Thursday, July 2, 2009

Night Angel

WARNING: Long rant follows

This is a 'secret image' I at first wasn't going to post on my blog, but I decided 'What the Hell, why not?' ^_^
Rarely do I do male only images, but I was inspired to do this one after reading at a certain site called "TV Tropes", which categorizes the various "tropes" used in TV, Comics, Movies, etc.

In particular it was this entry, called "Fetish Fuel" for Comics :-):

I noticed that several of the posts were by women (I assume) who considered Nightcrawler "Fetish Fuel".

Even though I have known about it for awhile, I still find it unusual some Fangrrls are as turned on by male comic characters as I was (am :-) ) by the female ones; and even more unusual that they like male-male pairings, or 'yaoi' (maybe I've been reading too much "Menage A 3" lately). So in this image I decided to pair him up with Angel (kinda makes sense, with him having the "Demon" motif).

Although it wouldn't make sense in the comics to make either character gay, I think they could get away with it in the movies. The entire reason Ian McKellen accepted the role of Magneto was because Mutants could be seen as an allegory for being gay, just as they were an allegory for being black when they first appeared (generally, mutants can substitute for any oppressed minority).

I think I'm sexually secure enough that I don't 'squick' out at doing an image featuring only nude males. I do know that there are some erotic artist who only draw nude females, because they have said the nude male does nothing for them (and any sex scenes they depict are always lesbian).

Oh well, lets see if any Fangrrls respond to this post ^_^
(and it will also be interesting to see how my 'secret observer' react to me after this post :-) ).


Teln said...

Another Troper? YAY! Nice to see it getting more popular!

Chup@Cabra said...

Yeah, its a fun little site.

I find you can get carried away sometimes; I'll be reading one entry and then find a link to another, which leads to a link to another, and so on.

Right now I have 9 tabs open from just reading one page ^_^

Oh, and of course my favorite entry is "The Most Common Super-Power" ^_^:

Ninjaxenomorph said...

"TVTropes will ruin you life" is an actual article there.

TheProfessional said...

So.... When will you be your normal self again. I want the old Chup Smith back.

Chup@Cabra said...

Ah, don't worry; I won't be doing many images like this.

As you can see above, I've returned to my old self (well, Savvi's boobs are a bit small for me; maybe next time I'll do something about that ^_^).

curmudgeon said...

Whew man, you make two male models naked in 3D, that's it, no big deal. The whole rant is pointless.

Davia said...

I'm glad you posted it, this pic is super-hot ^^