Monday, May 31, 2010

Drow Bloodbath

I did this picture after seeing this similar one:

I don't think my version is quite as 'filled out' as the one in the image, and I guess the blood she is bathing in is from all her servants who answered 'yes' :-)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mass Effect-Kasumi's Treasures

Kasumi Goto shows that, if you have the right kind of key, you can get to see all of her most prized treasures ^_^

Mass Effect-Kasumi's Treasures Breast Expansion

Being true to my 'roots' as it were, here is a Breast Expansion version of the previous image ^_^

I turned off shadows and reflections for a quicker render.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Threesome Prelude

A special image, with two of my viewers in particular in mind :-)

I'll be doing an extended series with these three in the next couple of weeks, when I hopefully upgrade my RAM enough to handle 'high density' images.

In this case, I once again had to do a 'double pass' render; with Mystique on the bed and the room first, then Rogue and Nocturne in front.

I left all the boobs at their 'default' setting (and yes, with the body morph I used with Nocturne that is the default breast size ^_^).

Any suggestions on what either of you (Wesker and Evilerk) would like to specifically see in the future series? (I'll try to work it in).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jenny and Juggy: Consequences

"Cain Marko, a.k.a. the Unstoppable Juggernaut, is confronted with the consequences of one of his earlier, non-criminal escapades." :-)

I had a request for a 'preggo' image, so here are a couple of quick ones.

This is somewhat of a continuation of the "Jenny and Juggy" series started with the Jenny and Juggy series (search my blog for that name).

It seems as if She-Hulk has learned that EVERYTHING about Juggernaut is unstoppable, huh? (maybe he should have worn a flexible Adamantium condom? ^_^).

She-Hulk: Bun in the Oven

Just a solo image of a 'madonna' She-Hulk :-)

I don't play with the 'pregnant' morph often, and in this image it combines a bit curiously with the 'muscular' morph, espically on the top of the stomach.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Na'Vi Booty

No big concept here, I just saw a similar image elsewhere and decided to do my own version :-)

Changing Blog Name

Making a slight change in my blog's name to better indicate its nature.

The previous name suggested that I did commissions, when actually I just occasionally post commissions I have had made by others (don't feel my skill is good enough to do true commissions myself, although I do the occasional request).

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bastila vs Dark Juhani

In this scene, 'Sultry' Bastila faces off against Dark Juhani at some ruins on Korriban.

This is one of those images that took me FOREVER to render.

As I have mentioned before, my system sometimes gives me problems with some images I set up, usually dealing with high resolution textures.

I tried several times to render the entire scene to no effect, so finally I had to first render the background, then use it as a background image on which I put Juhani, then finally used that as a background on which I placed Bastilla.

If things work out for me, sometime in the next month or so I should be upgrading my RAM, so that should hopefully fix some of these texture problems.

Sultry Bastila Shan

Okay, getting too lazy now for some 'flavor text' ^_^

This is my slightly sexier take on Bastilla Shan from "Knights of the Old Republic":

I used a bodysuit texture made by Anglu:

Although in this case I cut out the sides with a transparency map, and went pantless :-)

Bastila Shan, Knight of the Old Republic

This is a more 'on model' version of Bastila, using the bodysuit texture unmodified.

Dark Juhani Meditates

"In a slightly different reality Juhani, a former padawan to the Jedi teachers on the planet of Korriban, has given in to the Dark Side.

"Her normally golden fur has changed to a dark, blood red covered with black, almost scar-like stripes as a result of her embracing her darkest thoughts"

My slightly alternate take on one of the characters from the game "Knights of the Old Republic":

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ahsoka In Straps 1

For no particular reason, I decided to do another Sexy Ahsoka Tano image :-)

My thanks to The First Magelord for the inspiration for the body markings, and the artist Sensei for drawing them on the skin texture for me.

Ahsoka In Straps 2

I did a similar "Defeated Point of View" pose with a Xena image earlier ^_^

Ahsoka In Straps 3

A nude render of the previous image.

It looks a bit different because, when I tried to render again after the previous one, Poser crapped out on me, and I had to rebuild the pose (with no roof this time, and re-aimed the saber lights to point at Ahsoka instead).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frank Frazetta Memorium

Fantasy artist Frank Frazetta recently passed away at the age of 82 :

He, along with the artist Boris Vallejo, defined "Sexy Fantasy Art" in my eyes, there stuff being the earliest examples of such art that I can remember.

Matter of fact, I recently have been developing a greater appreciation of Frank's style, moving away from the "Slim and Stacked" female body type I liked in my youth to his more "Full Figured" bodies (maybe coinciding with my own weight gain over the years ^_^ ).

I've had a documentary about him called "Painting with Fire" on my drive for awhile now, think I'll watch it in memory of him.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Milf's Day 1


You say no such holiday exists?

Well, there should be one! :-)

The character that first appeared in an image titled "Treasure Chests Cougar" is back again, as a 50's style Playboy Bunny.

I've used her a couple of times before; once as "Grandma" in "Red Hot Riding Hood", and again as "Mrs. Claus".

She may yet appear again in the future.

Happy Milf's Day 2

An alternate angle, with the breast made a bit bigger, so you can see the 'torpedo' shape ^_^

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mass Effect-Kasumi Goto

My take on the Cyberpunk-esque Kasumi Goto from Mass Effect 2:

As usual, now that I have the 'base' figure down, I'll do a ore sexual image later (also as usual, she may acquire a biotic 'amp' that enhances certain parts of her anatomy :-) ).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hot Meg

A close-up of the meg in the thought bubble, with a screen shot of the actual 'hot meg' from the episode of "Family Guy".

Meg Daydreams

"Meg works on her tan at the beach, while daydreaming that, perhaps in some other universe, she has the slom busty body that would drive all the men crazy with desire"

This idea comes from one episode of "Family Guy" where Brian and Stewie go travelling through alternate universes and, in one universe, they see Meg walking down the street, but she is skinny and stacked.

Stewie tells Brian "You know what? In this universe she's still one of the ugly ones". :-)

Meg's Backside

A reverse view of the previous image

Meg Griffin- Beached Whale 1

My take on the character Meg Griffin, daughter of Peter and Lois Griffin from the show "Family Guy".

I got this idea after listening to a poscast called the Nerdy Show, on an episode devoted to talking about "Rule 34" art with two of my favorite net erotica artists, T.Catt and V.P.:

They mentioned artists who draw hot versions of characters that are not normally sexy, like Meg Griffin.

I personally can see why some artists would want to see a sexy Meg, and why some fans want to see such.

Despite the way she is treated on the show, her personality isn't really that bad, and can probably be seen as attractive to some, espically if you feel sorry for how she is treated.

For my version I used a variation of the "BBW" morph I have been using for Velma lately, with a 'anime' face morph, and her ubiquitous knit cap :-)

I may do more images later, but because of the specialized body morph I used, I don't have any clothing that fits it (at least without a lot of work on my part), so future images may all be nude ^_^

Meg Griffin- Beached Whale 2

Another version of the previous image with a different water reflection.