Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mass Effect-Joker and EDI

Joker decides to take advantage of a rare lull in the hard work of saving the galaxy, and take 40 winks.

"He entrusts the ship's Artificial Intelligence, EDI, to pilot in his absence, and it assures him that it will awaken him if he is needed.

"Unknown to Joker, EDI has been developing a strong sense of companionship with this singular human she spends so much of her time with.

"In secret, EDI constructed a mech armature which she can control remotely, in order to walk and see as a human would.

"She enters Joker's room while he is asleep, and wonders to herself if her feelings of companionship are developing into something deeper."


Apologies to Zakuman for using his "Fornax" cover in this image :-)

Okay, the beginnings of probably a bad erotic fanfic, I know.

I wonder if I am the first to use EDI in an image like this?

The Savage Sex

Well, since I was in a Catfight mood, here is another image featuring She-Hulk, this time in a nekkid wrestling match with her evil counterpart, Red She-Hulk (She-Rulk) ^_^

Maybe I'll continue this with other images later.

Monday, April 26, 2010

She-Hulk Smash

Another image in the seemingly never-ending catfight between She-Hulk and Titania :-)

Decided to do this image to take a break from the Mass Effect related ones, and because in another forum someone requested a 'Face Sit' take down image, so here it is ^_^

She-Hulk Smash, Rear View

Just a rear view of the previous image to see the reaction on Titania's face, as well as She-Hulk's backside ^_^

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mass Effect-Miranda Lawson

This is my take on Miranda Lawson, one of the crew of the Normandy in Mass Effect 2:

In this pose I have her showing off what many fans consider to be her best... asset (*ahem* :-) ).

Initially I had her in an outfit, but I decided for this view to just put the white hex texture on her skin instead (the suit didn't have all the butt morphs I wanted ^_^).

I just finished playing ME 2 the other day, so some slight SPOILERS for that game follow:

I'm not going to go into a long rant about ME 2 (maybe in another journal entry). One thing specifically concerning Miranda, though, is this:

At one point in the game Miranda and Jack/Subject Zero have an argument, and you have to make a decision on who's side you take. This will piss off the other member, and you can only please them and gain their loyalty if your Paragon/Renegade meter is high enough to talk them out of it.

I picked Jack's side, and for the rest of the game I couldn't get Miranda back on my side.

This was particularly upsetting, from a story point, during the final 'Suicide Mission". Long story short, I ended up loosing only two members of my crew; Zaheed (who was a bastard who deserved to die :-) ), and Miranda, dammit!! :-(

Even worse, at least Zaheed got to have an 'on screen' death scene, and say some last words. Miranda, the original member of my crew, got nothing (just a quick scene of seeing her body on the ground).

I knew I would probably loose somebody, since I didn't max out all of the upgrades I could have gotten (and as I understand some of them help keep your crew alive during the final mission).

Oh, well, I'll probably go back to a earlier save and try again, spending some VERY boring time mining to get the stuff necessary to get all the upgrades maxed out.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Katt for Kristinamahan

I did this image of the original character of someone named Kristinamahan, who's birthday was recently.

As you can tell his character already meets some of the prerequisites I look for in fan art :-)

In fact, he told me that a fan-mad mod for the game actually allows you to put breasts this huge on characters in-game 0_0

I've never played Fallout 3 myself; maybe I'll give it a try after I get off my current Mass Effect kick ^_^

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Servant of The Old Growth


First off, I think this image may have come out too dark (using a silhouetting lighting set). Let me know if others feel the same, and I"ll do another, brighter render.

At one point in Mass Effect 1 you travel to a planet where you learn of a colony that has been taken over by a native life form known as The Thorian, a sentient plant-like being.

In the final confrontation with it it produces a clone of an asari scientist it had absorbed to speak for it, her coloration was green instead of the normal blue.

In the game when it spit out a clone the clone was fully clothed, however. I thought that this would have been the perfect time to include some 'nudity' in the game, seeing as how it is "Mature" rated, after all.

It just didn't make any sense for the Thorian (who referred to itself as the "Old Growth") to clone non-living clothing as well, and the nudity need not have been 'anatomically correct' (leaving out the nipples and naughty bits :-) ).

This is my attempt to show what they should have shown; although being true to my usual form my version of the clone is a bit more voluptuous than standard asari ^_^

I think that the Thorian/Old Growth owes a lot to the works of H.P. Lovecraft,, it just seemed to remind me of his style of ancient, unknowable creatures that humanity was not ment to know (as do many elements in Mass Effect).

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trek Effect

"Liara T'Soni, Chief Science Officer of the United Starship Normandy, runs a sensor scan of some ancient artifact found at the fringe of the galaxy, which may serve as some kind of relay to areas beyond the galaxy's edge"

Here's my first official rendition of Liara.

I decided to do something a little bit whimsical with her since there is already so much 'standard' fan art of her out there :-)

I'll be doing a more sexy rendition of her later, pairing her up with my "Joanna Sheppard" character ^_^

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Matriarch Benezia, Take One

This is my take on the character Matriarch Benezia from Mass Effect 1.
Screen image:
Wiki entry:

I wasn't able to put an outfit together exactly like the one she wears in the game, so this is my closest approximation (including a different funky head dress ^_^).

As I mentioned in an earler Mass effect entry, this is the first real 'boss battle' in the game, and it was a tough one, had to repeat it several times before finally finishing.

As you can tell from the actual screen image, the Matriarch has a quite sizeable set of boobies ^_^

I finally finished the game, but I'll put up notes on my thoughts on the complete story in a seperate post later.