Sunday, June 26, 2011

Taking a break from rendering Yet Again :-(

Okay, I'm starting to think its time to give up Poser for awhile

My system was acting strange YET AGAIN (and again no virus seemingly), so I decided to do yet another reinstall of my OS.

for some reason it didn't give me the option of doing a 'partial' reinstall where I kept all of my old fles, but went ahead and did a Full Reinstall, which wiped out all of my files, including my secondary 'runtime', which contained most of the poser elements I have been using lately

The good news is that I have all the original files stored on a seperate drive, its just going to take a LOOOONG time to create that secondary runtime again (a lot of the effort is organizing the files once they are installed).

So once again its going to be a long time before I render again, and I probably won't get back into it seriously until I get that fabled new system sometiem next year.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Japanese Gothic 1

A couple of quick images of a Japanese Gothic girl ^_^

Japanese Gothic 2

Yep, her boobs are smaller in this one (it was actually the first render)

field of Snow 1A

A Frost Giantess relaxes on a snow field with her 'little' pet horse ^_^

I lost the texture I had for my original Frost Giantess in my most recent drive crash, so I put together another one in this image.

She may also appear in a future series with a human barbarian, though :-)

field of Snow 1B

A completely nude version of the previous image.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Disco Dazzler 1

This is my rendition of the classic 80s version of Dazzler from Marvel Comics:

A big "Thanks" again to the artist Neoyggdrazil for the facial makeup :-)

This outfit will always be my favorite of hers. I also liked the artist in the early issues of the comic (Frank Springer and Vince Coletta), they always managed to work in some cleavage shots, and we often saw he just getting into or out of the shower ^_^

Disco Dazzler 2

Dazzler demonstrating some of her 'dance' moves :-)

Clover Firelight, Assassin

Here is my first image inspired by "Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic", of the character Clover Firelight (who 's first appearance was as an assassin working for the Barony of Grayfort):
This one isn't too naughty, I wanted to share this with the YAFGC forum, so I'll keep it clean (initially ^_^).

Since she does appear as a nude slave to the drow in the comic, though, I'll be doing more of her like that later (once my system stops acting wonky again).

I haven't done a hardcore series in quite awhile, I know; partly because of my system problems lately, and partly because DeviantArt has kind of spoiled me on 'Pin Up' poses.

I promise I'll get back to hardcore stuff soon, though (gotta stay true to my roots ^_^).