Monday, February 28, 2011

Elf of the Nyte

A solo image of the Nyte Elf in the below series.

Although it probably isn't noticeable at first glance, I used another 'Black' face/body morph for this character, with the changes being the skin tone and the ears of course :-)

I find it strange how, without a 'black' skin, the 'race' of the character becomes less apparrent.

Zaela and Friend 1

"Zaela, Orc Warlord of the Dragonmaw clan, secretly invites a Nyte Elf 'friend' over to her encampment to catch up on old times" ^_^

Over at another forum, after seeing my 'Big Booty Orcs" image someone requested to see my take on Zaela, one of the race of 'dark skinned' orcs from the "World of Warcraft" setting, and this is what I managed to come up with.

HERE is a link to an actual screenshot of the character for comparison.

I played WoW for a short time awhile back, but for whatever reasons I just can't get into online games as deeply as some of my friends have (if I did I'd probably be spending a lot less time with Poser ^_^).

Zaela and Friend 2

A view from another angle to see the dragon tattoo on Zaela's back (not on the 'actual' character, but it would have taken a lot of work for me to put one on each arm).

Zaela and Friend 3

Zaela and Friend 4

The final image in this short series.

I guess I'm getting kind of lazy lately, I haven't been doing many 'penetration' or 'money shot' images; although part of that has to do with my slow ass, obsolete system (hopefully I'll get a faster one before the end of the year).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Booty Orcs

I was inspired to create this one by something I saw at another forum, where someone made a comment on a similar image of a female orc having "Niggah lips!!" :-(

Racist as the comment was, it made me think of making my own orc women with African-American features; although in this case big Jiggly Butts :-)

I didn't give them huge juggs in this image because of something I"ve notices by viewing clips from sites like "30 Ounce Bounce" (that specializes in Big Butt videos ^_^); women with this body build don't often have large breasts; its almost like the body fat that settles there in many women was re-apportioned elsewhere on the body, huh? :-)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bath Time for Shulkie 1

"After a long day of hard work moving battle debris, Jennifer decides to enjoy a long, luxurious bath to wash the grime and sweat away" ^_^

Bath Time for Shulkie 2

"She-Hulk slowly lowers herself into water hot enough to painfully skald a normal human, but is just a soothing tub to her"

I added a 'soaapy skin' layer to this image, although I didn't particularly like the look of it.

Bath Time for Shulkie 3

"The sensation of the warm water between her thighs leds Jennifer to make sure every portion of her body is squeaky clean :-) "

I decided to use another 'wet skin' material, and add a mirror in the background.  Took forever to render, and, as you can see, the 'room' isn't quite whole (would have taken even longer if I made it an enclosed room).

Bath Time for Shulkie 4

"Jennifer gets out her adult 'substitute' for a Rubber Duckie to have a little more fun ^_^"

Bath Time for Shulkie 5

Again, getting lazy so I decided to end the set here (although there were other poses I could have used, it would have had to be outside the tub [the suds obscured the view of the 'action]).

Toilet Time for Shulkie

You'll also have to forgive me for this last one; this bathroom 'stage set' included a toilet, and once I saw it I just couldn't resist!! (Help me, please, Help Me! ^_^ ).

Friday, February 18, 2011

She-Hulk at Work 1

She-Hulk gives the members of Damage Control some help after a fight with the constructs of GKR Inc (Giant Killer Robots, Inc. :-)).

The longer I'm into Poser, the more I stop doing true nudes and start using more outfits that catch my eye, in this case I really liked the 'butt cheek baring' shorts in this set :-D

She-Hulk at Work 2

Of course, now she's all sweaty and dirty, so she may have to take a shower afterwards ;-)

Queen Tyr'ahnee Take Two

Just another take on Queen Tyr'ahnee from Duck Dodgers, this time using a more 'curvy' body morph  ^_^

Queen Tyr'ahnee Take Two-Nude

A nude version of the previous image.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Look into my Eyes!

It seems this particular Medusa would have problems getting men to look into her stoning gaze ^_^

I've been trying to get this one to render for a week now; its one of those with a very high quality skin texture (with a close up you can actually see the shiny, raised snake scales on her body).

I initially had a stoned victim with her in the image, but it refused to render with that one added (got to get a better system someday ).

She will appear nude in future images if I can get her to render, hopefully.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Evolution Cabaret 1

"After seeing an old, classic movie, Rogue decides to give the boys at "Le Maison de X" a little show, but always with the warning 'Look, but touch at your own risk!' " :-)

Well, here is the start of a series of images, inspired by a similar image by the artist Blacktoe (which strangely enough didn't start out as her in a strip club ):

I hate to say that I'm just old enough to remember when the original 'Cabaret' first came out way back when, starring Liza Minelli (when she was actually sexy ^_^: ).

I deleted the previous post and put this one here to preserve the 'page flow', as it were.

Evolution Cabaret 2

Rogue displays some of the limberness training she has learned recently from Nightcrawlers other-dimensional 'daughter', Nocturne ^_^

Evolution Cabaret 3

Rogue strikes a more suggestive pose, but in the process looses her hat and long hair wig :-)

I decided to go back to the short, 'wild' hairstyle because that's more 'on model' for her character from X-Men: Evolution

Evolution Cabaret 4

Evolution Cabaret 5

Rogue's fellow class mate Kitty Pryde decides to join in and display her own dancing skills :-)

Evolution Cabaret 6

Okay, okay; I know I have Rogue and Kitty touching without the aid of the 'power dampening collar'; lets just say this room has that technology built in ^_^

Evolution Cabaret 7A

Rogue and Kitty decide to step up the 'floor show' action for the guys :-)

Evolution Cabaret 7B

A close-up of the previous image, showing Rogue practicing her 'Cunning Linguist' skills (old joke, I know ^_^)

Evolution Cabaret 8

The last image in the series.

I could have used more 'pole dancer' poses (have a ton of them), but decided the ones I used were enough.

I also could have gone for more with penetration shots with dildos and such, but I got too lazy to use the proper vagina props/morphs ^_^

Friday, February 11, 2011

April O'Neil

Here is a quick version of April O'Neil by me.

Strangely enough, I'm not tempted to do a nude version, since April was all about that outfit, and how it contained those huge 80's animated boobs

I couldn't make them any larger than this due to 'poke thru' issues with the outfit.

I may change the hair in future renders, don't particularly like the look of this one.

I found an interesting link talking briefly about her 'endowments', as well as a comparison between her and her more modern counterpart: HERE and HERE