Monday, February 14, 2011

Look into my Eyes!

It seems this particular Medusa would have problems getting men to look into her stoning gaze ^_^

I've been trying to get this one to render for a week now; its one of those with a very high quality skin texture (with a close up you can actually see the shiny, raised snake scales on her body).

I initially had a stoned victim with her in the image, but it refused to render with that one added (got to get a better system someday ).

She will appear nude in future images if I can get her to render, hopefully.


DCAALL said...

Rockin! Definitely would like to see more of her!

Nonemopp said...

Can't you create like this one?
That would be awsome! Real medusa art!

A hard man is perfect for medusa. :)

Chup@Cabra said...

Well,I can't give any promises, Nonemopp, but I'll keep the idea in mind if/when I do more Medusa images ^_^