' of her people, she has decided to dress in a manner that more effectively shows off her better 'assests', as it were".

Witch's Revenge

"A woman judged to be burned at the stake happens to actually be a true witch, and using the last of her power visits her own judgement on her accuser"

The first of my Halloween themed images for this batch.

Okay, a somewhat brutal image from me, but I still like the way it came out overall.

Birth of the Old One

"A cultist who had dedicated herself to beings from beyond the walls of Space and Time comes to regret her decision, as one of the Ancient Horrors makes itself manifest through her own body!"

Not exactly a true Call of Cthulhu related image, but in the same 'vein' as those tales, as it were.

The ornate pentagram she is on was supposed to be mirror reflective, but my poor system just couldn't handle it.

Birth of the Old One-Alt

An alternate angle on the previous image.

Strange Dreams

Just another quickie 'Cthulhu' related image :-)

Na'Vi Warrior Priestess

Felt the urge to do another Avatar based image, and this is the result.

I like how it came out (took two passes, though: One for the background and one for the priestess alone).

For some strange reason the head dress came out dark; those 'blades' on it are actually multicolored feathers (same thing happened with 'Padme's' headpiece in the previous pic).

I may do more 'naughty' images of her later.

Pretzel Padme

This image was inspired by a similar image by the Artist Armando Huerta: Nasty Padme

I even used a "Natalie Portman" face morph I have, but even I admit it looks nothing like her in this one.

Pretzel Padme-Alt

An alternate version of the previous pic using another skin, to more accurately reflect Mr. Huerta's fascination with a certain anatomical orifice ^_^

KISS- The Demoness

My feminized version of Gene (Jean?) Simmons character from the classic rock band ^_^

Lick it Up!

The Demoness demands her slave perform a certain function.

The title of this image comes from one of the songs of KISS, although I'm certain they were talking about something else entirely.... 9_9

Puddy Tats

This was a 'quickie' image pairing up the 'classic' Catwoman (Julie Newmar version), with the Halle Berry version from that reviled movie (even used a Halle face morph, but its hard to tell underneath the mask)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Beach Zombie Attack 1

A few more images in the heart of the upcoming holiday :-)

Beach Zombie Attack 2

A nude, BE version of the first image.

Captive of the Queen 1

"The hybrid takes a special interest in one of the humans captured to be a host for her progeny, and decides to spare him for her own special... attentions"

Captive of the Queen 2A

"Despite his frightful situation, the marine can't help but react to the Queen's attentions, perhaps due to some element in the strange mist that hangs low to the ground in this chamber

"The Queen sees his 'reaction', and administers the appropriate attentions" ^_^

Of course I forgot to include the mist in the renders 9_9

Captive of the Queen 2B

A 'reverse angle' view, just to see the Queen's 'tail' ^_^

Captive of the Queen 3

"The Queen decides to let her captive free, so that they can become a royal couple instead"

Didn't feel like doing an extensive series with these two, so I just ended it quickly here.

Dwarven Shield Maiden 1

No big reason for this image, I just felt like taking another shot at doing a sex female fantasy Dwarf (you usually only see humans or elves in fantasy erotica ^_^)

Dwarven Shieldmaiden 2

Just her in another pose, this time in a more elaborate setting.

Shieldmaiden and Friend 1

"A human barbarian from the southern lands got a message from an old travelling companion of his to meet him at the infamous 'Tantric Gates', an area of magical ruins said to enhance lovemaking between any who do so beneath them.

"He arrives to find, to his suprise, his old shieldmaiden friend, this time clad in nothing but some breastplates which she claims are magical, requiring her to wear no other armor, so long as she engages in certain pleasureable 'activites'.

"Lucky for him, she says, she has decided to renew their old acquaintance and introduce him to those activities" ^_^

Felt like doing a hardcore series with this particular she-dwarf, and this is what I came up with.

Forgot to 'turn on' her arm and leg bits, though.

Shieldmaiden and Friend 2

You may notice that the human barbarian looks different in this image than in the others.

Truth to tell, this was the first image I made in the series; then I decided to make a few more but wasn't too happy with his look, so I tweaked it a bit.

I also adjusted the relative heights between the two of them in the other images, so the barbarian was more or less 6ft tall, while the dwarf between 4 1/2 ft to 5ft tall.

Shieldmaiden and Friend 3A

Shieldmaiden and Friend 3B

A 'close-up' ^_^

Shieldmaiden and Friend 4

Shieldmaiden and Friend 5A

Shieldmaiden and Friend 5B

A view from another angle to see the 'action'.

For some reason some 'artifacts' popped up in this image; it happened in earlier images and I tried my best to fix them in photoshop, but was just too lazy by the time I rendered this one to fix it.

Shieldmaiden and Friend Final

"The Dwarven Shielfmaiden and her human barbarian lover look on as a flock of magical butterflies emerge from the 'Tantric Gates", magical aritfacts of a long lost age that react to their sexual communion beneath their glowing runes"

Okay, silly dialogue I know ^_^

Monday, October 10, 2011

Message Problems

I just wanted to let any viewers out there know that there seems to be an intermittent problem with the messaging system on my blog; sometimes someone will post a message, and I'll get a note about it.

However, when I go to the image to check the message, it seems to have dissapeared for some reason.

I just want to reassure you that I haven't removed anyone's replies myself, for some reason Blogger just doesn't post some messages from time to time.

Anyway, thanks for all the replies, everyone! (if it wasn't for that, I would totally rely on the page hit counter to even know anyone was even looking at my blog of silly, X-rated renders ^_^)

Velma the Librarian 1A

"Just before closing time at the college library, Velma recieves a visit from a somewhat... hirsute... visitor, who askes her for books dealing with Lycantropy.

"Getting a ladder to get the requested books from the top shelf, she feels his intense gaze on her, and turns around to see exactly what he is looking at" ^_^

The first image in a long X-rated series after a long hiatus from doing such; expect more "Halloween" themed images to come in the next few weeks.

Velma the Librarian 1B

Just another angle, because I liked the way the ladder rungs framed Velma's boobs ^_^

Velma and the Garou 1A

"Later that night, Velma is awakened when she senses the presense of some thing in the room with her, even though she hasn't heard a sound.

"Rising from the bed, she sees some creature, half man, half wolf, standing before the window, with a penis larger than any thing she has ever seen in her dreams!"

You'd think she wouldn't be suprised by a creature that looks like a canine but is able to walk on two legs, huh? ^_^

Velma and the Garou 1B

A view from the Werewolf's point of view ^_^ (minus shadows for a faster render)

Velma and the Garou 2

"Without so much as a "Rardon Re", the beast tears off the covers of her bed and forces its enormous member deep into her love canal!"

Velma and the Garou 3

"Velma gives in to the primal desires building within her and, despite herself, begins to enjoy being herself with this equally primal beast"

As usual, I'm not so good with the "Purple Pornographic Prose" ^_^

Velma and the Garou 4A

"The Werewolf climaxes in a manner he has seen in some human video media, which they call a 'facial' " ^_^

For some unknown reason the Werewolf's fingers game out thick in this image, some kind of glitch in my system, I guess.

Velma and the Garou 4B

A view from below, to see the action better

Velma and the Garou 4C

A close-up view of the messy finale, using a new "money shot" prop I picked up.

Velma and the Garou 5

"Assuming his human form, the Werewolf continues his erotic encounter with the librarian he found so enticing earlier"

Velma and the Garou 6

Velma and the Garou 7A

The werewolf takes Velma in a manner particular to his people ^_^

Velma and the Garou 7B

A view from underneath to see the action better :-)

Velma and the Garou 7C

Another view from the rear, with an 'invisible' werewolf (well, mostly) ^_^

Velma and the Garou, Aftermath

"After finishing their lovemaking under the light of the full moon streaming through the window, the Velma and her midnight visitor share an tender embrace."

Okay, maybe I went a bit overboard with this series, but I hadn't done an X-rated one in quite awhile ^_^