Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dora, the Xtreme Explorer

Well, here's my version of Dora, The (Xtreme) Explorer ^_^

I did this because every poser user does a version of Lara Croft at some time, so I wanted to do a little variation on lara.

Must be getting tired lately; the hand grasp around the gun is messed up and I didn't notice it before hitting 'render'.

If I use the character again I'll try to be more careful.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cat Dance 9

And the end of the series.
There is one problem I should correct if I knew Photoshop (actually tried, but couldn't find the damn 'smudge' tool :-/); the weird deformation on the Twi'lek's neck.
Also, if I knew a LOT more about photoshop, I could provide the appropriate 'money shot' effects as well :-)

Cat Dance 8

Cat Dance 7

Cat Dance 6

Cat Dance 5

A Darth Maul-esque Zabrak joins the team for some fun and games ^_^

Cat Dance 4

A few more to finish off the 'cat dance' series, and get the Cheetara bug out of my system (although, I could have just watched the 'Thundercats' dvds that are sitting unopened on my shelf ^_^).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cat Dance 3

And a third pose, a bit more suggestive.

I may get down right 'NC-17' with some future renders, if I continue with this idea ^_^

Cat Dance 2

Just another pose in the 'series' :-)

Cat Dance 1

"Now, ladies and gentlemen from across the galaxy, welcome our two newest dancers to the Broken Bantha club!"

"The first is a silky siren from Ryloth, welcome to the stage Kinsa`ethan!"

"The second flexible feline hails all the way from the planet of New Thundera. Put your hands together for...Cheeeetaraaaa!"

Just playing around with a 'pole dance' stage props and some appropriate poses. ^_^

For no particular reason I paired up a Twi'lek and Cheetara (mainly because I had the skin texture and haven't used it much lately).

The skin texture I used for Cheetara was custom made for me by the artist Ian E., who has done several commissioned art pieces for me in the past (http://www.zenassassins.com/).

Grimhild's Slave

I made this pic after inspiration from the many Julius Zimmerman images of the Queen and Snow White together (so expect a few more like this in the future).

BTW: A google search found the name of the Evil Queen: Grimhild.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dranaei, Take Two

My second attempt at a Dranaei.

With this one I changed her horns to sweep up and back (from some example images that's what it looked like).

In the top image, she discovers the effects of the 'breast expansion spell' that so many female magic users seem to use in the 'Chupa-Verse' :-)

In the next render I'll actually have her in some clothing (imagine that ^_^).

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dranaei, Take One

Here is my first attempt at doing a 3D render of a Dranaei (too lazy to google how to spell it ).

Later I'll tweak the character more (customize the face, add bigger boobs [of course ], and even add some clothing).

And no, I still havent gotten back to playing WoW after the first few hours after installing it :-/ (each weekend I promise myself I will, then sit in front of my computer and do more renders ).

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dwarven Snake Priestess, Backside

This one was to show off another of the assesets of the priestess, her round, curvy rump :-)
Unfortunately, it also shows off an error in the model, the calves on her legs have a definate dividing line on them near the top. All the morphs I used to custom make a dwarf don't work quite well together, it seems (and I don't know enough about photoshop to correct it post-render).
Oh, well, good enough for me

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dwarven Snake Priestess 6

A different angle of the previous image.

Funny thing is, in the first NC-17 image I put a frightened expression on the drow's face (he had a giant cobra looking down on him, after all ^_^). I couldn't find a good camera angle to show the face, though.

Dwarven Snake Priestess 5

Yet another position :-)

Dwarven Snake Priestess 4

Here is a 'NC-17' image, with the priestess paired up with a drow (hmmm....drow males tend to get a lot of lovin' from dwarven females in my 'universe', huh? :-)

Dwarven Snake Priestess 3

No big description with this image, just a few more renders to get the 'dwarven' bug out of my system ^_^

Monday, July 9, 2007

Dwarven Snake Priestess, Full Frame

Just another view, this one 'full frame' to show the altar she and her pets are on.

P.S.: Believe it or not, the troll is also female ^_^ (It had a female morph so I said 'what the hell'). You can't see it from this angle, but the she-troll has a huge set of 'torpedoes', which I didn't include myself :-)

Dwarven Snake Priestess

Re-visiting DnD erotica again, with another attempt at a sexy dwarven chick :-)
This time, instead of using a pre-made 'dwarf' morph, I 'custom made' one by combining several morphs (one to adjust the height of Victoria to a relative 5 feet, another to give her a 'voluptuous' figure, and a 'dwarven' facial morph (kinda square, but still feminine).

I decided to pick an 'albino' skin texture first, and the rest just fell into place: add an albino snake, and add a troll figure with snake skin and voila; Snake Priestess ^_^ (although that theme wasn't in mind when I was putting it all together).

In keeping with the dwarven theme, I also gave her a full 'beard' (a 'full' pubic hair prop instead of the classic 'landing strip' :-)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Infiltration Mission 3b

Again, another angle showing the rear view ^_^

Infiltration Mission 3

In this one I was trying to emulate that scene from 'Entrapment' with Catherine Zeta Jones :-)

I also did something different with the Lekku (head tails). I used a 'tentacle prop' in place of the lower portion of the tails. The tentacle is easier to pose than the clunky lekku of the head prop (although you can probably see the dividing line if you look closeley enough).

Since there wasn't much in this image, the raytracing was able to work this time.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Infiltration Mission 2b

Just another view showing the latex clad rump of the agent :-)

Infiltration Mission 2

Realizing that the grenade might be somewhat excessive to a secret mission, the Twi'lek agent slips past the laser security gate and leaps between the troopers.

Our secret agent shows that she has had some jedi training, using Force Push to dispense with one guard, while dealing with the other in the classic manner.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Infiltration Mission

Okay, something must be wrong with me. I just can't get into World of Warcraft like many of my friends; my mind wanders back to a new idea for Poser and I just have t finish it out :-)
So here is the latest result of my 'distraction', I've decided to re-visit the Star Wars universe (and play around with some latex reflection maps more ^_^). In another attempt at being 'artistic', I actually left the shadows on on all the lights (to good effect, I would say).
The latex can be raytraced (like in some of my 'Abduction' series earlier), but there was just too much in the scene, and when I turned R-tracing on, the system crapped out.
I'll probably do more with this 'secret agent' Twi'lek (or others) in the future.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Night Flight

Just B. Snape and G. Hermione (@ 18, I stress ^_^) having a little fun.

Goth Hermione and Bishonen Snape :-)

As the name implies, Goth Hermione again with my 'bishonen' version of Professor Snape (see here for definition of Bishonen: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bish%C5%8Dnen ).
Funny, I had intended on doing a seperate bishonen picture as part of my 'anime' series, but never got around to it.

Goth Hermione

Here is my attempt at a 'gothic' version of Hermione (Funny, the only time I see 'goth chicks' in real life is when I go to conventions, and they are usually walking beside wookies, storm troopers, and Klingons ^_^).

Hermione @ 18

Another not posted earlier.
Well, finally managed to find a sexy 'school girl' outfit. Took a little work to make it fit, though (no morphs for breast size, so I had to use another program to fill it out, so to speak).
Now that I have a Hermione of appropriate age and attributes for my tastes (no disrespect to others), you can expect to see her in some naughty situations in the future ^_^

Abduction 7

Realized I hadn't posted this image to my own blog, so here it is.

This image is just me playing around with the 'fish eye' lens, and a 'latex' raytraced reflection map.

Of course, with my system this render took awhile, but I like how you can see the reflection of the 'Grey' in the latex (and on each individual inflated boob ^_^).

She-Hulk vs Giganta 5

She-Hulk finally manages to get the upper 'hand', so to speak (yep, trying for a little comedy here ^_^).

She-Hulk vs Giganta 4

Just a close up of the previous image showing She-Hulk better :-)

She-Hulk vs Giganta 3

In this one, Shulkie is caught in the patented 'Giganta Breast Bracers' :-)