Friday, September 9, 2011

Nef Embraces Eternity

An image from the Mass Effect universe.

A quote from Morinth to Commander Sheppard"

"I want you to know something: My Lover's spent their last moments experiencing pleasure you can't imagine".

I won't go into detail explaining Mass Effect and the Asari race here, just google it :-)

Here is the wiki entry on Morinth, though: Morinth's Background

I'm not too happy with my "Morinth", she's way too evenly blue (may try adapting a different base skin next time).

Nef is the young sculptor that Morinth met at the Omega station, and eventually seduced (and made one of her victims).

One thing I'm not sure about with Morinth's condition, though: is it that she can't avoid burning out someones mind when she 'bonds' with them (i.e., untrollable), or that she is simply addicted to the sensation of doing so?

In either case I could see an asari with that condition still being something of a 'good guy', by choosing to mate only with criminals/murders/etc (kind of like how "Dexter" chooses his victims).

In the game Sheppard can even attempt to romance Morinth, with not unexpected results :-): Morinth "Romance"


wesker1984 said...

Really good idea Chup for making two pictures between those two!

Chup@Cabra said...

Thanks :-)

This image came about because someone at another forum mentioned that almost every character from Mass Effect had some "Rule 34" material about them (male, female, alien, etc ^_^), and I tried to think of one I hadn't seen.

Although its a sad story, we hadn't seen one of the 'vampire' Morinth seducing Nef, the girl who's murder Sheppard and company investigate, so here it is (as I said, though, not too happy with my version of Morinth).