Monday, June 22, 2009

Bed of Roses

A final pin-up for this weekend.

his image was to accomplish two things for me:

First was to do an experiment with the cloud of rose petals; setting up a simulation to see if they would fall across the body and ground in a natural looking manner. Didn't entirely work out, though.

Second was to, for once, focus on another characteristic of the female body besides the boobs (but I still over-emphasized that characteristic [got to be true to myself :-) ]).


TheProfessional said...

Does this mean bigger asses AND huge ass tits?

Chup@Cabra said...

Well, I always try to give a nice rounded rear end in my few images that focus on the back, but this once I 'maximized' the Gluteus a bit more, so to speak ^_^

I plan on doing more Frank Frazetta 'tributes' in the future, and he liked to do 'rear view' images as well, so my images may focus on that too.

evilerk said...

I like it..of course boobs are fun..nothing wrong with a nice ass as well

Anonymous said...

Do I need glasses or is the right bun bigger as the left?^^

Chup@Cabra said...

To Anon: Its probably just perspective; all of the body looked symmetrical before placing the figure in that post (of course, one butt cheek could be 'flexing' more than the other, I didn't check the morphs that closely ^_^).

To Evilerk: Thanks ^_^; I think its probably one of my best non-'NC-17' images to date.