Friday, October 1, 2010

Harem Velma Take 2

This is another version of my first Harem Velma image: Here

As of this posting, the original is the most viewed image in my DeviantArt gallery, with over 45K views 0_0

I'm suprised at this, because I don't consider it one of the better renders in my gallery, but I'm glad people like it so much.

Strangely enough, with this posting, I'm making sure that it remains the most viewed image, aren't I? :-)


John said...

True. Personally I love your non human stuff much more. The elementals, Demona, ect. Erotica for certain things that is hard to find in high quality would certainly be highly viewed.

I'll see what I can do about getting more people to view your stuff :P

evilerk said...

love the how can I get in her harem:D

Lord Crios said...

Pity, my hope is to see more naked Velma on your blog than in DA

Chup@Cabra said...

To John: I always return to a fantasy/Sci-Fi mood eventually; I guess the 'Rakshasa' behind Velma was just the beginning (and Halloween is just around the corner ^_^)

To Evilerk: I don't know, maybe some 'Scooby Snacks' ^_^

Interesting aside: In the new animated show, Velma has the hots for Shaggie (she puts the moves on him every now and then, but he seems oblivous to her attentions :-)

To Lord Crios: I may yet do more 'naughty' velma images; I may return to a more 'slim and stacked' body type though (think I've finally had my fill of this particular "BBW" body morph).

evilerk said...

I did see that in the new cartoon..Scooby and Velma fighting over Shaggy's attention...perhaps after one of there fight..the realize they don't need Shaggy:P

hmm...Scooby snacks you say